Angelina Jolie as Marilyn Monroe. Of Course, They Look So Alike…

August 16th, 2010 // 81 Comments

Seen here at the London premiere of Salt today, Angelina Jolie will reportedly play Marilyn Monroe in a new biopic told through.. the eyes of her dog? Okay, sure. The Daily Telegraph reports:

Speculation over the project has been growing over the last few months. Scarlett Johansson had been linked to the Monroe role, and Mr O’Hagen had previously suggested that Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks could also play the lead role.
The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe follows Monroe’s last two years through the eyes of her pet, Maf, a Maltese terrier which was a gift from Sinatra in 1960.

Oh, phew, the movie’s fucking nuts. For a minute there, I was concerned about seeing Marilyn Monroe look like a former heroin addict collapsing under the weight of raising six international children, but now I realize it’s being filmed in CrazyVision and everything’s all better. *puts down The Catcher in the Rye, washes off clown make-up* Haha! That was close.

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  1. Jonesy


  2. CJ

    i think they could have picked someone better. Just my opinion.

    • jenna

      Agreed. AJ looks washed out. They need to find a natural beauty with an hourglass figure. Or at least someone pretty who can wear a corset. And for the love of god, do not say Megan Fox. No talent!

      • bocon

        yeah right ~~ envidiosa hahahahha

      • CJ

        According to today’s standards, Marylin would be considered a big girl. I agree, they need to find someone that has some curves to her. Angelina looks like she could injure a person if they try to hug her. She’s so angular looking.

  3. Cyrus

    Please, Monroe is the most overrated celebrity of the 20th century. Why are people so fascinated with her. She wasn’t even that great looking.

  4. This can’t be true. Reads like a huge steaming pile of BS.
    But if it is……..Jolie could probably pull it off.

  5. Viv

    Sure why not? with tons of CGI and airbrushing no one will be able to see the difference between them.

  6. Ba‘al Zebûb

    She should have been cast to play Marilyns sphincter after a long night with the Kennedy klan at their compound. Lucky for her she got out before Teddy could give her a ride home or to the airport.

  7. fester

    It’s a great fit because of course Marilyn was covered with tattoos too. No wait, I’m thinking of Amy Winehouse, I always get her and Marilyn confused. Dead people all look the same to me.

  8. castallare

    I’m a fan of Jolie all the way but I don’t see this being a role for her. Marilyn was a high-voiced, giddy, lovestruck girl who grappled with terrible depression and substance abuse while fighting off the demons of her past. Jolie is just about the opposite: deep-voiced, in control of her life and career, utterly professional in all her projects. Jolie may have had a crazy streak in there for a while but it’s hard to argue that that wasn’t an affectation for publicity that definitely worked.

    Also, Jolie looks terrible as a blonde.

  9. Andrea

    Why not? I mean, in Salt she plays a chick who can kick guys asses…even with thighs the size of a young boy’s forearm.

  10. jess

    You guys are missing the point. At the time she was very sexy and it was unheard of to be that thin and wear the amount of clothing she used to wear… she is a sex icon..

  11. Emma

    Angelina Jolie looks anorexic now. Monroe was very curvy. Jolie needs to start eating cheeseburgers if she wants to be Marilyn Monroe.

  12. Juli

    That’s a role for Scarlett Johansson. Angelina is a great actress, but wth, she is no Marilyn Monroe!

    • just sayin'

      Jolie is much better looking than Marilyn Monroe, and a better actress as well. Monroe’s appeal was she seemed so vulnerable, but she was never a beauty. She looks like Laurel of the Laurel and Hardy duo. Nevertheless, her life was tragic – she was used, especially by the Kennedys, both John and Bobbie.

  13. Marilyn Monroe
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s a stretch, Angelina looks more like the Joker in “Batman” than Marilyn Monroe. She’d be better off playing the Bat Dog and not a beauty.

  14. Angelina Jolie
    Commented on this photo:

    I can crop this pic show that the tats don’t show.
    Goddamn…what a beautiful face.

