And Now Tila Tequila On Parenting

October 8th, 2013 // 75 Comments

When we last left Tila Tequila she was claiming to be a powerful sparkle wizard, and since then, she’s become even worse by turning into one of those gun-toting libertarian who constantly posts conspiracy theories on Facebook. Which makes it even more awesome that she’s spouting parenting advice now because I can’t think of a more informative source than a fake-breasted leprechaun I’m still convinced only I can see:

Why the fuck are some parents still doping their babies up with adderall? You might as well just fucking shoot them point blank in the face! What the fuck is wrong with you?????? I have seen full grown adults who would have sever violent rages, and total numbness of emotions and could never understand why everyone is so irritated by their negative energies they put out there so why in the fuck would you give your child adderall you dumb piece of shit! Your child does NOT have ADHD you dumbs! Those are the years when children are SUPPOSED to be active, learning, growing, evolving, and BEING KIDS! There is no such thing as ADHD for no fucking children! Shit pisses me off! For instance look at what tthis dumb hag of a mother said in a forum about her 7 year old son that she was doping up with adderalll:

“My 7 yr old has crying spells when it first kicks in and when it wears off he has really bad moodswings and sometimes bad rages. It is starting to depress me to see my child go through this”


Excuse my language, but for so long now this page has become more news for us adults that we hardly talk about children and their ascension and and feeding baby gmo food or feeding them fluoride water etc and what the sever outcomes of that would be. So I’m just so mad.. can you tell? KIDS SHOULD NOT BE ON ANY DRUGS PERIOD YOU DUMBFUCKS!!!! Unless it’s just the basic flu medicine and over the counter cough etc other than that… All you’re doing is killing your children faster, turning their brains into mush so that by the time they turn 10 they’ll start twerkin like Miley Virus and start having babies by the time they are 11 years old. You might as well just shoot your baby in the fucking head now you dumb twat! I would slap this mother if I saw her. I’m sorry but I would. Maybe a huge slap in the face from Tila Tequila will wake her ass up. And excuse my french once again, but the severity of my language shows the intensity behind how I feel about this subject.

Okay, the fluoride in the water is a tad overboard, but you’re a libertarian who believes stupid shit, I get it. That said, wow, yes, there actually is a problem with over-diagnosing ADD and in turn over-medicating children in this country, so this is a good dialog to have. Just whatever you do, don’t follow it up with something completely batshit like, for example, you can repel FEMA with your mind:

Don’t worry about FEMA and Martial Law etc. There are beings here who can stop that with our minds. I am one of them. There are plenty more. Don’t worry.. their agendas will not go through, as much as they try it will not work. If it did, they would have been able to do it a long time ago but you see they keep getting desperate… pushing every bit of last minute agendas to hang on that last bit hanging on by a thread. It will not work. They already have been defeated. The rest will all be just mind games. I am saying this as bluntly as I can to avoid any types of games or confusion.

So how far does a drill bit need to enter my skull for me to stop seeing this? Give or take.

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  1. Mitch

    Ban all guns so that only the government has access to them!

    Yeah, great idea. That has worked out so well everywhere it has been tried – from nazi Germany to Chicago it has been proven over and over that gun control only increases death.

    • brtn

      except in, say, Canada (150 gun murders in 2012). Or Britain, where even the police don’t carry guns (58 gun murders in 2011). But you’re right, the US (8775 gun murders in 2010) sounds real safe.

      • Stacy

        But they have thousands of “hunting accidents”.

      • Nice try, but if you ban guns, criminals will only find other methods to commit murder. You have to compare the overall murder rates, not the gun murder rates. Taking a look at the 2011 UNODC data, the US only had a murder rate of 4.7 murders/100k people, whereas Canada had a rate of 1.5/100k while Great Britain had a rate of 1.2/100k, so as you can clearly see, oops…

      • Drew

        The problem has little to do with gun control, or statistics, and more to do that Americans have been indoctrinated for 250 years that they’re entitled to owning guns, using a commonly misinterpreted amendment as your basis of “why”.

        In other words, the problem is gun culture in America. This isn’t something you can just control and is something that would take decades, if not centuries to reverse.

      • Mitch

        The problem in the US isn’t a “gun problem” per se.

        Liberals will never admit it but the majority of gun violence in the USA is perpetrated by “African Americans”. Most of the violence committed by these AA’s are on other blacks.

        The US has a “thug” problem, not a gun problem. If you glorify thug life like 99% of rappers do, and you have a largely illiterate and uneducated following, they are going to grasp at the only thing they understand. Deny it all you want but it’s the truth and I’m so sorry it stings you so.

