Amy Winehouse’s husband arrested for plot to fix trial


Blake Fielder-Civil, husband of singer Amy Winehouse, was arrested on charges of offering a bartender he severely beat £200,000 to withdrawal his police statement. Blake and his accomplice had two associates contact the victim Andrew King and offer him the money along with plane tickets to fly overseas on the day of the trial so the case would collapse. The Mirror reports:

As part of our investigation King, who needed metal plates fitted in his face, was filmed withdrawing his allegations about the assault.
Amy was not filmed at meetings observed by the Mirror and there is no evidence to suggest she was involved in the alleged plot.
But police, who raided her home yesterday in an attempt to gather evidence of the claimed plot, will wish to see whether she can help.
Amy was said to be desperately worried that her husband could receive a lengthy jail sentence if convicted.

This sounds like a bad Guy Ritchie movie. Except it doesn’t star Madonna, so maybe it sounds like a good Guy Ritchie movie. One I’d actually watch without jabbing myself in the eye with a cocktail fork. I hope this one ends with Blake Fielder-Civil getting his skull caved in by Jason Statham’s fist. Then everyone listens to the Beatles, drinks tea and says “Pip, pip, cheerio” just before losing the Revolutionary War to Paul Revere in an F-16. I guess you can say I like my movies historically accurate – but with jets.

Photos: Pacific Coast News