  15. robynnn

    Kate Winslet could & should do it!!

    also maybe Tila Tequila or Kate Gosselin

  16. bez

    Scarlett Johannson doesnt look like her either. maybe a less known actress who does resemble her. i hate when they compare main stream actresses *johannson* ands singers *agulaira* they look f**k all like her. *the end*

  17. hah!

    i hate this news… this can never work!

  18. Marilyn Monroe
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    i want to look like that “joker” ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  19. Angelina Jolie
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    wow what a beautiful woman !!

  20. Angelina Jolie
    Commented on this photo:

    bella bella bellisimmaaaaaaaaaa

  21. Frobs

    So..are they going to CGI Angelina’s body again? Last I checked, Marilyn Monroe wasn’t covered in ugly fucking tattoos. Plus, Marilyn had nice curves. Angie has the figure of a two-by-four.

    Worst. Casting. Evar.

  22. just sayin'

    A little plaster, a little paint, makes a girl what she ain’t. The movies know how to do that.

  23. Artofwar

    Marylin Monroe was passed around more than BBQ sauce at a NAACP convention. And as for her talent, marginal. And in reference to her aesthetics, slightly above average. For Angelina Jolie, this role would be a cinch, she would be playing herself

  24. Izzy

    Personally if she dyed her hair blonde (I think she may even be a natural one) I think Christina Hendricks would have been more suited for this role. Much more then Jolie, Johansson and the such.

    Jolie is a good actress, but she looks nothing like Marilyn and she would certainly have to gain quite a bit of weight. I think the casting agents and the director just picked Jolie for her big name and publicity appeal to bring in a box office draw with it. Plus you have to admit people would be curious to see how she would pull it off, but yeah, she was really the wrong choice.

    • jessesgirl

      I agree with Hendricks. Jolie is so wrong it’s not even funny. It’s not only the weight – even if she gained 20lb she would still be so wrong. She’s just too alien and gothy looking.

      • umm

        Hendricks is too big and ugly for the part. I don’t think Angelina is right for it either, but at least she is gorgeous. That huge ranga is not attractive, at all. If she didn’t have enormous breasts, nobody would say she was hot. She is not ‘curvy’, she is overweight. It looks disgusting and out of proportion to her neck and forearms. Marilyn Monroe was curvy, ie she had an hourglass shape without being fat. She had a fantastic body. So does Angelina, just in a different way. The best candidate, based purely on appearance, out of those mentioned is obviously Scarlett.

  25. No, um...

    Seriously guys, hate all you want, but Brit’s got this face.

  26. captain america

    ………..even the president.



    ahahahaaa that’s hilarious ..
    big ol blockhead , no waist , skinny legs , vampire junkie jolie …
    OH YEAH ! l

  29. blockhead

    cristina hendricks only one who can play marilyn ….hang it up skanks ….
    especially YOU AJ you bug eyed bucktoothed punkinheaded skank ..
    the GREAT BEAUTY goddess is fotoshopped to hell you morons , check her out in real life sometime …FUGLY an UGLY body ewwwwww

  30. blockhead

    above comment VERY astute !
    not only does BRIT have the face ..
    she got the acting talent ….
    AJ is a joke & she was laughed at while filming salt ..
    she’s an idiot ..

    • Funny?

      Yeah!! cause you were at the set while she was filming Salt… Yeah is true, She and Britney does have the same face but you can never compare none of those ladys to Angelina Jolie’s acting! she a serious actress.. She an idiot cause you hate her for no reason right? LOL you are the JOKE here

  31. Angelina Jolie
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  32. Angelina Jolie
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s got lying eyes

  33. ClassyDirtyChick

    Why the hell. does she get to have this role, just because she’s famous and considered a good actor… errrrrr?!?

    She is bony, sour, tattooed & dark. Yeah, great casting there. I always think of a bony sour tattooed dark person when I think Marilyn Monroe.

    Marilyn Monroe – The Revenge. Back for more, with a Gun. Out Now.

  34. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I love Angelina, she is so beautiful. Can never guess what her eye color is, blue or green or what? She sure doesn’t look good as blond though and nothing like Monroe, she is just not that type.
    But she can act so who knows…50/50
    Christina Hendricks is surely more suitable.

