And Here Comes the Bullshit…

July 7th, 2010 // 156 Comments

It was only a matter of time until Lindsay Lohan took to her Twitter and started spewing shit so crazy only Britney Spears can read it without suffering an aneurysm. Here she is making up a bullshit excuse for her “Fuck U” fingernail before going on to cite U.N. policies on torture to decry her jail sentence. I’m not even joking:

@liana_levi didn’t we do our nails as a joke with our friend dc? it had nothing to do w/court.. it’s an airbrush design from a stencil xx
It is clearly stated in Article 5 of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights that….
, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”
this was taken from an article by Erik Luna.. “November 1 marked the 15th anniversary of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. But there were no
celebrations, parades, or other festivities in honor of this punishment scheme created by Congress and the U.S. Sentencing Commission….”
Instead, the day passed like most others during the last 15 years:Scores of federal defendants sentenced under a constitutionally perverted”
system that saps moral judgment through its mechanical rules.”

And then she links to an article about an Iranian woman being stoned for committing adultery because in Lindsay’s mind that’s exactly like her situation. I mean, the injustice of forcing her to suffer the consequences of her actions is almost entirely comparable to ending a person’s life in the name of misogynistic religious dogma. No, really, I’m sure the woman had the option to Twitter on her BlackBerry in a VIP lounge before taking a rock to the face – and dying. It’s like they’re the same person.

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  1. Que

    Que classy.

  2. nick

    first bitches

  3. Dina Lohan

    What a dumb cunt I have for a daughter!

  4. id still do her in jail.

  5. Melissa

    I’ve read this site for years and this is actually the first time I have ever felt compelled to leave a comment.

    Someone just needs to beat the fuck out of this woman already. I don’t care about jailing her and hoping she becomes some bull dykes bitch just to prove a point to a failing justice system. At this point in this circus that is her life…. someone just needs to haul off and beat the fuck out of her, the selfish little twat. She was given an opportunity to live a life the majority of us never will and she has pissed all over it with her disgusting roast beefed fire crotch. She doesn’t even deserve the life she is currently living if she is going to even dare compare herself to such people who have actually had their rights violated.

    Once again… someone, please, anonymously, or screaming like a cast-off from Braveheart…. just beat the fuck out of her already.

    • giz

      Straight up.

      • Stace

        lets stone HER ass….and I hope to god the dumb bitch wasn’t trying to be so fuckin smart cause she watched The Stoning of Soraya M….brain dead freckled cunt…..wanna shove a broom stick in that brown eye of hers

    • LOL @ Once again… someone, please, anonymously, or screaming like a cast-off from Braveheart…. just beat the fuck out of her already

    • Bob the Plumber

      Melissa, the chances of you being a woman are about on par with the chances of me being a plumber… but hey, your sentiment resonates with me, so who gives a fuck!

      This little princess walks around with coke caked around her nose, dildos falling out of her gaping twat, cum stains in her tights, lips that look like innertubes (better for sucking off johns for $5 a pop behind the WalMart).

      She truly is the load her mom should have swallowed. What a miserable example of a human being. How she gets up in the morning, looks in the mirror, and overcomes the urge to swallow a bullet is beyond me.

    • Dylan

      What is everyone’s problem ? She’s a 20 something year old that likes to party ! I don’t think she’s that bad considering the job her parent did raising her.

      • Kristen

        Seriously? What’s our problem? How many people in their 20′s do you actually know that act like this? Be honest. I know that there are kids who would like to party like this, but no one is actually this disrespectful to themselves, the justice system, the public and their families.
        Maybe she had a hard family life, but guess what?!?! So did a lot of people. Look at how many athletes and rappers come from a horrific upbringing. They still don’t act like that.
        To give this dumb girl a free pass because her parents didn’t really love her or hug her enough is bullshit.

      • rannick96

        your kidding right??? she’s 24, time to stop blaming mommy and daddy and own your actions.I hope se does all 90 days it will give her a jump start on rehab!

      • Jen

        i would have agreed with you a few years ago. but at this point, she cant even take any responsibility for any of her actions. just do SEVEN alcohol classes, thats it! SEVEN! its time to grow the fuck up. her parents may have fucked her up, but there comes a point when you have to stop blaming other people and pull your head out of your ass.

      • luna

        Um, Kristen- I know TONS of 20-somethings who act like this. She is not the only one. She deserves everything she gets but she is not an unusual case. There is an ever growing lack of respect for ones self and for anyone else, it’s just this new crop of kids- get used to it.