        The US isn’t the only place with a thug problem – the entire middle east is overrun with thugs.

      • What Liberals won’t admit is that most gun violence is actually done by Liberals. No need to bring race into a political argument.

      • Jensational

        Well, Drew, I don’t see HOW you can say that our kids have been “indoctrinated” by the misinterpretation of the 2nd amendment. Here are some fun facts about the right to bear arms from the man who helped write the constitution:

        “The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people; that… it is their right and duty to be at all times armed.”
        –Thomas Jefferson to John Cartwright, 1824.

        “One loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them.”
        –Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, 1796. ME 9:341

        “A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives a moderate exercise to the Body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind . . . Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks.”
        –Thomas Jefferson, Letter to his nephew Peter Carr, August 19, 1785.

        “No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms (within his own lands or tenements).”
        –Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution with (his note added), 1776. Papers, 1:353

        “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms . . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes . . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”
        –Thomas Jefferson, quoting Cesare Beccaria in On Crimes and Punishment (1764).

      • SomeJoe

        Yes, those numbers are interesting but lets look at another set of numbers. Namely, the population sizes of the places you mention. Britain – 63 million, Canada – 35 million, US – 314 million. So naturally just the population difference alone would easily explain higher crime numbers. It’s the rates you have to look at. While the US right now does have a higher crime rate than Britain and Canada, the difference is about 3.2/100k. Also, consider another country. Russia. Population of 144 million, strict gun laws, notably fewer firearms in country and a murder rate of a little over 10/100k. Basically, if you are going to spout statistics you need to look at all the numbers and in the right fashion. I also recommend reading a report that was published in the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. It’s entitled “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?”. It truly is an interesting study. I don’t know why I’m bothering saying anything, most knuckle draggers around here can only grunt and say “TITS!!”.

      • you forgot about the only statistic that matters – in the UK, they have zero Tila Tequilas per 100,000 people, we in the USA have one Tila Tequila – and so it is imperative that we have guns here in the USA, to guarantee there is at least some chance either Tila Tequila will shoot herself or someone else will shoot her. I’d also be ok with her being run over by a monster truck.

      • Mitch

        The crime rate in the USA is always going to be higher because other developed countries have learned that they can offload all of their least desirable citizens and we will take them no questions asked.

        Instead of allowing the best of the best into what was once the greatest country on earth, we are accepting the rejects from every other country on the planet that doesn’t want them. Its no wonder our crime rate is so high.

        If we actively deported criminals (or even held them responsible for their actions) there wouldn’t be as high a crime rate in the USA.The USA is run by the least intelligent and most incompetent people on the planet…this is a fact.

      • Mitch

        But the UK leads in stabbings:

        Knife violence in Britain is far worse than official statistics suggest, with almost 14,000 people taken to hospital for injuries caused by knives and other sharp weapons last year.

        According to the latest Department of Health statistics, an average of 38 victims of knife wounds are admitted to accident and emergency departments across the country every day.

      • I would like to see the data, but the fact that the murder rates are lower in the UK does not suggest that the stabbing rate can not be higher. It may simply confirm that knives are less effective murder weapons than guns. Or it may suggest that British folks need to stop using knives to eat their peas. Just get another bloody tine on your fork, for gods sake, and start switching hands while your at it.

      • KNIFE CONTROL Damnit! Once killers start using arsenic then we can all call for CONTROL OF APPLES!

      • Avoid forest fires…register matches!

      • ikoihil

        Nope. I’ve been in London and have seen police carrying assault rifles on the street, with my own eyes.

    • Fish, stop trolling your own posts :)

    • Last time I checked the “gun control” stuff that ever makes it to the same room as the table is stuff like strengthening background checks, limiting 100 round magazines, and closing the private sale loophole. In other words, things that affect 0.0001% of the gun owning population as to not piss off the large number of gun owners that think the GOP/NRA is for crackpots, myself included.

      The “Ban All Guns” thing is something gun nuts like yourself made up to give yourselves fear boners that you can jack off while thinking about shooting UN troops that are coming for your guns.

    • JC

      I think the only people who should have their guns taken away are people who post dumb ass pictures like the one above. Guns are not toys. Don’t play around on Instagram with them like a wannabe bad-ass. Real bad-asses understand that guns are deadly weapons and treat them with the appropriate respect. Someone needs to confiscate that gun, wipe the syphilitic drool off of it, and give it a good home.

      • JC

        Well, O.K., people who think they’re magic glitter fairies with mind powers should have their guns taken away, too, but technically that would just be enforcing the existing laws against selling guns to psychotics.