  35. Of course, because she’s the most eligible from the Hollywood 25. The same 25 people that are in every other movie that Hollywood makes. That’s why I love independant films and laugh my ass off when Independents win Golden Globes and Oscars. Hollywood fuckin pieces of shit.

    • Burt

      “Of course, because she’s the most eligible from the Hollywood 25. The same 25 people that are in every other movie that Hollywood makes. ”

      You certainly got that right.

      “Independents win Golden Globes and Oscars. ”

      Actually, you can count on reporters bombarding us with story about Oscar buzz the moment she’s shot her first scene. To put it simply, I don’t pay much attention to the Oscars.

  36. K

    Did nobody here see “Life or something like it”??? If not, google it!
    Angelina played a Monroe like character, she even pulled the big platinum blonde hair and girly clothes.
    However she is far too beautiful and unique looking to play Marylin Monroe. People would be too busy comparing the two, to enjoy the movie. Besides, i think the whole “rumor” is complete bull.

    • F

      Thank you!! Angelina Is way too beutiful and UNIQUE!! you can see a lot of girls that look like Marilyn Monroe today but not like Angelina Jolie beside whatever! there are bunch of Jolie’s hater here God!

  37. holy shitter

    jolie looks like the trailer trash version of marilyn

  38. Nini

    Guys, what are u talking about? Are u crazy? Jolie and Monroe are totally different personalities and looks. How can u compare that stupid and ugly Jolie with Monroe at all? Monroe was amazing WOMAN. And she looked like a WOMAN. OK? Stupid Jolie is just a walking skeleton. Of cause, she’s not playing Monroe. It would be ridiculous.

  39. Brooke

    Isn’t it The Catcher IN The Rye, Fish? I didn’t bother to check how many other people pointed out the same thing.

    Why does Hollywood ever consider putting Jolie in a movie that isn’t softcore porn or straight-up action? Because the woman can’t act! She and Halle Berry (sp?) getting oscars were flukes.

  40. ddfsds

    marilyn monroe looks just like britney spears..they have the exact same face

  41. Angelina Jolie
    mellow mellon
    Commented on this photo:

    she’d had to put on a bunch of weight to do it. she won’t.

  42. Marilyn Monroe
    Commented on this photo:

    hei…scarlett is more like to marlyn

  43. D

    Christina Aguilera comes closest to looking like Marilyn Monroe. She has a hot body and a sexy face, I would do her!

  44. Richard

    Angelina is nothing like Marilyn. I can see Christina Aguilera as Marilyn Monroe. She looks like Marilyn – short, curvy, plump and sex kittenish with a nice smile and an attractive face. She also has some good acting chops from what I hear.

  45. Joanne

    In my opinion Christina Aguilera and Scarlett Johansson are the modern day contenders…

  46. no

    Christina Uglylera looks nothing like Marilyn Monroe Marilyn was not short christina is 5’0 Marilyn was 5’6 Christina has bowed legs,fake nose,boobs and ugly face.Christina looks more like Snookie or hatchet face so don’t be comparing her to Marilyn who was way bigger and more stunning.

  47. Ha Ha

    Christina Hendricks is a good match Britney and Christina are not aging well at all.

  48. May

    Marilyn can’t be compared none of them can play her they all try and fail she was and always will be number 1 and all of them from Christina A, Gwen S, Lindsay, Anna N, Madonna, Brit and I could keep going will always be remembered for copying Marilyn and making money off her and for being Marilyn POSERS.

  49. thatsfreakingfunny

    How the heck can they even say Christina A looks even a bit like Marilyn?.Christina A is too harsh looking to play Marilyn.Marilyn had an aura about her that can’t be compared.Christina can dye her hair and wear red lipstick all she want’s and still not look like Marilyn.I agree that Christina Hendricks who talks and looks like she could be Marilyns sister or Brit are a good match.And for the ones that said Marilyn was short she was not short she was 5’5.5 and her measurements were around an 8 -12 in our day. Christina A is like 5’1 a size 0-4 not curvy at all .Marilyn also had a very attractive face and extreme hourglass shape,Christina has a very tiny body even though she has gained weight even a little weight makes her look big but she also has a big nose.We can not compare any of these ladies because they don’t have that special life energy that Marilyn had coming out of her being and that transformed pictures and film.

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