Amanda Seyfried Called Us All Homos

September 14th, 2011 // 67 Comments

Seen here in the latest issue of W Magazine to promote In Time, Amanda Seyfried can’t believe she made out with Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body, and none of us Nancy boys showed up for it. (In my defense, I was hemming a skirt.):

Jennifer’s Body is my favorite movie that I’ve done. It was overlooked in theaters, but it does have a DVD following. I can’t believe nobody wanted to see Megan Fox and me hitting it. They had an extreme close-up of our tongues, and I’m telling you, the thing about the scene is that it’s actually really sexy. For a young girl to say that about her own sex scene—it must be because it’s special. I think Megan and I kissed really well together. We have similar kissing styles and it worked. We got it done for the masses, and the masses still didn’t show up.

In all honesty, this is the literally the best marketing I’ve ever seen for any movie in the history of movie marketing. I finished that paragraph and genuinely felt like less of a man, and will continue to do so until I force myself to watch Jennifer’s Body with all its promises of lesbian hitting. On the flip side of that coin, I defy anyone with a penis to name the title of the movie Amanda was supposed to be promoting without scrolling up. I’m going with Big-Eyed Jane: A Tale of Referees Reading Newspapers. (I cheated and looked at the photo.)

Photos: W Magazine


  1. i’m no homo i saw it the nite it opened :D and yeah that kissing scene was blistering hot

  2. karen

    The problem is that while they were kissing one of her gigantic fish eyes was looking out at the audience.

    • Diana

      LOL big eyes are beautiful. You people will make fun of ANYTHING.

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  3. Venom

    Well she convinced me.
    I would have seen it but I don’t remember it in any of the theaters near me and I did not know it was out on DVD either.

    • TomFrank

      It came out two years ago but you didn’t know it was out on DVD?

      • eatme

        Jennifer’s Body was a pretty decent movie, really. I mean, considering that Insidious was one of the top grossing movies, of late, ditto with Paranormal Activity, I can’t see why Jennifer’s Body didn’t do way better. Def. a rental (ie. illegal download) but I rike and megan fox is damn fine in it even though you have to put up with the fug up top.

      • Venom

        I literally have never seen it on DVD available anywhere.

      • eatme

        …ps, Diablo Cody who wrote Jennifer’s Body also wrote Juno and is co-writer for the new Evil Dead remake

  4. Is she full yet?

    How much of ones self does it take to be actually “full”?

    Someone tie some rope around her ankle before her swollen head floats her away.

    Or better yet, let her keep talking and settle the issue of global warming.

    On third thought, let’s tape her mouth shut and let her go.

  5. Maybe we weren’t impressed by a shot of two chicks kissing because it’s not 1980, we’re not 14 years old, and we have hardcore donkey porn available on our cell phones.

    PG rated “sex scenes” in movies aren’t going to impress anyone these days.

    • clark kent

      ^This. What a skank.

    • Crabby Old Guy

      McFeely – as always, you are 100% spot on. Thank you.

      • Jaslvgas

        the movie bombed because these days if your getting paid that much money to do a movie .you HAVE TO GET NAKED AND SHOW TITS AND BUSH AND ASS…NO STAND IN’S …..Hint Hint MILA KUNIS……..start to be actor will you and get naked already… way am I gonna pay 15 dollars to see 2 girls kiss please

    • Cock Dr

      Thank you.
      The masses want full frontal nudity. Yes a couple cute girls smooching it up is nice, but it’s not gonna put butts in the theater seats when tickets are $10.50 each.

    • kimmykimkim

      No shit, if I want to see something hot, give me XXX. I don’t want to see donkey porn, but I don’t mind some DV/DA or DP scenes. I mean I DO have standards.

    • Thanks for the reminder to upgrade my cell phone, McFeely. The donkeys look all blurry and shit on this small screen.

    • TomFrank

      Also, we’re supposed to sit through 100 minutes of crap—it’s a 5.2 on IMDB, soI think I can safely call it crap sight unseen—for what, 30 seconds of a girl-on-girl kiss? There are plenty of other bad movies I can sit through where at least I know I can expect to see a breast or two.

  6. diddleysquat

    Jennifer’s Body is a good flick, in a cultish sort of way. I think it suffered at the box office because chicks couldn’t get over their jealousy of how hot Amanda & Megan are.

    • madhawk

      Hardly… no one saw that movie because it was a piss poor movie. Besides, Amanda Seyfried’s hotness can be viewed in her dozens of other films. If smoldering lesbian sex is your thing, try Chloe… she plays a hooker who stalks and seduces Julianne Moore… full nudity… so much hotter than a lame kiss with Megan’s plastic mug.

      • Dan

        +1 Chloe was awesome.

      • The Listener

        Madhawk, I couldn’t have said it better myself. If a movie’s plotline sucks, it doesn’t matter how hot the chicks are, few people are going to spend money at a movie theater to see it.

    • Then why didn’t guys see the movie either? Could it be it just sucked? Black Swan had a lesbian scene between two beautiful women and “chicks” saw that one, so your jealousy argument has no merit.

