Amy Winehouse can’t be doing what I think she’s doing

January 9th, 2009 // 72 Comments

So, yeah, if that’s not Amy Winehouse peeing while standing up, I don’t know what is. This explains what she was adjusting in those bikini pics from last week. I almost feel bad for her “boyfriend” Joshua Bowman who was looking for some free publicity to boost his acting career. And by almost feel bad I mean I’ve been pointing at my monitor and laughing for the past ten minutes straight.

But, seriously, at the end of the day, is anyone really surprised to find out Amy Winehouse has a penis? With all the drugs she’s done, I’d bet money there’s another one down there. And it’s shaped like a stegosaurus.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Jibbly Biggins

    Ew…..first ?

    I was just thinking about how lovely her body was starting to look….nice and sort unlike the Madonna zombie skeletor…then I saw the stream of pee. Way to ruin things superficial!

  2. Yev

    There’s no pee.
    Look carefully!

  3. It’s definitely the shrub. But I did need a second look.

  4. Heath

    No pee.

  5. le fag

    it’s an optical illusion. it’s just the bushes behind her… pray for amy. and this publicity-seeking man-whore who is obviously blind, deaf and dumb. pray for them both.

  6. ciel

    she’s soooooo UGLY!

  7. ciel

    she’s sooo UGLY!

  8. Minty

    I think she is looking a lot healthier. Good for her! :)

  9. She popped the wrong pills and grew a penis.

  10. ashers thrashers

    lol you’re REACHING. that is a shrub.

  11. Hey boyfriend isn’t clawing his eyes out in horror so you know she didn’t whip it out and start peeing.

  12. Ted from North Folk

    I’ll bet she shits standing up too.

    Praying for mimi.

  13. Hughie

    I have a SWAT sniper rifle, a Remington M24. I can shoot this piece of slunk meat right in her eye from 800 yards. If you are interested in sponsoring me (ammo’s not cheap) please get in touch.

    :as a disclaimer for the secret service and anyone else who wants to throw my ass in jail this is a satirical jibe aimed at denegrating this whowah. In reality I would only wing her!

  14. Ummm...yeah...

    OMG! Fish I hate you! Enough with this fucking train wreck!
    WTF is up with that dudes’ leg? Ewwwww! God! They are gross!!!!!!!

  15. glace neuf

    what nobody realizes is that amy just signed on as lead spokesperson for the p-mate. google it, bitches!

  16. ishi-san

    Why are you surprised?
    In the end she is a trashy BRIT-GIRL! they all pee in the street and walk around barefoot in it afterwards. very normal!

  17. Maggie From Buffalo

    I think she looks pregnant, which would def explain the weight gain! I am just praying that she isn’t, could you just imagine?!?!… that poor poor baby!!!

  18. Jeff


    It is easy to see a protuding stomach on a thin person after they eat or drink.

  19. Michael Zhivago

    Whomever is responsible for this ‘story’ is a complete moron and really, really desperate for attention. Had a little trouble breaking into the glamorous world of legitimate journalism and settled for this, huh?

    And Hughie, we’ll be working hard to track your IP Address/location. Sorry, a threat’s a threat.

  20. Sam

    Kim Kardashian was about to become a lesbian until you all pointed out that Amy probably isn’t really peeing.

  21. kat

    shes a retarded ape that belongs in some sort of zoo.

  22. kat

    shes a retarded ape that belongs in some sort of zoo.

  23. What upper yall? She is a waste of a talent. This girl can sing her azz off, and sounds just like Anastasia. The problem is she’s wasting it all on the fast nasty life. I’ll keep her in my prayers though.

  24. Vince Lombardi

    If she *is* peeing standing up, ‘twould explain a lot of things.

  25. Tits McGee

    maybe she’s using a shenis

  26. veggi

    Dunno, maybe this isn’t the right crowd to figure out if she’s peeing standing up or not. I mean, most of the guys here pee sitting down.