      • M

        LOL using athletes and rappers as an example here is not really helping your case.

      • kelley

        Dylan, are you cracked ??? Or Randal in disguise, lol !!!

    • Mmmmmm….roast-beefed fire crotch…….yummmy

      • Molly

        Hey luna. You know ‘tons of 20-somethings that act like this’? You need some serious help picking friends.

      • I’m a 20 something and I have never acted like this. I spend time with other 20 somethings and have never seen them act like that.

        Anyone, and I mean anyone, who wasn’t Lindsay Lohan who repeatedly broke the law, snubbed parole and probation officers and the terms of the probation and parole, would get their ass tossed in jail for the full length of time possible. I hate how she is thumbing her nose and the justice system, getting away with it, and continuing to act like a complete and utter fuck up. Where’s the life changing epiphany? Where’s the moment of zen where you go “Oh holy shit, I have the power to actually do something better in my life than be an cocksmoking addict whore.” It’s not like she’s some gutter snake climbing her way out from the bottom of an orgy pile where she just sold herself for two bumps (or maybe she is). But she’s had her entire life practically on a silver platter and she is still getting away with it.

        Hell, I’ll beat the fuck out of her if the judge won’t.

        (P.s. yes, I’m the one that started this little stream of fun at the beginning. I decided to create a sign in)

      • luna

        Molly- I live in a Big Ten college town- I don’t have friends that act like this being that I am past my 20′s but I see them all on a daily basis. So get off your high horse and calm down.

    • Chrissy

      Luna – knowing people and seeing people are two different things. If they are people you do not know but have only seen, how would you, upon visual inspection, be able to ascertain that they had coke in their pockets or had multiple DUI convictions? Are they wearing signs that say “I’m in violation of my parole”? I don’t doubt that there are 20 somethings in your city that run around being drunk and obnoxious, and that is their prerogative. Being obnoxious or a waste of space is not illegal. If Lindsay was simply cutting loose or having fun, there would be no problem; she can act like an a-hole if she wants, but she can’t terrorize the community with illegal behavior that puts them in danger or live outside the rules of our justice system. So if you are intimate enough with ‘tons’ of people to know that they too are wanton criminals or repeat offenders, then I would tend to agree that you’ve surrounded yourself with horrible people, are probably part of the problem, and in need of a reality check.

      • luna

        My goodness! SO much attitude over a post. It’s called a newspaper, and I read it, and I read about the things that people do. And I have worked in bars in this and other party towns for many years. So yes- I do not “intimately” know these people- but I know of them- so pardon that my first post was not specific enough for you, I was simply stating that Lindsey Lohan is not the ONLY 20 something to behave like this. So please do not continue to assume that you even remotely know me or the people I surround myself from one silly post on a celebrity gossip site. And I am done arguing with you because it is ridiculous.

  6. giz

    Wow; Mess.

  7. *spanks lindsay*

  8. Burt

    Now she’s being offensive. She’s neither a victim of human rights abuse or sexism (her attorney, the judge and prosecutor were women, for crying out loud!).

  9. Mel Gibson

    Where is a pack of fine upstanding gentlemen when you need them.

  10. Relates

    She was talking about this human rights case before her court date. She’s asking people to retweet it to spread awareness about women’s rights. It has nothing to do with her, or her legal issues.

    It’s an easy mistake to make, but I’m just saying that this report is based on the false presumption that Lindsay was comparing herself to this woman. I hope the author issues a correction.

    • Tangerang

      @relates – wow – because Lindsay Lohan is the first person I think of when “crusader for human rights” comes to mind. She is a f*cking joke. She someone who can’t even pull her shi*t together long enough complete her alcohol classes and find it hard to take her seriously when she is taking on a cause. Kind of like the time she went to India and said she helped free a bunch of child laborers. Basically what I am saying is shut the fuck up @relates.

      • Relates

        I agree with your comment. Lindsay is irresponsible and immature, and got what was coming to her.

        But what she tweeted about the human rights case was unrelated to her legal troubles. It was probably either a last-ditch effort to save face, or maybe just trying to be nice and do a good thing.

        Either way, she was not comparing herself to that woman. That’s all I’m saying. And you should be less rude to random strangers.

    • Cha

      You’re right she is just talking about the woman in Iran about to get stoned to death. Her tweets are just her directly quoting this article about it .