      • no gun for Tila Tequila = no chance of an accidental gun death involving her. I say let her keep it. and get her drunk. and double dog dare her to try shooting it while playing hop scotch on an ice rink wearing roller skates.

    • whatthe

      Guns are illegal in San Francisco, and it’s working out for us.

      • How is this not true?

      • Guns are not illegal in SF. There are some restrictions, like keeping them in a locked container, etc.There are several Federally licensed gun dealers, and there are several shooting ranges (some might be South SF). There are also pawn shops that sell firearms.

        Concealed carry permits are good state wide even though SF county rarely issues them.You very well could be standing next to a legally armed person. Someone I know that looks just like me carries every time he goes to San Francisco.

  2. This is so sad. She’s never been the same since she had that aneurysm. She was just a famewhore before, now she’s a crazy conspiracy nut with a hot body that confuses my penis.

    I really wish she would get better and go back to some semblance of normalcy.

  3. Maynard

    She must be an amazing fuck. Crazies are always the best.

  4. If she’s not going to jam that AR up her snatch, then I’m not interested.

  5. Every time I worry that I’m actually crazy, I see the words of an actual crazy person in print. Then I walk away happy in the knowledge that I’m just a little weird and suffer from depression.

  6. She needs to be put on a long term 5150 hold.

  7. I can’t be the only one who wishes her parents had gone for the “shooting in the face” approach over Adderall.

    • I fail to see the problem. I had Colic when I was a baby and the doctor started me on belladonna at four days old. And I turned out just f-f-fucking f-f-fine…just f-f-fucking f-f-fine…just f-f-fucking f-f-fine…just f-f-fucking f-f-fine…just f-f-fucking f-f-fine…just f-f-fucking f-f-fine…just f-f-fucking f-f-fine…thank you very much!

  8. Finger off the trigger and tongue on the dong. Safety and fun for everyone!

  9. Have to agree that ADHD is over diagnosed. In some cases its actually just the parents no spending enough tie with the kids. then in that little tie the kid may act out for attention, or just ‘be a kid’ and the folks don’t know what tot do so medicate away. Just unfortunate that the messenger in this case is Tila Tequila.

  10. She may have gone about it wrong and a little overzealous, but she is not wrong. This country is pathetic and has no fucking idea how to raise children.

  11. Dox

    Taking child rearing advice from a porn star that licks assault weapons could never turn out wrong…..

  12. alex

    So she’s pretty nasty without all that makeup and tiny bits of clothes.

  13. BobTheBob

    On the one hand I want to smack her for lousy trigger discipline. On the other hand, maybe her finger will slip.

  14. Tila Tequila Implants Nipple Slip Rollerblading
    Commented on this photo:

    Who the hell rollerblades in full makeup?

  15. “There are beings here who can stop that with our minds. I am one of them…
    I get the feeling that there are several people here who doubt her powers…???

  16. Courtkney

    I was kind of sorta agreeing with her and it was starting to scare me considering how crazy she is.. I’m glad she followed up with some insanity to bring me back to reality.

  17. Cynthia Leclerc

    My name is Cynthia Leclerc. I wont hide behind a fucking screen name…maybe this cock sucking whore should actually read something called a fucking Book before she runs her mouth off about ADHD. Not because a kid cries do they give them pills and not all children that take pills are raving foaming lunatics. Some children are so unable to concentrate that by the time they are 10 years old, they still don’t know how to read or tie their shoes! Some of those children are happy to have some sort of calm wash over them when they can’t settle down and also dont resent their parents for treating their medical needs as importantly as this whore treats her fucking herpes! I dont need some cum guzzling tramp telling us how to rise children because if one of my kids got rammed in the ass on screen for money or did tv shows looking for girlfriends or boyfriends or “whatever”, I would shoot THEM in the fucking face! And pardon your French? I’m French you pile of silicone and garbage so you should probably be careful before you offend people more by what comes out of your mouth versus EVERYTHING YOU PUT IN IT..heal that with your powers WHORE!

  18. Tila Tequila Implants Nipple Slip Rollerblading
    Commented on this photo:

    What? Adolf would’ve killed me if he was alive cuz I’m not a blonde, white German? Oh crap, I thought he would’ve loved my boobs.

  19. Tila Tequila Implants Nipple Slip Rollerblading
    Commented on this photo:

    Just wanted to point out her writs guards are on the wrong hands and upsidedown.

  20. Tila Tequila Implants Nipple Slip Rollerblading
    Commented on this photo:

    Anyway I can get the body, without the brain? I’d use it for a while.

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