  27. maite

    she looks pregnant…

  28. B

    I thought, if anything, it looks more like she’s puking.

  29. STFUP

    The skank needs to just disappear. Good voice or not, she’s a strung out, disgusting excuse for a human being.

  30. Spectreman

    Wow she actually looks human and female in the top picture. Too bad her head can’t be removed and a law passed to make sure she is only seen from the back.

  31. Ju

    That would be interesting, but it’s just the tree unfortunately…

  32. lola richie

    She could be pregnant, though I have to say my stomach looks like that because I eat a lot.

  33. ok

    what’s on her fingers, feces?

  34. p0nk

    @19, Michael, good luck with that. and say hello to Edna while you’re at it.

  35. feces

    She is fucking disgusting and I guarantee she smells and has a sewer twat. She is vile and aggressive and anyone that thinks she can sing has never heard someone that really can sing. I have personally known a few nobodies in my life that can sing better than her. Really she has no talent but the industry pushes this shit on us like a loose stool and the idiot like half of you here suck it all in.

  36. taxpayer

    Fish: Women CAN pee standing up. It’s not physically impossible. There is the unfortuate problem of not being able to shake it off at the end, so you get that little dribble. But it is gravity, not a penis that allows you to pee standing up.

    GO AMY: You’re brilliant. Keep off the drugs, and make some more of that incredible, unique music, so unlike most of the rest of the crap on the radio I hear,

  37. Lain

    Where the hell is the stream of pee? It’s a branch, people!

  38. Styxchix

    It looks like she’s leaning over either heaving (probably because she’s looked in the mirror) or looking for something she’s dropped (like her career). How long has this woman been on holiday?? Seems like forever to me. Whilst these pics are better than the vacant-eyed, beehived stumbling around London shots we usually see, I think she’s a tatooed waste of space and I’m sick of hearing how wonderfully amazing her singing is.

  39. pup

    Is that her boyfriend or her nurse?

    She is probably not peeing, but grasping that man because she is about to puke.

  40. pup

    Is that her boyfriend or her nurse?

    She is probably not peeing, but grasping that man because she is about to puke.

  41. namegoeshere


  42. kinsey

    that is the stem of the plant…. your comments are getting more and more far fetched

  43. Death

    come to me Amy I am waiting, you hideous whore

  44. crackface

    I love you Sam, hahahaha.

  45. authorego

    Is she paying her water bill or did she have to see a man about a horse?

  46. she’s probably just leaning over to throw up or something, she’d have to take down her pants to pee standing, unless she had a penis, which is unlikely.
    Yknow she’s just regular looking, not that pretty but doesn’t turn my stomach like those surgery pictures you just posted. She’s a singer, she’s not one of those remastered singing models like brit of beyonce who are basically models with synthesized voices. Amy’s got a pretty great voice, and an amusing drug problem. But really would you start posting some hot people again. I mean Damn its gettin fugly around here. Am psyched about the leggy angie photos, but the jump is broke so i can’t look closer. That’s the stuff i come here to see. not that heidi girl – who is that anyway!!! And am certainly not psyched about seeing a cracked out dry heaving singer in a saggy bikini

  47. sapphire eyes

    She doesn’t look pregnant to me, praise God she’s not or the kid would come out with three heads and 18 toes. And fins. Lots of fins.

    I think her ‘bloated stomach’ is probably the result of a symptom of liver disease, called ascites. It comes about because of heavy drinking, a it’s generally not a good sign. It’s a collection of fluid around the liver in the abdominal cavity.

    I have no personal feelings about Amy Winehouse one way or another, except that I really hope she gets the help she needs and gets healthy. Liver failure is an awful way to die.

  48. a buffalo

    her pants are undone in the second pic… and that one branch has a bit of a glimmer on it that the other branches don’t have…

  49. ET phone home

    hahaha what a poorly placed bush

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