      • kimmykimkim

        Exactly, bianca. That movie looked totally lame. Black Swan was billed as a really good movie with a good storyline and suspense. But Jennifer’s Body, well, that’s a song by Hole.”found pieces of Jennifer’s body.”

    • I agree with Cock Dr. I saw the movie and it was “OK,” but it really needed some skin. Lots of skin. Maybe that would have made it socially relevant and really worth taking note of. Both girls were adequate in their roles, considering it wasn’t going to be an Oscar candidate right from the word “go.” But it was really nothing more than “visual Valium,”


    No tits. I GOTF.

  8. JuggNuttz

    ive seen the movie, and that scene was pretty hot, and i did enjoy it….. its the rest of it that sucked. really its like finding that nickle you swallowed as a kid…. gotta wade thru alot of shit for that small prize.

  9. What a hypocrite. She didn’t respond either to the hot video I e-mailed her of me making out with a pillow that I’d taped a cut-out picture of her to.

  10. PtC

    I wanted to like Jennifer’s Body, but a 2 second lesbian kissing scene does not a good movie make.

    I thought her lesbianism with Julianne Moore in Chloe was way hotter.

    • yeah it was sexy but julianne’s not as young and hot as megan was in JB

      • true. but in certain lighting it was way hotter than the one with Megan Fox. also she was more glamoured up in the entire movie.

        In Jennifer’s body , it showed you her from geeky nerd to cute girl. the main hot scenes in Jennifer’s body was her on the bed before the fight scenes. also the DVD had better scenes in the unrated.

        If you are gonna see a soft core movie. you want an unrated version or one with extra scenes added to it. so this was not surprising it would bomb at the theatres.

    • The Listener

      You’re right; I rented Chloe. The lesbian makeout and sex scenes with Julianne Moore were really hot.

  11. Dave

    I saw it in the theaters and it wasn’t half bad. Who doesn’t like teenage, demon-lesbians?

  12. herbiefrog

    what ?

  13. Amanda Seyfried Justin Timberlake Megan Fox Jennifers Body W Magazine
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    The Timberlake’s success with women baffles me.

    • Deryn

      I can’t explain it if it’s just his average looks you’re asking about. But his (relative) un-douchiness about his fame, his sense of humor, and the way he dances are what makes me swoon.

  14. OK

    Does she realize you can download these scenes for nothing instead of paying $15 to go see a flaming turd of a movie at the theatre?

  15. dontkillthemessenger

    I don’t give a fuck what anyone says… the scene Googley Eyes was referring to is EXTREMELY hot.

    Her lesbian scenes in Chloe were a bit of a disappointment, even though Julianne Moore was topless.

  16. NTT

    I don’t find her hot at all. I find her annoying tho.

  17. Gen

    Well, maybe the reason why the masses didn’t show up is that they would rather watch a good old porn movie where there is a little bit more than Megan and Amanda HITTING IT with an actual better plot than Jennifer’s body!

    • Seriously. Nothing builds suspense like a guy delivering pizzas.

      “Hello, ladies. Extra sausage with that?”

      And I find myself sitting there on the edge of my seat. Do they? Don’t they? Why is he unzipping his pants? Why does the telephone repairman suddenly and mysteriously show up?

  18. AdamG

    I find Amanda Seyfried more weird looking than attractive.

  19. Gary B

    We guys are not all a bunch of homos Jennifer’s Body was just so bad of a film that even girl on girl action could not save it.

  20. Amanda Seyfried Justin Timberlake Megan Fox Jennifers Body W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    Is it me or does she look a little bit like Mila Kunis just with blonde hair?

  21. a reagan

    well, sorry to conclude but it’s the truth in california.

  22. CranAppleSnapple

    The kissing scene was actually gross. And it completely ruined the tension of the moment, because it couldn’t possibly happen at that particular point of the film. It should have been earlier, before the mega violence. I just instantly thought “A stupid boy wrote this.”

  23. yo

    you all remember megan fox’s anti promo campaign…where she told the world that no one gets naked even though the trailer makes it look that way….like right before jennifer’s body came out in theaters.
    They should not have let megan out, amanda knows how it’s done.

  24. NeNe

    She better

  25. NeNe

    She better STFU, or else, her career will end up just like Megan Fox’s.

  26. Carles

    Maybe it’s because Megan Fox is a hateful person and terrible actress.

  27. NeNe

    @ Charles:

    I second that!!!!



  29. paige

    Viewed a certain way, Jennifer’s Body was awesome. Not a cinema masterpiece, but hilarious if you don’t take it seriously (and really, who would?). I watch it whenever its on because Megan Fox is hot (this coming from a straight female) and the entire premise/execution was reminiscent of classic Sam Raimi. It isn’t scary but it made me laugh.

  30. Amanda Seyfried Justin Timberlake Megan Fox Jennifers Body W Magazine
    Doc Schweinstrudel
    Commented on this photo:

    God I love this picture!!!!
    I want to take such pic with my bf wow

  31. michiez

    it was pretty hot

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