First Look at Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

January 5th, 2011 // 38 Comments

And they made him homeless. Or a hipster. I honestly can’t tell anymore.

At this point, I’d like to apologize to anyone who actually thought they were going to see Andrew Garfield in full Spidey gear, not him standing around as boring-ass Peter Parker. I feel like I just gave every nerd on the Internet a wedgie effectively making me a traitor to my own kind. Like that time Tom Cruise slaughtered a room full of homosexuals with a ray gun then erased all of our minds so we had no recollection of the event.

Wait. How did I just do that? And why am I suddenly seeing flashes of me hiding behind a jacuzzi full of lube – in cut-offs? That just seems tacky.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News


  1. Spiderman, spiderman nobody knows who you are.

  2. kabutali

    he looks so oooooooooollllllllllllllddddddddddd.

  3. Nerd

    Oh man….laughable.

    How am I going to get Mary Jane back!?!?! Perhaps if I go home and write some song lyrics or poetry about how alone I feel…

    • lightdragon

      actually it looks like Gwen stacy.

      and trust me Peter Parker wore gayer/sell out hippyer stuff in the comics about 35- 40 years ago. you would have him a brightly colored fringed vest. and bell bottom pants and maybe some sandals.

  4. Andrew Garfield Emma Stone Spider-Man
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    Is that a penis growing out of his neck?

  5. HackSaw


  6. Cock Dr

    Perhaps slightly cuter than Tobey Maguire.
    Do you have any nude shots? It’s difficult to judge things under all that hair & winter garb.
    Will anyone actually pay money to see yet another SpiderMan movie? Besides of course parents looking for a movie screen baby sitter….those people will buy tickets to almost anything as long as it’s not rated “R”.

  7. MarkM

    Oh great. The new Spider-Man is a gay, emo, homeless, vampire wannabe! I can’t wait!

  8. Deacon Jones

    He looks like a fucking pervert.

  9. Greenman

    This is the kind of shit I wear on laundry day. It used to be called sloppy now apparently it’s trendy and “hipster”.

  10. brit

    this raises hope that the Tron Guy will be asked to join the sequel.

  11. What a waste of good movie film.

  12. RoboZombie

    His girlfriend looks retarded…I bet he tricks her into anal all the time.
    “Oops, sorry honey..wrong hole again. I swear it wont happen again”

  13. Andrew Garfield Emma Stone Spider-Man
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    Emma Stone is my wife … she just doesnt know it yet! I prefer it that way – gives our relationship a romantic mystery!

  14. Andrew Garfield Emma Stone Spider-Man
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  15. Satan's bitch

    What is he… 12?

  16. man on man

    Maybe I am the only nerd on earth that likes this pic but, Looks alot better than Stupid Ass hole tobey mcguire, Jesus did he sucked as spiderman, this one actually resembles peter, i dont know,

    Emma Stone looks really Good, A THOUSAND TIMES better than the fugly stick Kirsten Dunst God she is Fcking UGLY

  17. man on man

    And, upon inspecting his attire I don’t see the big deal is, if is cold, I usually put two sweaters and gloves, but I’m not hipster, just cold, the only problem I see is the ugly jacket

  18. Ruth

    All I can say is:
    WHY!?!?!?! Please wait at least 20 years before “rebooting”.

  19. testington

    I think he is too classically good looking to be Spider-Man, that is why Toby Maguire worked for it because you believe him as a nerd.

    As much as I hate the guy, Peter Parker is one of the only role I think Shia Labia would actually be suited for.

  20. p4NTSM4n

    OMG SpiderMans a MAC User!!!!!

  21. riley

    he looks like that emo vampire’s retarded older brother. This is going to go down in flames.

  22. nina

    Spiderman is suppossed to a sweet nerd, not some pervy version of the Unibomber. He’s got a crazy eye.

  23. ewwwww

    he looks like he’s about to unzip and wack off to the cheerleaders.

  24. lola

    Um…in one of the pictures, his neck protrudes farther out than his chin. WTF he looks like a g-dmn turkey from the profile. He creeps me out.

  25. ohlawd

    Despite everyone’s hatin’, I really like Andrew Garfield. He is totally a fucking hipster, but he’s so adorable that I can ignore it. He’s also British.

  26. KumaTenshi

    Looks much more like Peter than Tobey ever did. I’m amazed at how close Gwen looks though, that’s awesome.

    But of course….what’s really going to matter is what the film looks like, how he sounds, acts….and what spidey looks like in the suit.

    Still can’t believe they’re rebooting these though. But perhaps this way, we’ll get a half decent venom in another 10 years.

  27. Spider Man looks like he just fought his way out of his high school locker. Good thing he had gloves on.

  28. lala

    this is a normal outfit…what were you guys expecting- a three piece suit? or a northface and basketball shorts maybe??

  29. MrsEllis

    He is so fucking cute. I think I’m going to have to see this movie. What is it about jewish guys that I can’t get enough of…

  30. molly


  31. Andrew Garfield Emma Stone Spider-Man
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    Yep, that’s my feeling too.

  32. FFS why do a remake of Spiderman so soon??? Oh yeah, this is hollywood where there hasn’t beena new movie idea in 30 years. This ‘new’ spiderman looks like a tool. Not believable in the least, not that a web spinning wall crawling high school kid who fights crime is believable. Retire the franchise for awhile.

  33. WTF

    Why the fuck are they rebooting the Spiderman series???

    Superman…now THAT needs a fucking reboot.

    Spiderman? Fuck this shit. I have zero desire to see a new Spiderman franchise. I would rather fap without lube Sony, you stupid fuckers.

  34. Andrew Garfield Emma Stone Spider-Man
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