Amy Winehouse’s husband arrested for plot to fix trial

November 9th, 2007 // 88 Comments

Blake Fielder-Civil, husband of singer Amy Winehouse, was arrested on charges of offering a bartender he severely beat £200,000 to withdrawal his police statement. Blake and his accomplice had two associates contact the victim Andrew King and offer him the money along with plane tickets to fly overseas on the day of the trial so the case would collapse. The Mirror reports:

As part of our investigation King, who needed metal plates fitted in his face, was filmed withdrawing his allegations about the assault.
Amy was not filmed at meetings observed by the Mirror and there is no evidence to suggest she was involved in the alleged plot.
But police, who raided her home yesterday in an attempt to gather evidence of the claimed plot, will wish to see whether she can help.
Amy was said to be desperately worried that her husband could receive a lengthy jail sentence if convicted.

This sounds like a bad Guy Ritchie movie. Except it doesn’t star Madonna, so maybe it sounds like a good Guy Ritchie movie. One I’d actually watch without jabbing myself in the eye with a cocktail fork. I hope this one ends with Blake Fielder-Civil getting his skull caved in by Jason Statham’s fist. Then everyone listens to the Beatles, drinks tea and says “Pip, pip, cheerio” just before losing the Revolutionary War to Paul Revere in an F-16. I guess you can say I like my movies historically accurate – but with jets.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Dee di di

    Night of the living dead.

  2. flavio

    dear god they are both so FUGLY!!!

  3. WTF?

    The only thing this bitch “desperately worries” about is when she is going to get her next shot of heroin.

  4. spy

    No matter what happens to this woman, she is dedicated to having that weird hair and eye makeup. That’s real talent, people. Singing and songwriting are . . . whatever . . . I mean, who cares? But making sure that stupid ‘look’ is consistent in every photograph (even the freakin bikini pictures) — that’s what makes her a star!

  5. Quinn

    What do you think she’s hiding in her hair? That’s the real question.

  6. Today’s my birthday.

  7. DD's

    Gonna go to rehab you Ho Ho Ho.

  8. Roflcer of the Lawl

    That picture scares the fuck out of me, I’m locking my doors.

  9. Bag-o-fun

    Maybe they would be happier is someone gave them a hamburger or something. I havent come across any happy skeletons in years.

  10. Doomhammer

    He needs to get arrested trying to steal a fucking sandwich. Eating is GOOD!

  11. Emmyem

    Happy Birthday Emerson!
    Oh, Amy WInehouse, yikes! All that vocal talent, she’s going to die. Do they BOTH cut themselves? I saw cut marks all over HIS arms, in a photo the other day. I thought it was just her.
    Sid and Nancy, without the talent.
    Oh, and if anyone thinks Nancy Spungeon was stupid, think again. She was just INSANE.
    Great book AND I DON’T WANT TO LIVE THIS LIFE, written, warts and all, by her Mom.
    My Mom read it years ago, and then I did. Whoa.


    So what good does offering him money do??

  13. gotmilk?

    i don’t why i did, but i enlarged that photo. what the shit is going on with her hands? they look fucking deformed.

    and when did she decide that looking like the bride of frankenstein was a good idea? i especially love all the extra peach fuzz on her face.

    he just looks like a corpse. i wonder if they’re having a contest to see who can starve themselves to death first?

  14. RENEE Z...

    Maybe I’m a tard, but I don’t get it. Was the Jason guy who got his ass kicked in on the plot when they filmed him or was he just trying to get the money and put an end to the court case? And if so, then whats the big offense? Why couldn’t he just take the money for his pain and suffering and agree to forget about the court case? What gives? I don’t know enough about the law, I need to go watch some more Judge Judy; watch her rip someone a new a-hole as usual! Okay…not that these Wino people really matter anyways. And I kept waiting to hear that while they were raiding her house they found 5 billion dollars worth of heroin and piles of dirty needles. But nooooo…how is that possible???

  15. Auntie Kryst

    How the fuck did that skeletor beat up anyone, even with an accomplice? Looks like he could break one of his ribs by just putting a shirt on.

  16. ph7

    He should have turned the job over to Paulie Walnuts

  17. funkyone

    7- holy shit! ron jeremy impersonating britney. wow! funny.

  18. David

    How could this guy “severely beat” anyone. Was the bartender a 12 year old girl………with MS…….after swallowing AquaDots??? wtf

  19. toolboy

    Well that totally throws off my wacking off schedule. This is going to take a Jessica Simpson down blouse shot to take care of. Make it so Number 1!!

  20. Thanks Emmyem!

  21. IWONKY

    Amy, Dog, Beth and Blake should just have a four-some and sell the sex tape. Then we could all poke our eyes out.

