Amy Winehouse topless photos (Not a good idea if you’re eating.)

December 22nd, 2008 // 149 Comments

I don’t know what possessed me to post these pics of Amy Winehouse topless in the Caribbean, but I’m pretty sure I need at least two exorcists and a visit from Mel Gibson. Mostly so he can slap me around and call me “Sugartits” until I agree to never do this again. In the meantime, it appears my testicles have retreated back into my body. Anyone seen my crowbar?

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions. I hope your affairs are in order.


  1. dude

    Isn’t this National Geographic, June 1978?

  2. dude

    Isn’t this National Geographic, June 1978?

  3. F-Obama

    Nice titties, too bad they are on her.

  4. WellNotTheWorseI'veSeen

    Not the worse I’ve seen, expected big freaking rods going through them or to be saggy. They’re actually perky, which is surprising. Now if only she wasn’t such a crazy nasty woman I would be okay at looking at those.

  5. Monkey's Bone

    Ugly little skankyass troll for sure
    Cute titties though

  6. Rachel

    am I crazy or does

  7. ???????

    I’d rather carve tits in a tree and molest that.

  8. surgerylass

    She looks healthy. She looks natural. BTW ~ that is what women look like when they HAVEN’T had plastic surgery for boobs, lips, eyes, nose, … the accepted Hollywood look. Guys forget what real women look like I think. She looks healthy

  9. czervick

    Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  10. I'm going blind

    Some of these pictures look like they were taken off a chart of evolution from a gradeschool.

    “I am not an animal”!

  11. Mama Pinkus

    her boobs are too small to have nipples as big as paper plates

  12. amanda

    ” 40. Jrz – December 22, 2008 3:50 PM
    If the Count from Sesame Street and Joey Ramone ever had a baby…it’d look like her”

    that is disturbingly accurate….. v

  13. kaylee

    SERIOUS COKE BLOAT…at least she looks kinda normal though

  14. Nikky Raney

    Is this legal?

  15. andy t

    hahaha comment #88 so true…

  16. AM

    Aw, cute. Amy rockin’ the JewFro!

  17. santa

    what a lame insult. @7

    Some people are skinny and some people are not.

    Just because a woman has small boobs or a flat ass doesn’t mean she morphs into a man. I mean, you have a giant gut and man tits but they”re called man tits for a reason. You are still a man. You do not suddenly morph into a woman because you are ‘curvy’ and have flaps on your chest.
    Although with comments like that, and your apparent lack of appreciation/knowledge of basic human anatomy, calling you a ‘man’ is a bit of a stretch.

    I’m going to go for ‘boy’ or ‘idiot asshole..being’.
    Merry Christmas, spend your gift vouchers on books please, and not that “how to get chicks” ebook.

  18. Angel

    she looks like a dude with boobs

  19. Angel

    she looks like a dude with boobs

  20. Angel

    she looks like a dude with boobs

  21. Angel

    she looks like a dude with boobs

  22. Angel

    she looks like a dude with boobs

  23. dmr

    Oh my… she looks like Tim Curry when he was playing the transvestite in the movie Rocky Horror Picture show.

  24. dmr

    Oh my… she looks like Tim Curry when he was playing the transvestite in the movie Rocky Horror Picture show.

  25. Well, at least she's eating

    Those are real tits. There’s nothing “supporting” them, and remember, she IS still young. Good body in spite of that screamin’-Rodan face. You go, Amy! (That is, go continue getting cleaned up!).

  26. Yvonne

    I don’t know but. She looks EXACTLY like freaking Dr. Frankenfurther from Rockey Horror picture show if he had tits. Is it just me or what?

  27. cygnet2

    She looks fantastic! I think her short ‘do is way better than those ratty extensions she was wearing. And with the extra weight, she’s starting to look like she did a few years ago. I’m guessing her breasts are real, and perkier because of the extra weight. Any woman who has lost or gained weight, knows that your boobs are affected first!
    So everyone, quit hating—-a few months ago people on here were cheering her on and damn near begging for her to go to rehab…Now that she has, and is becoming a healthier person, why so much criticism. Can’t you all just be happy that she’s alive instead of laying on a cold morgue slab after a drug overdose?

  28. Dr.Phil

    Wow, is that
    1. A thick bush
    2. Frank & Beans in there
    I suspect #1 is more likely (the Legend of Sasnatch) but she could be an intergender hermaphrodite.

  29. Andie

    At least she looks like she gained a little weight. She used to look like a damn crackwhore twig. Now just a crackwhore fatty.

  30. Dan

    Is it just me or does she look like Frankenfurter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

  31. CUTIE


  32. yowillie

    What a freak. Why do you bother with this crackhead?

  33. Primal Urge

    Nice boobs, true enough. She has the gut that a 50 year old barfly with cirrhosis would be proud to have.

  34. Turd Ferguson

    That first line almost made me choke on my sandwich!

  35. andres

    i thought they would be much worse, i hope she gets off the dope and gains some weight. i saw a pic of her a few years back and she was really hot.

  36. Benji Madden

    … used to be a man.

  37. lucy baker

    Amy Winehouse looks tanned, natural and gorgeous. How wonderful that she is recovering. I hope we hear new recordings soon.

  38. be fair

    Good tits and if it wasn’t for all the Ridiculous body paint ( = tattooes ) she really wouldn’t look too bad at all. Great improvement getting rid of that mysterious beehive. Guys like looking @ naked women, whatever, and there’s been a lot of hits here to prove it.

  39. Dozirulf

    Nice boobies.

  40. Sweet Petite with 34c

    Amy looks like she put on weight and looks a lot better. She has nice natural tits that will only get bigger if she gains more weight.

  41. Nancy

    I am glad to know that men do like natural looking breasts. Amy has nice natural ones for sure!

  42. Robert

    HOT!!! Sexy bod. The tats are a distraction.

  43. White Guy

    White men, we can do a lot better

  44. bak


    I swear, when I looked at Amy Winehouse topless, a turd pushed out of my butt all by itself.

  45. ray

    She looks fantastic, truly great. Many of the comments here are disgusting, obnoxious and rude. this society is so women hating and violent its terrible and very sad. Let’s learn to be nice, supportive, positive. What’s wrong with all you people? So shallow its horrifying. GROW UP!!!!! and learn sensitivity!!!!!

  46. Tiktok

    Amy is a beautiful and lovely girl. And though she’s still skinny she looks so much better than most so-called healthy people! She’s been through a lot, hope she’s getting better.

  47. who woulds suck her boobs?:)

  48. João

    i think she looks good, like her boobs =)
    but i hope she gets her old form, with the nice girl body =P
    and hey if she reads this
    she the first drug-addict person that my father support and wish godd luck for her rehab and he’s her fan
    so if she could do this to my father, she can do everything

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