      • bitingontinfoil

        @Relates: FINALLY! It’s nice to see a sane post rather than these disgusting “she should be stoned – i’d like to f*ck her then shiv her and the lovely “i’d put a bullet in her head” posts. Says volumes more about the posters than it does about Lindsay.

  11. Skroonk

    You know, maybe she would go away if we would just stopped paying attention to her.


  12. Tangerang

    @relates – wow – because Lindsay Lohan is the first person I think of when “crusader for human rights” comes to mind. She is a f*cking joke. She someone who can’t even pull her shi*t together long enough complete her alcohol classes and find it hard to take her seriously when she is taking on a cause. Kind of like the time she went to India and said she helped free a bunch of child laborers. Basically what I am saying is shut the fuck up @relates.

    • bitingontinfoil

      Wow – how “well said”. What a virtue of humanity you are! Relates has just as much righ to post their thoughts here as you (unfortunately) do. Basically what I am saying is shut the hell up @tangerang. Douche.

  13. god can’t she just hurry up and od already???

  14. Sanjay Gupta

    Look, folks. She’s a self-absorbed, narcissistic cunt with a drug problem and a drinking problem. Her sister’s a little tramp, her mom is fucking nuts, her dad — well, he was probably “hide the salami” with LL when she was 9.

    Put it this way. She’s damaged goods. She’s not coming back.


    P.S. Be sure to catch me on CNN

  15. caroljoan22

    why doesnt someone call her on her shit
    1 she was not in morocco helping children she was partying at the opening of a hotel
    2 how can they administer these drugs to her they are an excessive amount
    3 she does not need adderal
    4 there should be a punishment for her nails thats a major diss to the judge
    5 i know that addicts can never assume any responsiblitiy is there no one in her life to give her a reality check this poor me is annoying

  16. Helena Handbasket

    Typical paranoid tweaker ramblings. btw, U.S. Sentencing Guidelines only apply to Federal court cases – at least that’s what they told me when they shipped my mommy back across the border. Lindsey was tried in Beverly Hills Court, or Rodeo Drive Food Court, or whatever that ridiculous place is called. She just makes herself sound more ignorant and arrogant and stupid. Throw her ass in jail already.

  17. DrOz

    I am a dumber person for reading that

  18. Idiot!

    OK, this is proof positive that she’s mentally erratic, perhaps retarded. Absolutely, WHOREhan’s being required to be accountable for her actions is the EXACT same thing as a woman being killed in Iraq. What a stupid dumbass.

    The only reason WHOREhan likes twitter is it’s one way; she can say anything she wants and no one can correct her or call her an idiot for acting like an assclown. Typical arrogant entitled little princess attitude. I hope she gets beat down every day in jail…

  19. Jay

    LiLo and her mother could be the ‘entitlement’ twins. They think and act alike, one old princess and one almost young princess. Neither of them accept responsibly for their bullshit. Their stuff is always some other dude’s fault. They are so white trash. When LiLo ODs I wonder who mama is gonna blame for that, surely not her precious meal ticket.

  20. captain america

    I was sure: LILO WAS INVOLVED HERE……….

  21. Ryan

    “No, really, I’m sure the woman had the option to Twitter on her BlackBerry in a VIP lounge before taking a rock to the face – and dying. It’s like they’re the same person.”


  22. Gene

    ENOUGH! Bitch! Get thee to a prison! Now!

    How the hell else will she dry out? I do NOT want to see all of you yellow journalism types turning this twat into a martyr when she finally drinks herself into oblivion.

    Tempted to stone the bitch my damned self.

    How great would it be to have photos of the great Obama anal – yzing her…two problems, one solution. Almost orgasmic when you dwell upon it.

  23. hm
    Commented on this photo:

    She is a moron. And I know that it’s very sad that her life is so terrible, and that she will never recover from both of her moron parents and how they ‘raised’ her, but she is making the poorest decisions ever, and no one is coming in to help her.

    Even Brittney has help.

    Drugs are a bitch, and she has a long road ahead of her. But, if her parents had raised her with any amount of intelligence and pride, she would never have tried them in the first place.

    Brittany is looking like a bit of a saint at this point. Well, almost.

  24. jojo

    Next stop. Suicide attempt.

    • Firecrotch melts my shoes

      *Botched* suicide attempt. Followed by half-completed-but-snorted-all-the-advance-up-her-nose tell-all biography.

      Yes, she will admit that she has something in common with McKenzie Phillips.

