Amy Winehouse Almost Looked Classy and Respectable

August 5th, 2010 // 53 Comments

Here’s Amy Winehouse out in London last night where she surprisingly looked like someone who didn’t rape the inside of a dumpster. Sure, she flashed her panties and half her stitched-on nipple was popping out, but that’s not even the story here. Look how clean she almost looks! I mean, Jesus, how does that even happen?! Did we just flash sideways like on Lost? Were none of us ever really on that plane? I need to lay down for a minute. *breathes into paper bag*

NOTE: Click Here for NSFW versions.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Amy Winehouse
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  2. I still like the fake tits on this train wreak

  3. Ness


  4. Amy Winehouse
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  5. Elle

    More like almost looked half presentable, but I wouldn’t use the words “classy” and “respectable” in the same sentence as Amy Winehouse.

  6. Amy Winehouse
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    of course they’re fake aren’t you following amy winehouse news

  7. Amy Winehouse
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    Looks pretty healthy to me. Much better than a couple of years ago!

  8. Amy Winehouse
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    How is she always showing a nip?

  9. Jack Mykokov

    Being classy and respectable doesn’t mean you still can’t flash your snatch and tits though.

  10. Amy Winehouse
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    She needs to shave those hairy man arms of hers. WTF

  11. Amy Winehouse
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    I’d lay a really steamy stinker on this filthy little freak’s chest.

  12. crack in can baby

    awww…. my favorite crackhead

  13. Amy Winehouse
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    I wouldn’t even shake hands with that. God only knows the primordial oozy diseases you might catch.

  14. Amy

    Almost? How about, not even close.

  15. AHole

    Ugliest nastiest fuck alive how is famous. She needs to keep her eyes closed.

  16. She hasn’t OD’d yet?? Hadn’t seen or heard anything on her for quite a while. I was sure I’d be getting a hit on my dead pool list. Dammit!

  17. Pride of fucking Britain has her nose sucked by Queen of America

  18. Deacon Jones

    Didnt she start getting fucked up again?

  19. Amy Winehouse
    Commented on this photo:

    Are you kidding me? Someone needs a dictionary.

  20. well she doesnt look emaciated. and nice dress, which she seems filled out pretty well. good for her.

  21. stinky mcpoop

    Some take issue with ‘classy and respectable’. How about ‘flashy and bespectacled’? Can we photoshop a Planter’s Peanuts monocle on her?

  22. WhitePussyLover

    I’d bust a load in her

  23. Amy Winehouse
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    I want to lick her feet

  24. bocon

    she look much better , thanks to that guy her clean cut director new boyfriend
    good for you amy

  25. Irene Barcelo

    Isn’t her five minutes over?

  26. Cock Dr

    Come on and release a new album. Hasn’t Amy Winehouse had enough heartache & craziness these last couple years to inspire a thousand new songs?
    And get that damned “Blake” tattoo lasered off.

    • JD

      She hasn’t put out anything in a few years now, if she doesn’t hurry up she’s going to fall into the Lohan zone of people wondering what exactly she’s famous for.

  27. Amy Winehouse
    Cock Dr
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    This is a girl for Mel Gibson.

  28. Amy Winehouse
    The Only Hetero in the Joint
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    Is that anything like….Lindsay almost sober?

  29. emschelle

    This series of photos makes it look like it is way too hard to get out of a car. Also boobies.

  30. captain america

    pssssst: JESUS WORE SANDALS!!

  31. Lightdragon

    never thought I would say this seriously. But i would love to fuck this girl in every hole.

  32. mike

    She is fucking gross.

  33. Amy Winehouse
    Roger Me More
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    She’s a witch!

  34. Amy Winehouse
    Roger Me More
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    Is there a statistical link between having a huge clitoris and being batshit insane? If so, I bet she has an enormous clitoris.

  35. Funny

    Sick! How does an ugly bitch like this become famous anyway?

  36. Angry Dude

    mmmm……plastic and silicone and lots of botox
    i’ll keep banging her…..

  37. Amy Winehouse
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    She’d be ok until I got tired of giving her pearl necklaces.

  38. Amy Winehouse
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    She’d be ok until I got tired of giving her pearl necklaces.

  39. Amy Winehouse
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    She’s scary.

  40. Amy Winehouse
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    She’d be ok until I got tired of giving her pearl necklaces.

  41. Amy Winehouse
    Beatles Fan
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    She’s looking better. Keep it up.

  42. Amy Winehouse
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    LoL poor old thing she’s always a mess in public why does she always get like that around the paparazzi? Damn flash :/

  43. Amy Winehouse
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    I want bury my face in amy’s wet white panties. omg yeah

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