Amy Poehler is pregnant: OMG, just like the movie!

April 28th, 2008 // 51 Comments

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are having a baby. The irony? Amy is currently seen with Tina Fey in Baby Mama which debuted at #1 this weekend. Somewhere Christian Bale is saying, “No fair. I don’t get to be Batman.” But he’s lucky, because I’d kill him then steal his bat-suit. True story. Anyhow, People has the details on Amy’s uterus:

The Saturday Night Live regular, 36, and her husband, Will Arnett, are to become first-time parents, their rep Lewis Kay confirms to PEOPLE.
The baby is due in late fall.
The couple have been married since 2003.

First off, as a huge fan of both Upright Citizens Brigade and Arrested Development, heartfelt congrats to Amy and Will. That said, I fear for their child. I know some of you might be thinking, “Oh, they’re both so funny. Their kid will be hilarious!” But guess again. If Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are any indicator, celebrity children are usually the exact opposites of their parents meaning Will and Amy’s kid will be one unfunny little tyke. Or, in layman’s terms, Amy will give birth to Jimmy Fallon.

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  1. Deva

    Really glad I woke up for this one….


  2. Cool another women with big boobs. Even if it is only for a little while..

  3. bakinmycake

    went a little heavy on the tanner didn’t ya?

  4. UCB was the Best show on TV. I sure am sick of all these Star Wars.

  5. Krystal

    Ummm, are you going to mention anything about Will’s ridiculous tan??!?


    You wanna bet they laugh a lot in bed?

  7. Jrz

    Is that orange guy the father? He should slow down on the carrots.

  8. Auntie Kryst

    @6 Good observation. I always wondered how two comedians conceive.. You’d think one partner would start laughing hysterically when the other starts talking sexy and vice versa. The session ends sans coitus with both parties throwing lamps at each other.

    PS, Will what the hell? Just come from the George Hamilton Tanning Invitational??

  9. NO because YOU'RE UGLY

    #3. LOL, what is up with that, someone went to Lindsay’s oompa tanning spa. I dislike most people, but I LOVE these two. She’s actually purdy when she’s not playing a retarded 12 year old.

    Meh can’t say anything else bad. Just like with her costar Tina Fey she called Paris Hilton a “piece of shit “and she’s quite funny and for that I will love her forever.

    See if all you dinks want to know why so many people insulted Denise Richards it’s because no matter how hot you are if you are full of yourself and have nothing else to offer people will attack your every flaw an rip you to shreds, especially if you did a bitchy backstabbing slut-whore kind of thing to a good friend.

    The lesson is as much as we bitch about people’s looks and are more superficial and vain here than Manriah Scarey herself if you can, always pick humor and character over looks and vanity, in terms of who you spend your time with and what you “work on” with regards to yourself. Because in the end the tits drop and the dick shrinks and everybody looks like a crumpled piece of moist crepe paper, but with humor and character you’ll be happy even when you’re getting your adult diaper changed and being force fed five day old Jell-O.

    Call me sentimental but these mediocre looking comedy pro’s may grow old together even though Hollywood is a love, happiness and health annihilator.
    I bet the fuck like bunnies too.

  10. Vince Lombardi

    Less boring less good looking actor with better comedic skills. *YAWN*

  11. pinky_nip

    Did that dude just pass out in a bag of cheetos?

  12. Randal

    Congratulations to the both of you!

    I have always been a fan of SNL and of Amy during her skits which has made many late night watcher laugh in hysterics. Her bubbly personality will reflect greatly on her child.

    Well done, both of you!


  13. I’d like someone to explain to me how this WON’T be the worst movie of all time.

  14. m

    anyone who saw Blades of Glory dvd’s special features, or whatever, probably saw how these two said that if they had a child it would probably be an unfunny actor, like a Sean Penn kid, to quote them :P

  15. nutsonyochin

    Considering WIll Arnett is Hilarious and Amy Pohler is dangerously unfunny im gonna say there kids gonna have an identity crisis maybe the next michael jackson…

  16. Hecubus

    I feel so sorry for that kid, it won’t be easy growing up half lobster.

  17. Alice

    Was it in vitro? I mean, how on earth did he maintain an erection?

  18. Ted

    They’re quite odd looking, but irregardless, I wish them well.

  19. nipolian

    There for a sec, I thought it was Rocky Dennis standing next to her.

  20. Zni

    I hope the poor kid doesn’t get both her hair and her sense of humor.

  21. BunnyButt

    6, I doubt it. I dated a stand up comedian for awhile and, consequently, hung out with a lot of comedians – none of whom had any sense of humor whatsoever off stage. In real life, they were all about self-doubt and neediness. VERY difficult to have fun in bed with someone who is asking every 10 seconds if he’s good. Oh, and Jim, if you’re reading this, I lied. You weren’t.

