And Here Comes the Bullshit…

It was only a matter of time until Lindsay Lohan took to her Twitter and started spewing shit so crazy only Britney Spears can read it without suffering an aneurysm. Here she is making up a bullshit excuse for her “Fuck U” fingernail before going on to cite U.N. policies on torture to decry her jail sentence. I’m not even joking:

@liana_levi didn’t we do our nails as a joke with our friend dc? it had nothing to do w/court.. it’s an airbrush design from a stencil xx
It is clearly stated in Article 5 of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights that….
, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”
this was taken from an article by Erik Luna.. “November 1 marked the 15th anniversary of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. But there were no
celebrations, parades, or other festivities in honor of this punishment scheme created by Congress and the U.S. Sentencing Commission….”
Instead, the day passed like most others during the last 15 years:Scores of federal defendants sentenced under a constitutionally perverted”
system that saps moral judgment through its mechanical rules.”

And then she links to an article about an Iranian woman being stoned for committing adultery because in Lindsay’s mind that’s exactly like her situation. I mean, the injustice of forcing her to suffer the consequences of her actions is almost entirely comparable to ending a person’s life in the name of misogynistic religious dogma. No, really, I’m sure the woman had the option to Twitter on her BlackBerry in a VIP lounge before taking a rock to the face – and dying. It’s like they’re the same person.

Photos: Pacific Coast News