Amy Winehouse singing racist song in spectacular Crackovision

June 9th, 2008 // 116 Comments

One of Amy Winehouse’s friends has supposedly handed over a home video and candid pictures of Amy Winehouse to the media. They show just how obsessed Amy is with Blake, and the power he “wields in manipulating the vulnerable young star.” As for the video (after the jump) it features Amy singing a song that’s sort of kind of racially loaded but also targets the handicap. Okay, phew. It’s equal opportunity. Here’s a rundown from News of the World:

Sarah is at first reluctant but soon warms to the action as Amy enthusiastically sings:
“Blacks, Pakis, Gooks and Nips, Gooks and Nips!
“And deaf and dumb and blind and gay!”
She repeats the first line over again and on the word “Nips” Amy pulls her eyes into slits then pushes her boobs up in a gesture to her nipples. The girls’ efforts are greeted warmly by Blake, who pledges: “Well done. I promise I wasn’t recording it.”
As the camera pans back we see a coffee table in front of Amy. On it are SIX cigarette lighters and what appears to be HEROIN on a foil–a typical druggie scene set for “chasing the dragon” by heating the drug from below then inhaling the smoke through a tube.

While these pics and video might show Blake’s “power over Amy”, they could just prove that maybe, oh I dunno, crackheads are retarded and will do anything for more crack. Except your homework. No, really, thanks. Fourth grade was awesome the second time around. Jerks.

NOTE: First pic is NSFW (Wear a blindfold). Second pic is LSFW (Just peek a little through the blindfold. Not too much- aww, I told you. Great. Anyone have a seeing eye dog my friend can borrow? For the rest of his life.)


  1. Danielle

    Let me be the FIRST to say:


  2. Danny-Boy

    I just threw up in my mouth a lot.

  3. Kingofbeer

    This is one time that I am thankful for the censer star!

  4. Wahya

    Danielle is more hilarious than the current superficial writer.

  5. snarky

    Throw up much anyone? I know I did.

  6. Keith Moon's Ghost

    Fuckin’ little shits, you call that destroying a hotel room? Where’s all the smashed furniture and busted TVs? Hold a min…What’s that Bonham? Oh right, yeah, where the hell is the red snapper.

  7. bob

    amy crackhouse is such an ugly bitch

  8. Temptation

    The normal people looking at this are repulsed, but the crack addicts just started jonesing as soon as they saw the crack rocks . . . you know, people like veggi . . .

  9. Danielle

    Why, thank you.

  10. mimi

    Praying for Amy.

  11. My eyes! My eyes!!!

  12. veggi

    hmmm, where the hell IS my crack rock?? Dammit!!

  13. Sad… she has the nipples of a much more attractive woman…

  14. kitty_kat

    Why oh why does anyone still pay attention to her???

  15. Randal


    Your music and physical beauty cannot be surpassed. You have revitalized a style of music that had been too long dormant, and your successes have been as well earned as any illicit substances you purchased on the street corner. Yes, you deserve to spoil yourself, but I beg you to continue applying the ointment for your skin condition: Youe illness is serious and needs to be addressed.

    Put on the lotion, Amy…

    C’mon Amy… The lotion is right there in the basket…



    There, it does what it’s told…

    I’d post me… I’d post me…

    - Randal

  16. thanx thesuperficial

    Amyyy your stupid?

    yeahh true very stupid

  17. butterfly

    I don’t understand how this broad isn’t in jail. I mean, what are the police waiting for? Who cares how “talented” (I use that loosely because I am not a fan of her music or her voice) she is, she needs help. As in jail time & a looooong stint in a rehab sober-living environment. We’re talking at least a year. She’s a complete joke at this point.

  18. yourmom

    man those are some NICE NIPS

    who fuckin cares about anything else

  19. (fap fap fap fap fapfapfapfapFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAP!!!)

  20. Auntie Kryst

    Fake video, we all know Europeans could never be guilty of such racial intolerance..

    @15 HAHA!

  21. Felipe

    Agree with Elliot_Spitz_On_Her and yourmom: Those nipples look yummy, no matter what.

  22. Sam

    You know, in the scale of things, racism is one of Amy’s really minor problems…

  23. veggi

    Sooo, actually, you all agree with the Jimbo troll?? hahahaha!! gross..