  22. #21 is that what happened to screech??

  23. BunnyButt

    22, sadly, Screech probably would’ve been a step up from this guy.

  24. bigjerm

    i think she might actually be giving birth to a filthy astronaut magician. they’ve made a huge mistake.

  25. key

    “Amy will give birth to Jimmy Fallon.”


  26. Good work on the Jimmy Fallon sucks joke!!

    I hate that doosh bag..have I mentioned that?
    He is a fuckin frat boy bitch

  27. Erica

    Baby Mama is sooo funny. I saw it on Saturday with my some friends. Congrats to her.

  28. woodhorse

    Will Arnett, the greatest magician in the world. His wife I don’t know very much. Super congrats to them.

  29. LL

    Aw, she’s so pretty.
    And he, well. He’s….unnatural! But congrats, regardless. I’m sure the kid’s not going to lack any laughs.

  30. Alicia

    They are an adorable couple but one does have to wonder what they are like in private. Are they “normal” comedians like Tina Fey? Or the crazy, wacked out, needy, attention starved types like Jim Carey or Dane Cook? Those two and many others are borderline sociopaths.

    They seem normal to me though :). I hope Will Arnett is just trying to be funny with his Day-Glo look. :)

  31. Al

    WHATTTTTTT. Stop talking shit about Will Arnett. He’s amazing, and wicked hot.

  32. Alicia

    Who’s talking shit about Will Arnett? I mean, other than the fact that he lost his epic battle with spray tanner.

  33. Tom


  34. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    Who the hell is Will Arnett? And why does he look like someone shoved his head up Chester the Cheetah’s ass? That goofy “duh, I got some” smile of his makes me want to introduce him to a pipe wrench.

  35. Katy

    I just got an Arrested Development boner… I hope the child is named Steve Holt

  36. lambman

    Congrads to them, its nice to see a smart, funny, likable couple reproducing, hopefully we can start to even things out.

  37. mrs.t

    Dear Randal,

    I don’t think Will and Amy will read through this thread and get your personal note. Better send it to their yahoo account-you have the address, right?



  38. emily

    Lay off of Gob. It ain’t easy bein’ brown.

  39. lisabeller

    Whatever they say, the trueth is they got to know each other via a milioniare club ” M I L L I O N A I R E L O V E R.C O M ” where the millionaire & celebrity have romance! It’s always a place to make fairy marriage!

  40. Dorito Man

    What; does she have his nuts in her fist in picture # 1?

  41. Hmmmmm

    You would think she would be embarrassed to be so much paler than him….. he should have given her half of the spray on tan he is wearing and then they would both look better…………. maybe

  42. Well Ok. Amy lost me forever with her repeated pro-Clinton drivel.
    (Remember to duck the sniper fire Amy)
    Her husband, although he does seem to be fully introduced to the tanning booth, I can’t quite place.
    Cliff Notes : He’s Canadian.
    Binky : +Well that explains it + So am I….
    I guess that’s why I still can’t place him.

  43. edgar suit

    …..and I am sure they will have equally half-talent,derivitive babies….sorry kids

  44. Oh and Amy maybe quietly mention to Lorne Michaels –
    9/11 was an Inside job.
    Maybe the ‘Lornster’ and his zany crew could work in a few ‘zingers’ related to that.
    Chevy Chase falling down was always ‘really big’ on the show previously.
    Like, maybe, you could have the Statue of Liberty falling down painfully after googling “Sibel Edmonds” or “Urban Moving Systems”.
    That would be pretty zany.
    Or slitting her wrists and cutting herself with her torch.
    Cliff Notes : I think that would be the ‘Weekend Update’ Bink.
    Binky: Oh.

  45. Will is orange as a Sunkist but she is so damn cute.

  46. BostonTroy

    Amy’s preggers & Will is just glowing!!

  47. Iqbal

    Who the fuck are those two assholes? And don’t try to tell me they are celebrities.

  48. Chazz Michael Michaels

    Their sister Katie Van Waldenberg is much hotter. I’m a sex addict. It’s my cross to bear. It’s a real disease with doctors and medicine and everything!

  49. Steph

    Jesus Christ, he’s orange because he just finished a film in Rome where he plays this ultra-tan, rich asshole. It’s not a personal decision, it was for the movie. It takes two seconds to google this shit up, people.

    I love them both. Amy as a female comedian standing strong at barely 5’2″ has co-started her own improv theater in two locations, has become ridiculously successful, and has one of the funniest men alive as her hubby. Gob? Come on! I would bang him like a screen door in a hurricane. Man is hot and his voice is husky as hell. So, so much love for these two. And they’re super sweet and homey if you meet them.

  50. angie

    There’s a new daddy in town…
    A discipline daddy.

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