Amy Winehouse not fit to make music – Ya think?

May 2nd, 2008 // 53 Comments

Apparently Amy Winehouse and her producer Mark Ronson were working on the title track for the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace. For the record, Mark is the mastermind behind Amy’s Grammy-winning album “Back to Black.” Well, as Amy’s looks and ability to not headbutt people faded so did her career. Mark basically pulled the plug on the Bond project and declared Amy unfit to work, according to Sky News:

“We tried to work for a little bit. I’m not sure she’s ready to work on music yet,” he said.
Asked if the Quantum of Solace track will be made he added: “I don’t think so unless by some miracle of science it gets recorded and someone sings a vocal on it so probably not. We did work on it but we never finished it so that’s about it.”
Asked if the pair are due to work on other projects he replied: “No, we tried to work for a little bit. I’m not sure she’s ready to work on music yet”.

Okay, maybe she can’t sing anymore, but I think they should make Amy Winehouse a Bond Girl. Make Daniel Craig really work for that paycheck. I’ve got the perfect name for her character, too: “Crack Addict #3.” Bam! Cinema magic! I should really write movies – that aren’t porn. Though I thought “Balls Canyon: Return of Vagina Slim” was nothing less than a work of art.

Thanks to Kasia who’s Bond Girl name would be “Sexyonia McAwesome.”


  1. Lara


  2. Haha, “by some miracle of science.”

    I like that guy.

  3. Jrz

    She’s like…..a……….Afghan Hound and……….Steven Tyler mated and had a retarded skinny baby.

  4. Missystar

    She looks EXACTLY like Keith Richards. That is horrifying shit right there, kids.

  5. I just found this site. Are there any cute guys here?

  6. lipper

    That’s one sexy bitch!

  7. I just found this site. Are there any cute guys here?

  8. I just found this site. Are there any cute guys here?

  9. lipper

    kgirl go spam somewhere else, fuckin loser.

  10. jrz

    Anyone stupid enough to ask a question like that is stupid enough to believe it when someone responds, YEAH! I’M ADDONIS!

  11. Spazz

    Wow, attractive.

  12. shut up jrz and see what a real woman looks like

  13. fygu

    She can eat McDonald’s and still have that gorgeous body?! I’m jealous.

  14. Jrz

    Bite me.

  15. Fumus

    Hangovers are bad, why did I drink so much Soco last night. Kim Kardashian is fat. Wait what were we talking about? Yea she’s large, ya know portly. Sorry I know, back to Winehouse. I love her she’s the bomb….bombs are round…kinda like oh yea, Kim Kardashian…damn what a tangled web we weave, that’s like 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon or sumtin…MMmhhh I need more of this Diet Pepsi Jazz Black Cherry + French Vanilla soda…it “indulges my senses”

  16. woodhorse

    I have seen cows chewing cud that had more interesting expression than she does. And they were outstanding in their field too.

  17. restingonlaurels

    @ 13, i can’t remember the last time i had mcdonalds, yet just looking at her eating those fries… god i hate discipline.

  18. nuber 5 I rub one out on you.

  19. I was such a big fan of hers – I love her voice, her music, her lyrics, her style.

    But ever since she married that asshole and became a crack head. things just gone down hill for this girl. It woulda been great to hear her song for this movie.

    what a shame, such talent.

    Damn you drugs, you took another!

  20. Poozy

    Hey Fish, is Amy going to make it to the So Freaking Hot section?

  21. Honest Injun (with bloody tomahawk and forked tongue)

    I have listened to this ugly whore’s music on three seperate occasions. I thought she sucks, she sucks, and she sucks. What is the talent here? Someone told me once that she writes her own lyrics. Wow. Amazing. Damn inspirtational. I work 40 hours a fucking week on my own stuff. I guarantee you I could compose better prose than her filth in one week. And sing better too. Her voice is awful. I hate her style.

    Who is this dying crack-head and who is backing her and why?

    PLEASE answer this and educate me. Am I missing something here?

  22. Harry Ballzack


    My gawd this fuckin ugly skank makes me laugh every time I see a picture of her !!!
    She best be careful ….. all this crack-whore has goin for her is her voice and Mark Ronsons gigs.
    Soon as she smokes up all her money, (or dies trying) …… she’s doomed. Sounds like he’s preparing to cut his losses.

  23. Harry Ballzack


    Gawd this crack-whore makes me laugh every time I see a new picture of her !!!!

    @16 – She DOES have class …… it’s all low, but she has class

  24. minniememe

    “meesa like american chips!”

  25. minniememe

    “meesa like american chips!”

  26. Irregardless, I’d KILL to get a good deep whiff of her pussy. Don’t you think it’d smell amazing? I’m at half-chub just thinking about it.

  27. joho777

    “They should make her (Amy) one of the Bond Girls. Make Craig really work for that paycheck.” I’d go see THAT movie.

    Just when you think that Amy can’t get much worse, then you find that, apparently, there’s no bottom to this barrel!

  28. El-COyote

    21 – I agree with you 1000 PERCENT….

    Every song of hers I have heard sounds like it was directly ripped off of some crap 1960′s riff… “Try to make me go to rehab… I say no no no?” WTF? No real melody. Her voice is TRASH. Let’s throw some “clap clap” sounds on this track. That will be rocking… And people talk about how they like this shit? I mean seriously… Sheis BEYOND OVER RATED.