  24. asetti

    These should have been tagged with NSFHE (Not Safe For Human Eyes)

  25. MassGrrl

    OK, I didn’t watch the video. But I immediately filled in the melody of her “song”, which is actually pretty funny when you sing it to its intended tune:

    Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Knees and Toes.
    Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Knees and Toes.
    And eyes and ears and mouth and nose.
    Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Knees and Toes.

    And, no, I’m not a racist. I just think it’s funny that she made up a little diddy to that song.

  26. kipsy

    as one who could not care less about animated mannequins like Hayden whatever her name is and who’s kind of in love with Amy, why is my NSFW not NSFW? stupid stars stay there.

  27. havoc

    America’s Funniest Home Junkies……

    So the fuck what?


  28. kipsy

    figured it out. not a disappointment! beautiful.

  29. Kareboo

    the inside of his nose is busted. thats one nasty snaggle tooth too.

  30. Do_FreeBird

    There’s so much in these pictures that says it all about the magnificent Amy.
    Just peruse through the pics and you find.
    1. Scabbies.
    2. A deep puss filled nasty looking gash. No silly, not Amy, I’m talking about the one on her left Thumb.
    3. A corpse striking a sexy pose wearing a $5 frock from Value City.
    4. A close-up of two junkies making out with some crack (or maybe puss) in their noses and crack (or maybe puss again) on their tounges *AS THEY EXCHANGE IT FROM ONE MOUTH TO ANOTHER* (BTW – Two hot chicks doing that with some guys spluge however, is a beautiful thing)
    5. A sweet looking prison issue tat on her left tit that lovingly says “Blake” with what looks like a pair of jockey shorts underneath.
    And the strangest of all
    6. Blake has a great set of teeth. They’re not sticking out at all kinds of grotesque angles like most English mouths. And HE HAS HARDLY ANY CAAVITIES! Shouldn’t his teeth be rotting out of his mouth by now?

    BTW – The drugged out look in pic #3 is how she looks most of the time now. WHich means of course that she’s desperately ill, which also means IT’S TIME TO HAVE THAT BABY!

    Damn she’s hot!!!!

  31. Andy

    I’d fuck her. It’s not like she’s black.

  32. Hey Veggi, Thanks for sticking up for me..

  33. You are such a giver Andy!!

  34. You are such a giver Andy!!

  35. Danielle


    Yeah, and even if she were, you still couldn’t fuck her. You’re dickless.

  36. Do_FreeBird

    I never knew Amy was such a student of fine art.

    I was trying to place the melody of that song, and suddenly realized that it’s an old drinking song.

    here’s a recording of by the one and only Wally Cox (a former roommate of Marlon Brando when both were struggling actors), complete with some kickass yodeling. I just hope this jump works.

    If clicking doesn’t work, just cut and paste.

  37. Andy

    Wish I could say the same about you, Dan(ielle). If you accumulate enough of those gubment checks, maybe you can finally get that procedure.

  38. Danielle

    @37…ummm, say what?? You couldn’t fuck a dead dog if it gave you consent, you spineless fuck.

    And the government check jokes are getting LAME. Come up with a better insult trailerpoo. Kay?

  39. Andy

    Yeah I’ll try to keep as up-to-date as “say what”…

  40. sugarbutt

    Danielle, will you go play with fire please?

  41. Danielle

    @39. Whoops. Was I supposed to speak in your native tongue?? Sorry, but I don’t know assanese.

    And sugarbutt?? Why dontcha remove the sugar and stick your head back where it belongs.

  42. Amy being cracked out is old news. Crackheads do weird shit. But, did you notice Amy’s monster sideburns? Damn! She could give Elvis a run for the money….

  43. newlysingle girl(fuck)

    nice song.

  44. Dumdidum

    Hate to say this, but it’s the best picture of her I’ve seen in a long time.

    Although that’s really not saying much.

    And is that a hair-net in her bee-hive??

  45. Another day on the Fish… no wait, that’s just damnYELL. Close your mouth, it smells like the ocean in here.

  46. Danielle


    Maybe YOU should close your legs. Its starting to smell like…we’ll, you.

  47. Jrz

    OH. MY. GOD.


  48. Jrz

    Seriously…I was just saying to my spiritual advisor the other day….I haven’t had any enormously fat, illiterate welfare mothers who work at the DC DMV try to insult me on line lately….

  49. Danielle


    …you sure about that?? Didn’t your mom just by a Mac?

  50. Danielle


    …you sure about that?? Didn’t your mom just buy a Mac?

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