  22. Emmyem

    You are welcome, Emerson. I like Scorpios, I always have…………….
    Today is “let’s be nice” day. I’ll bet no one can do it but us…………
    *Singing* We are the world, we are the blah blah………………….:)

  23. Lindsey<3

    LMAO @ 19.
    SCREW food!!! go skeletors!!

    never can be too thin ;)

  24. hausfrau

    This seriously looks like a couple dressed up for Halloween as Bride of Frankenstein and, well, a dead detective. One of them WILL die within the next year. She will probably OD if he gets sentenced to any kind of jail time. Wow. Just say no to drugs, kids.
    And Happy Birthday Emerson.

  25. This would be interesting…if I cared about these two…which I don’t..

    But I do care about grammar. You cannot withdrawal something…duh..

  26. Emmyem

    Well, maybe this isn’t NICE, ha ha, but regarding Amy Winehouse’s HANDS, they are filthy and covered with scabs! So, if you mix that together, like Amy’s scabs, her husband’s old socks, the NITS in her hair, and add some curdled milk, you’ll get a yummy meal!
    Gross! I know………………

  27. IWONKY

    Caption reads:
    Blake: Hey Amy…see that giant rat over dere? I’ll put my dick up your ass as far as I can if you would just dive over dere and catch it in your teeth for dinner…,
    Amy: I’m on it, Blake, I’m on it….,

  28. endoftheshityear

    they’re too ugly to give a shit about

  29. Nicolerox

    THAT has got to be the UGLIEST couple EVER…

  30. Emmyem

    Hmmmm, the “Ugliest couple ever”, or the ugliest “Famous” couple ever?
    I’m saying it’s a tie between these two and Dog and Beth.
    No, I looked again. Dog and Beth win. That’s just my opinion………….:)

  31. joeypants


  32. Jim

    They look normal enough here.

  33. IWONKY

    Happy B-day Emerson – hope this site isn’t the high point of your day…,

  34. philps

    Greatest Halloween pic EVER.

  35. redsonja1313

    Wow, really he is NOT HEROINE CHIC…. Really Go to rehab Amy REALLY!!

  36. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Hey Emerson, it’s my birthday too. and I bought myself a portable DVD player, and that damned thing has no volume. Fuck it. I’m going to bed.

    Amy, you’re nasssssty!

  37. Duh

    Walking Corpses

  38. Shallow Scowl

    Look at her cracked out eyes, man. Holy Glass Dick, Batman!

  39. big teeth

    It has been established, that persons who have recently died, have been returning to life, and committing acts of murder. Widespread investigation of reports from funeral homes, morgues, and hospitals, have concluded that the unburied dead are seeking human victims. Hard for us here to believe what we’re reporting to you, but it does seem to be a fact.

  40. gotmilk?

    24, you’re asking for trouble by the way, but you probably need the attention.

  41. Mr Semprini

    She’s obviously trying to use her mental powers to alter reality… Nope, he’s still butt-ugly and she’s still a talentless hack. Oh well, better luck next time!

  42. no1justminda

    Man, they are wasting away…it’s gross and kinda sad. They need to get their shit together.

  43. alwaysright

    One…how can a 85 pound junky beat the crap out of a male bartender…? this wouldn’t happen in any bars I’ve been to.

    Two…when a lawyer does the same thing, it’s called ‘settling out of court’. Why does it turn into a crime when you cut out the thieving lawyer and do it yourself?

  44. Perez

    haha who writes this shit!? the bit about paul revere and the F16 made me piss my pants

  45. AmeriCanadian

    zOMG teh are teh tot@lly eewwz!!!111

    Also, I agree with the others, how did that fucking Auschwitz victim pound on anyone? My 80 year old gramma could kick his ass. Hell, she was walking with her friend and a dog attacked her friend so my gramma kicked the dog in the balls and the dog ran away. I mean a real canine, not that “golden retriever” in Hawaii. ;)

  46. Robert Doosh

    How is Amy Winehouse not an accomplice to this alleged crime? Where would Fielder-Civil get 200,000 pounds? Certainly not from his personal bank account.

    If he was planning to offer such a sizable chunk of cash for hush money, THAT MONEY WAS AMY’S, and she obviously would have known about his scheme.

  47. Robert Doosh

    >>what the shit is going on with her hands? they look fucking deformed.

    Those are called trackmarks.

  48. Mex E. Melt


    you seem to be forgetting that these are junkies. they don’t think about stuff like balancing checkbooks and such.

    poor girl, she was so much prettier when she did her first album back when she was a size 12 and didn’t let toddlers style her hair and makeup. she’s shot to shit now. i knew she didn’t get thin naturally despite the claims.

  49. Sarah

    I can’t tell if this picture is distorted or if these people are actually this ugly. They look like the aliens from Mars Attacks.

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