  25. For the life of me, I cannot understand why I’m still watching the train-wreck that is now Lindsay Lohan. I want so desperately to feel bad for her, giving the fame-whore brigade that is her parental unit. But her head’s shoved so far up her ass, she no longer lives in our reality. And we know she won’t change for years, if at all. And yet, here I am….

  26. The CreaseMaster

    I’d do her in jail then shiv her.

  27. KJ

    ” I mean, the injustice of forcing her to suffer the consequences of her actions is almost entirely comparable to ending a person’s life in the name of misogynistic religious dogma.”

    This line made the SW go up 5 points in my book. LOL

  28. Blah, im looking forward to this girl going to jail and then treatment for 90 days.

  29. *I* want to stone Lindsay Lohan.

  30. Fati87

    Someone needs to feed her a bullet. I am even willing to volunteer in the name of humanity. Nobody this outrageously stupid should be allowed to share precious oxygen with us.

  31. if she was in any other country pulling the stunts she’s pulled she wouldve had a higher sentence and one that has to be carried thru….she is acting like a spoilt child, unfortunately for every action there is a reaction and responsability has to be taken

  32. joho777

    Remember too that karma exists.

    Linds is a thief, a liar of unbelievable proportions, a years-long alcoholic, and a cocaine addict.

    She is creating all this drama in an effort to escape her just treatment (finally!) by the justice system. So let her snivel and whine.

    She is still going to jail, lunchmeat sandwiches and powdered eggs. The only thing I regret is that she should be in the general population. She has earned it.

  33. poon

    I cant wait for her sex tape. !

  34. Johnny Cage

    I’m still trying to gather why she’s everyone’s favorite punching bag now. Basically she’s a celebrity who did abusing things to HER OWN body, avoided the law at HER OWN peril, and is carrying out legal battles that effect HER ONLY. None of that stuff she’s doing is hurting me or anyone I know. And judging from the other 1000 posts made that hopes she dies, it doesn’t appear we scorn her for what she’s doing to her health either. I get the idea of hating celebrities who say shit that purposely is made to offend you, such as Mike “Sameshit” Farrel and Rosie “Cloverfield” Odonnel, however I’ve yet to see Lindsay become an annoying activist like those two yet. (The UN tweet doesn’t count dammit!)

    I understand if we’re getting taking shots at her because it helps us unload the subconscious angst we feel, mainly from people we knew who used to get away with things. But then again there are more powerful people around the world (especially those in political power) who have gotten away with worse, ie rape, murder, human experiments, inner city drug sales, etc. And for the most part, the only kind of prison they saw was watching the TV show OZ.

    • mick

      um last time i checked getting high, chasing people in cars and then crashing said cars ON PUBLIC ROADS kinda affected more than just herself. What if you were on that road and she rolled over you? and as i recall she took someones car without permission, so i guess it affected them too. being a public menace is not the same as locking yourself in a room and getting high. Hollywood law issuch a soft option, ooh lets protect the preciousssssss celebrities when anyone else who had even 1 DUI would be in jail

    • Idiot!

      Uh, yeah. She had 2 DUI’s in 57 days, she’s constantly high and her attitude is “I don’t give a fuck about anyone but myself”. She’s a public danger because she wouldn’t think twice about hurting someone if it amused her. As far as I’m concerned, they should toss her skanky ass in jail & let the general population girls play “bash the pinata” with her face…

      • Let’s ask a DEA agent working deep cover in Juarez if said coke abuse is only affecting said individual. Asshole.

      • Johnny Cage

        Fuckin hell, so now you’re a Just Say No advocate? Where the hell have you guys been for the past 15 years? I guess your ass won’t be voting for Ron Paul in the future. I hope you know large clubs have coke, marijuana, and crystal meth all over the place. The Porn Industry supplies their actors with drugs on shoots. I’m actually happy to see someone caring now. But you better organize a parents group and a militia together, because Freckle Face is going to be the least of your worries.