    The sooner this whore dies the sooner we can all move on to real music….

    That’s right… You know what I am talking about…

    Osmond Family 30th Anniversary Reunion Tour…..


  29. You guys that cant stand her music dont know what music is. Obviously the only song you refer to is rehab and rehab isn’t the best song on her tracks. Maybe you should listen to her music instead of that one song then comment. I love the whole 60′s vibe with an attitude, fuck off. better then most of the shit on the radio – lllllllick it like a lolipop. wtf is that shit?

  30. Partridge Family Incest

    Coyote, Keith would so fuck up Donny, dude. And Laura (the lovely Susan Dey) was waaaaaaaaaay hotter than Marie.

  31. Prairie Dog

    #29, First off, you need to change to a slightly larger butt plug man. The leakage thing and all. Secondly, I would consider the rhythmic sounds off the slurping noises of you jack off your anus closer to melody than her festering yapper yelping.
    Third, have a nice weekend and go get a nice Bach CD.

  32. 31. Prairie Dog

    Most of the shit you said made no sense, was that an insult? lmao. getting your panties in a twist just bc someone knows she is a good artist? Please your probably the type that think ryhanna is a great artist. shut up and go listen to an artist more your taste, maybe avril or some other idiot thniking they acn pass as an artist.

    Have a wonderful weekend too Prairie bitch

  33. Jacks -n- Prairie in Love

    You are very sweet. I would imagine a trailer-born gent as yourself whistles and farts while skipping way up the lonely hills to home – where your loving sister awaits!
    I am a Debbie Boone girl all the way. She is the voice of Goddess and stuff. Yeah.

    I hope you have a tremendous weekend, anal baby.

  34. meanmofo

    She is a true class act!

  35. Chef

    We guna find out some day that she is realy a he. I keep saying dats why she so ugly!

  36. AdamYYZ

    I wonder how often she is mistaken for a Chupacabra .

  37. amy

    Poor Amy. Acturally she is a talented girl. . Her blog and photos were found at milllionaire dating site —”W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m”—- last week. It seems she is divorcing now.

  38. Fred


  39. Aristotrash

    You know what is truly amazing about all of this? The fact that she still has the presence of mind to select a new head scarf every single goddamned day. I guess she has to restrain her hornet’s nest somehow.

  40. Her Voice is like whisper of Death

    Retro cuz she is nothing new and very depressing. Her voice is painful and has no zest. Agonizing to hear. Sad and disgusting of topic.
    Very silly people those who are actually entertained by this. Do they find her elegant in a back alley trash fashion?
    She is ugly and drug addict boney. Rude and egotistical – “I am a legend”!

  41. will

    I bet maggots live in her pussy gunk.

  42. Mohammed

    She is possibly the most sexy woman alive today. She is also a better singer than Celine Dion or Pavarotti.

    I would do her in the poop chute until she fell apart, then I would do her in her scabby wounds.

    Amy = teh Hotness!!!

  43. poot

    i am a fucking paragon of good taste and amy winehouse sucks my asshole. or would if i told her there was crack in it. and she’s probably got that dazed, mindless look on her face cause she probably hasn’t tasted food since she started her last crack bender.

  44. Veronica

    Maybe it’s me, but aside from the unfortunate capture of her eating a fry mid bite, she doesn’t look -that- bad. Her hair looks clean, skin clear and smooth and her clothes look nice and fresh.

    *shrugs* She actually looks pretty decent. :)

  45. Crux the Magic Dragon

    The drug fairies within Winehouse’s brain just became her Life Coaches.

  46. Mousey Tongue

    I’ve got it – put Amy, Britney and Miley together in a porno flick…you could even put Kim Lardassian in to do a fat-ass cameo, on plastic with Mazola…and Smiley could do like the Blue Lagoon and fuck some pre-teen dude senseless, underwater and then swear like shit she dunno where the fuck that baby came from…Britney could be the mother of all whores (reality show)… and teach Smiley how to fuck so nobody can handle her truth either and Amy, oh…my…f*ckin’…God…Amy, well she could be (is) a crack whore on meth with heroin tracks up the wazoo (a reality show) with all the royal horse-faced cunti-ness in the whole of all Head-Butting Land (despite the whirly dum-dum)…(her husband, you useless fucking @#$%^!!!!)…(and that, that, THING…on her head)…(Amy’s soap is lonely…let’s all pray it gets wet….shit, really bad visual….86 idea of being Amy’s soap, forever!!)

  47. sam

    OMFG she’s absolutely FUGLY! I’ve eaten well, my stomach was feeling good until I saw this creepy creature. Really I need to throw up

  48. jack

    Ugly woman! I saw her profile on B L A C K W H I T E K I S S .C O M last week. , where you i met many handsome black and white men ..

  49. The Pinky toe

    You bunch of fat asses.
    Amy Winehouse is an artist, she’s f… talented, whether you like or not!
    yea, maybe she’s not your typical blonde bitch with big boobs and no brain.
    and yea she does drugs, and you know why? because the world’s a shitty place, where hundred thousands of fat asses like you live.

    I’ll leave you to your junkfood and E! channel you american losers

  50. gigi

    damn, I just got a hankering for some fries earlier…….. I don’t anymore……… :\

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