Amanda Bynes Attacks Paparazzi For Not Making Her Look Beautiful, Amazing People Do That

“This Passionberry Tea says it’s time get locoooo…”

If you haven’t heard by now, Amanda Bynes’ agent, publicist and lawyer all quit on her which I’m sure has absolutely nothing to do with her calling up People and saying she’s doing “amazing” despite mountains of photographic proof that she’s hemp-death on wheels, and then attacking the paparazzi right after that for not making her look “beautiful.” Oh, yeah, that happened. ET Online reports:

The struggle caught on tape began with Bynes walking down Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, shielding her face when she realized she was being photographed. Apparently the star didn’t like the way she looked, and tried to reason with the paparazzo and flatter him into deleting the pics, agreeing to pose for a new set. What happens next turns ugly, as it appears there’s a struggle over control of the camera.
The melee ends with the pap yelling that the star hurt him, with Bynes calmly saying, “I didn’t touch you.”

Because it’s an ET Online exclusive, I can’t embed the video, but it’s definitely worth a watch just to see Amanda Bynes say “I need to look beautiful!” Also, it’s pretty surprising she never once tries to talk the camera itself into deleting the pics. You’d just assume that’d be her first move. “Click click me Amanda, click click click me friend. Click click click delete delete? Click click, asshole! Wait, did you just record that? I NEED TO LOOK SANE!” *bites off paparazzi’s ear*


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