  35. dstrt


  36. mosh

    I just wanna know what she did that effects anyone but herself? Hollywood in general has a drug and alcohol problem i watch the kardashians get smashed on there show all the time.. I see celebs rappers with drinks in there hands in magazines and tabloids.. I also can say that at 21 i was drinking going out and having fun everyday. Isn’t that what people do when your young and single with no children? Oh wait.. I know, and im sure everyone knows people who have children and are still out partying..Right? Add millions of dollars to the equation and what would you be doing in your early 20′s if you were beautiful young and single? I’d live life thats for sure. I think everyone needs to get off her nuts and let her be. You CANNOT help someone that doesn’t want to be helped. If she’s not and hasn’t hurt anyone besides herself, then leave her fucken be already! Poor fucken chick doesn’t even have a male figure in her life that she can trust with her scumbag fucken father, who puts her business on blast in the media every chance he gets. Talk about media whore; thats who she gets it from. Wasn’t he an alcoholic? He puts on a fucken suit and a smile and puts the tone of concern in his voice and all of a sudden he’s father of the year? All of a sudden he’s poster board dad? Are you serious? What a idiot. Makes himself look pathetic. If it were me or any good parent, Wouldn’t you reach out to your child privately? Wouldn’t you want whats best for your baby and wouldn’t you have enough common sense to realize,that the basis of your daughters problems stems from the media disecting her apart and how much she despises it and how hard it could be, And that maybe a different way of reaching out tgo her would have have been the best solution??

    • Johnny Cage

      Exactly, live and let live. Most rap stars in the music industry now used to be gang members or drug dealers themselves. A lot of those guys were in the business of killing, prostitution or street dealing, but they don’t get as much hard press as a party girl like Lindsay.

      I find most political figures and community organizers to be the ones that should be held accountable for doing stupid things. But it’s boring to talk about them and they have better connections.

    • Jared

      Shut the fuck up. I will NEVER be able to get away with half the shit she has, so why should i pity her? What makes her special? shitty films?

      • Bashy

        Exactly! I hate when she (or people like her) acts like she is the victim!

      • Johnny Cage

        So basically “her junk has been exposed on TV more than the other guys so I must hate her” Honestly if you were going to dish out justice on all the celebs who’ve snorted, had dui’s, or escaped prison time, you’d be going after most of hollywood and about half of the guys in the political spectrum. You know politicians? The guys who don’t make movies but make decisions that could be life and death for us? Anne get your gun.

    • jay

      she has done a lot to others. Car accidents, car jacking, and disrupting the lives of those around her. Gimme a break – she is a self centered – delusional brat. I suppose no free ice cream for 180 days . hahahahhaha

  37. Bob Sagat

    So some Iranian woman got stoned…

    Lindsay and I get stoned all the time.
    We were blazing up 10mins before the court case.

  38. YEAH!!

    WTF is she talking about?? Shes only doing 90 days, and she prob wont do the full 90!! If shes so afraid of jail she should stop doing all those things that lead to jail. And to hear her say her manicure had nothing to do with court all I have to say is give me a f——-g break!!!!!

  39. champagne

    What a sad, disgusting little girl.

  40. somethingoriginal

    i don’t even

  41. Katy

    Ugh, she is so fucking disgusting

    I hope she dies soon

  42. From this point on she deserves every forced dildo rape in prison from Bertha ! I used to have some sort of sympathy for her since her parents are complete fuck ups but comparing her irresponsibility to an actual human rights event is fucking insane. I hope they beat the shit out of her just so she wakes up and starts becoming a semi-productive part of society.

  43. bitingontinfoil

    the post about the UN was in regards to the post about the woman being stoned, which was posted before her last court date.

    give the girl a break, people! with such fuck*d up parents like hers, it’s no WONDER she’s a drug addict! her own mother would be out partying with her back in the day and she’s had no direction – has never been made to take resposibility to ANY of her actions as long as she kept the money coming in. Where’s her mom now? Her dad? Last I heard he was joking about calling her in jail from a bar to “make her jealous”. It’s tragic and I hope she gets the help she needs. (I also believe the fuck you on her nails was directed at the papz, not the judge/court).

  44. bitingontinfoil

    Just wondering if any of you realize how utterly disgusting and disturbing some of your posts are? Under the guise of the “moral majority” you’ve posted about raping her, having a broomstick shoved in her eye, stoning her, putting a bullet in her head, wishing she would o.d. or commit suicide, yet you condemn her for being addicted. Wow, truly sad and shameful and as I’ve said before, your posts speak VOLUMES about yourselves

    • Think of the site as an outlet for all the hostility that many people feel seeing a celebrity “get away” with transgressions that would land us all immediately in the pokey.
      Also this is a bit of a boys club, with the usual one upmanship in the posts….
      “I’ll see you one knife to the vaj & raise you to anal gang rape”.
      Don’t think about too much. Your head will explode if you take it seriously.
      What’s unbelilevable to me is that some want to kill her off before her porn career really takes off.

