Amanda Bynes Un-Quit

July 26th, 2010 // 39 Comments

So remember when Amanda Bynes announced she retired from acting? — HA! I’m kidding. Of course, you don’t. Well, apparently she’s “unretired” now, according to her Twitter which marks the very first time a woman said something only to completely change her mind after the fact because she’s crazy and doesn’t know what she wants. I should alert the Associated Press. They’ll probably want to document this.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. peepee


  2. Someone

    Ha so true fish, so true (about women changing their mind)

  3. havoc

    Hmmm……a woman who doesn’t know what she wants. Strange……


  4. Viv

    Yeah, and we can get men to bend backwards just to please our crazy whim,even stranger

    • Anon

      On TV yes.
      Real life… not so much. Not strange at all.

    • havoc

      And I can take my money clip out and get you to bend over forward…..not so strange.

    • Anonymous

      Sure for a little while…then the man comes to his senses when he knows he’s got you and stops doing the crap he used to when you first dated.

      Seriously, no guy in his right mind wants to go see the Twilight with you, shop, or hang out with your girlfriends unless he wants to get laid.

    • Milo

      I don’t think men are bending backwards to please YOUR crazy whims…we’re bending backwards because the end goal is that we’re pleasing our own crazy whims…and those crazy whims are called male orgasms

  5. GG

    Oh my GOD. Are you kidding me? Well no one is going to ever believe anything she says ever again now. good job A.

  6. Does anyone really give a shit? Maybe I would care if she had a nice rack or something. next please….

  7. sean

    In her new movie, Amanda’s character is an uptight, judgmental, self-righteous, closed-minded religious believer. It gives real Christianity a bad name. Count on secular Hollywood to depict Christians unfairly and in a derogatory manner.

    • useless eater

      yeah they hate christians of course. they hire their own kind and this whore is one of them. we need a new flag and it’s blue and white.

    • “Amanda’s character is an uptight, judgmental, self-righteous, closed-minded religious believer. It gives real Christianity a bad name.”

      Your right, that does paint Christianity in a bad light. It is also 100% completely accurate.

      Hate all religions equally, they all deserve it.

    • Sean Fuck You

      You are uptight, judgmental, self-righteous, closed-minded religious believer. Truth.

  8. stinky mcpoop

    She looks like Snooki, with about as much relevance. And she can’t make up her mind as to whether she wants to work for a living or not, which sounds about right for dumb broads these days.

  9. Amanda Bynes
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    who cares about this fugly pig.

  10. that’s not amanda it’s penelope please

  11. Drew

    Haha, it’s cute that she thinks she is, or ever has been relevant.

  12. jane

    Yeah, because men are never crazy, irrational, or change their minds and make career changes. Fuck you.

  13. Sledman

    That’s Awesome news!!!!! wait….. who is she agian?

  14. Ron Burgandy's ballsack

    So there is a chance to see Amanda’s rack. Excellent!

  15. I only vaguely know who this is… it is hell getting old!

  16. Dan

    She must have gotten upset that the world stopped commenting on how fat she looks.

  17. Teabagger (think balls, not politics)

    I think everyone here is missing the point.
    1. Amanda was bot totally hot & pedo-bear approved in her Maxim spread, her only useful form.
    2. If she keeps going to taco bell or AM/PM drinking those thirsty-two ouncers, she will no longer have any value to anyone – as evidenced by the budding double chin in the above photo.
    3. With a little luck shell fall out of favor with Hollywood, then decide to get her chubby ass to the gum, so that her career path will continue on to it’s natural progression: porn. Then everybody wins. We win as we get new spank material, porn directors win as they can market the bejesus out of it & little Amanda wins as she gets paid real money for what shed be doing anyway after she’s faded into obscurity – bless her little cherubic cum covered glazed doughnut looking face. 

    It warms the heart.

    • Pat C

      ” her career path will continue on to it’s natural progression: porn. ”
      Why do people keep saying that? I hate to disappont you but they NEVER go to porn.
      At best they’ll do a Playboy shoot or a “leaked” homemade sex tape.

      • Teabagger (think balls, not politics)

        It happens occasionally…most “leaked” sex tapes are for profit (see: kardashian, Kendra, etc). 

        Also never underestimate the power of famewhoring. This girl is accustomed to celebrity – it’s a powerful drug. And when it’s gone, *poof!* the crash can be rough. 

        In this case it might be a long shot, but I’ll keep my bottle of KY & a hanky handy for that blessed day  that Ananda Bynes is getting double stuffed on a cheap motel mattress while 5 midgets bukake her until she resembles a melted candle. 

        What a vision of loveliness she’ll be. 

  18. Amanda Bynes
    Commented on this photo:

    On a not entirely unrelated note, that’s one nice set of gams.

  19. captain america


  20. Amanda Bynes
    Commented on this photo:

    She almost has a FUPA in pic 2. She also looks like she’s on some heavy duty tranquilizers

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