And Now Tila Tequila On Parenting

When we last left Tila Tequila she was claiming to be a powerful sparkle wizard, and since then, she’s become even worse by turning into one of those gun-toting libertarian who constantly posts conspiracy theories on Facebook. Which makes it even more awesome that she’s spouting parenting advice now because I can’t think of a more informative source than a fake-breasted leprechaun I’m still convinced only I can see:

Why the fuck are some parents still doping their babies up with adderall? You might as well just fucking shoot them point blank in the face! What the fuck is wrong with you?????? I have seen full grown adults who would have sever violent rages, and total numbness of emotions and could never understand why everyone is so irritated by their negative energies they put out there so why in the fuck would you give your child adderall you dumb piece of shit! Your child does NOT have ADHD you dumbs! Those are the years when children are SUPPOSED to be active, learning, growing, evolving, and BEING KIDS! There is no such thing as ADHD for no fucking children! Shit pisses me off! For instance look at what tthis dumb hag of a mother said in a forum about her 7 year old son that she was doping up with adderalll:

“My 7 yr old has crying spells when it first kicks in and when it wears off he has really bad moodswings and sometimes bad rages. It is starting to depress me to see my child go through this”


Excuse my language, but for so long now this page has become more news for us adults that we hardly talk about children and their ascension and and feeding baby gmo food or feeding them fluoride water etc and what the sever outcomes of that would be. So I’m just so mad.. can you tell? KIDS SHOULD NOT BE ON ANY DRUGS PERIOD YOU DUMBFUCKS!!!! Unless it’s just the basic flu medicine and over the counter cough etc other than that… All you’re doing is killing your children faster, turning their brains into mush so that by the time they turn 10 they’ll start twerkin like Miley Virus and start having babies by the time they are 11 years old. You might as well just shoot your baby in the fucking head now you dumb twat! I would slap this mother if I saw her. I’m sorry but I would. Maybe a huge slap in the face from Tila Tequila will wake her ass up. And excuse my french once again, but the severity of my language shows the intensity behind how I feel about this subject.

Okay, the fluoride in the water is a tad overboard, but you’re a libertarian who believes stupid shit, I get it. That said, wow, yes, there actually is a problem with over-diagnosing ADD and in turn over-medicating children in this country, so this is a good dialog to have. Just whatever you do, don’t follow it up with something completely batshit like, for example, you can repel FEMA with your mind:

Don’t worry about FEMA and Martial Law etc. There are beings here who can stop that with our minds. I am one of them. There are plenty more. Don’t worry.. their agendas will not go through, as much as they try it will not work. If it did, they would have been able to do it a long time ago but you see they keep getting desperate… pushing every bit of last minute agendas to hang on that last bit hanging on by a thread. It will not work. They already have been defeated. The rest will all be just mind games. I am saying this as bluntly as I can to avoid any types of games or confusion.

So how far does a drill bit need to enter my skull for me to stop seeing this? Give or take.

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