      • bitingontinfoil

        @Frank: I’ve been reading the site for about 3 yrs so I’m well aware of the tone and have, in fact, participated at times. However, the amount of vitriol regarding this girl is astounding. I wonder if you would be so willing to laugh it off if people were talking about raping/killing your daughter, mother, sister? It’s quite shocking and, IMHO, unwarranted.

      • If you’ve been here 3 years you should be numb to that kind of verbage.
        Toughen up……people post nasty, nasty things & always will. Weepy entitled Hollywood junkie bitches don’t elicit much sympathy from the SW audience.
        Even if they do have great tits & are bisexual.

    • I have no love for an addict that is repeatedly being handed the help to turn her life away and she does nothing but shit all over it. I could care less what happens to her at this point.

      Does that make me a bad person? No that makes me someone who just simply gives up on trying to change disgusting and evil for the sake of making myself feel better. It’s not about me, it’s about her. And she’ll never change, so what’s the point? And if she does change? I’ll probably shit an Angel.

      • I meant around instead of away but you get the point.

      • bitingontinfoil

        Don’t get me wrong, I can poke fun at these people with the best of them. No, it doesn’t make you or anyone a bad person – I was commenting on people stating things like: “she should be raped”, “put a bullet in her head”, “shove a broomstick in her eye”. Those are *not* cute or witty barbs, they’re rantings of very disturbed indiviudals. BTW: Wishing death, or rape, etc on someone DOES make one a bad person. JMHO.

      • E

        Actually, yeah I’m pretty sure that wishing someone who hasn’t done you any harm was beaten within a breath of their life makes you a bad person.

    • Chrissy

      Biting – “i wonder if you would be so willing to laugh it off if people were talking about raping/killing your daughter, mother, sister?”

      If my daughter, mother, or sister acted in the manner that Lindsay does, the least of my concerns would be people laughing at her expense or wishing her ill will…… My concern would be that my mother, daughter, or sister was a drug addled whore and a criminal and that her behavior is going to get her or someone else killed. It’s called identifying the problem and prioritizing… And I’m pretty sure the problem here is Lindsay. Since my family member do not act that way and I would never let them or encourage them to behave innthe manner Lindsay has, I don’t even have to worry about people ‘saying mean thing about them’…….. And I think THAT speaks volumes about me.

      • bitingontinfoil

        @Chrissy: “My concern would be that my mother, daughter, or sister was a drug addled whore”

        so you would call your mother, daughter, sister a “drug-addled whore”??!..rather than try to protect and help them……um……wow! How…caring – nice to see where family is in *your* priorities-right around the same place as Dina`s.

        You`re right Chrissy, this post *does* speak volumes about you.

    • Chrissy

      Yes if they were acting that way, taking drugs, being promiscuous, and harming themselves and others, I would not hesitate to look them in the eye and tell that. I would be very clear about how inappropriate and inexcusable their behavior was and that it cannot continue. Then I would take whatever action was needed to ensure that they do not continue their bad behavior and address the reasons they ever thought or decided conducting themselves that way was permissible.

      If you care about someone and they are a priority you would be honest and straightforward with them and help them address address their problems so that they may become a happy healthy person. Not ‘protect’ them, help them rationalize and justify their bad behavior, or encourage and enable the way they are living.

      If Dina or any of her family actually cared about her that is what they would do, tell her her behavior is harmful and inexcusable and that it needs to stop, not make excuses, tell her it is everyone else’s fault but hers because they are ‘haters’, and continue to exploit her in test of helping her. Being a parent, or any family member for that matter, is not about being their friend or being nice and appeasing all the time it’s about doing whats in their best interest. An addict like Lindsay does not need her mother to be another friend she needs her to be a parent and tell her to cut it the f out.

      If your family member is acting like a drug addled whore and criminal the problem is not that it is mean or upsetting to say, it is that they are a drug addled whore and criminal. I’m pretty sure it is more mean to let them continue self destructive behavior than tell them the mean hard truth.

  45. Kaz

    Jail more cry wont you lindsay,. ,please lindsay go jail

  46. Slig

    I hate i hate nasty

  47. I love it when uneducated people try to string together concepts of which they have no understanding and pretend they understand those concepts.

    It makes for quite an entertaining read.

    Or, in other words, Lindsay — you’re a dumb shit.

  48. Dick Hertz

    Listen–I want her to fall off the face of the earth…but NOT before we get a seriously good frontal shot of her tits. I don’t care if they’re only 10% as nice as they were when she was in Mean Girls. I want the money shot.

    Then she can OD/commit suicide

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