Is Amanda Bynes Trolling Us?

May 30th, 2013 // 42 Comments
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Shortly after Amanda Bynes‘ arrest, she started attacking high-profile targets on Twitter like Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen which seemed less like the rantings of a crazy person and more like the action of a troll who knew which celebrities to target for the most publicity. And now comes word that Amanda Bynes’ is only slightly disturbed and doing most of this for attention. FOX411 reports:

“Amanda is actually very coherent and very together, she can easily chat about ‘normal’ things,” a source told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “She doesn’t have a drug problem; we won’t be seeing her OD. She knows there are others issues that she is willing to start addressing.”

“Having to take a mug shot really scared her straight. You can’t take mug shots or go to jail with a wig, and she didn’t like not being in control,” explained the source. “Part of this whole thing has been an act, part of it a narcissistic plea for attention.”

“Don’t be surprised if Amanda checks into a rehab facility on the down-low sometime soon to deal with her anxiety and anger issues. She hasn’t quite hit that point yet, but she is open to accepting some help.”

And before I get into this, my favorite part:

One court expert said the ex-Nickelodeon sensation at least knew enough to turn the “normal” knob in court.
“With the exception of wearing a wig to court, Amanda behaved very well in front of the judges,” observed legal crisis communications expert, Wendy Feldman of “She also behaved sensibly following the arrest, as there were no further charges or allegations made against her, like we saw in the case of Reese Witherspoon not cooperating with a police officer during her husband’s recent arrest.”

See? Amanda Bynes didn’t act like Reese Witherspoon. That’s how you know she’s not crazy.

But seriously, while it could be possible that Amanda Bynes is trolling us all, at the end of the day, she’s still getting arrested for drugs and/or repeatedly plowing her car into other cars most likely while on drugs. Not to mention, she mangled her face and hair to look like Blac Chyna. These are things happening in reality. Which, okay, maybe she’s method, but despite “legal expert” Wendy Feldman just waving it off, Amanda Bynes still walked into court of law looking like goddamn E.T. in a wig. But who knows? The important thing is at least we don’t live in a country where someone like the person below is legally unable to be diagnosed with a mental disorder allowing to her have unfettered access to firearms. That’s what helps me sleep at night.

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  1. cc

    If she IS trolling, she’s a far better actress than I ever gave her credit for.

    • I was sort of thinking to myself, “If this is trolling… it’s the greatest goddamn trolling in the history of the interwebs!” It really would be awesome if she just popped up normal and just had us all going.

      It would be the most epic trolling of all time to have this completely orchestrated by her publicist and “people”.

  2. WhiskeyDust

    Somehow I think that level of crazy may actually turn into a great toss in the sheets. I’d sure give them tig ol’ bitties a chance at it.

    • cc

      Don’t be too sure. Two of my friends dated crazy bitches. One tried to strangle him with an electrical cord from a lamp while he was sitting on a couch watching tv, and the other had his face ripped off when she tried to decapitate him with a large vodka bottle. ‘Fucking crazy with a pussy’ is still ‘fucking crazy’.

  3. JCR

    Just because she has lucid moments doesn’t mean she’s not crazy.

    • Burt

      Exactly. I have known people with serious mental issues, anything from schizophrenia to dementia, and they all had their moments of lucidity. In most cases, you would need to spend more than 5 minutes with them to notice that something was off.

  4. dark matter

    I hope she’ll troll us with some nice noodz

  5. JC

    So, other than the narcissistic personality disorder, the drugs, and the arrests, she’s totally on the level? And she needs to go to “rehab” for anxiety and anger, not a psychiatrist? Yeah, O.K. That’s like saying, “Except for the arrest and conviction for raping a 10-year-old, Johnny has a perfectly healthy sex life.”

  6. So called the Andy Kaufman play awhile back.

    • Burt

      Andy Kaufman and Joaquin Pheonix never got in legal trouble while playing crazy. That’s how you know she isn’t pretending.

  7. No, it’s not trolling, she’s probably not doing better and she probably will end up dead at some point if she doesn’t get help.

    I don’t usually moralize, but it’s pretty irresponsible to take these garbage quotes from the pap greasers to minimize these sorts of situations. The girl has mental health issues…and by the looks of the pictures she’s put up recently, some pretty rock bottom substance abuse problems as well.

    • grandma chips

      I agree. Its pretty obvious she has some serious mental issues and she’s trying to self medicate. Sad commentary that she’d rather be thought of as a publicity seeking druggie than having a genuine mental illness.

  8. crb

    No, she’s not that smart/idiot-savant.

    I bet her next job will be town dogcatcher.

    • Dr. JFever

      Naw, Congress critter. I hear the Minn 6th will have an opening next year. She is less crazy then the one she’d replace.

  9. Professor Chaos

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s doing this all for attention.
    Nobody was really talking about Amanda Bynes before all of this started. Her career had tanked quite awhile ago.

  10. Amanda


  11. No. That video is NOT REAL. I can’t. It…. no.

  12. Seeing pictures of her when she was normal makes me sad now. I think she genuinely has a mental disorder, I’m guessing schizophrenia, and should get help.

    • Dr. JFever

      She may have looked normal but in private? Plus drug problems most likely started when she was in that TV show with the chick from 90210.

  13. ok, so, other than showing up in a cousin It wig, she was normal in court, and other than tossing a bong out a 36 floor window in manhattan, she was cool when the cops showed up, and other than disfiguring herself to look like a stripper named ‘Blac Chyna’, she’s got her personal life together. Where’d she get this publicist, the parking lot at Denny’s?

  14. shes not trolling us.
    shes being the typical result of being a child tv star with her own show and being the center of attention and not growing up.
    thats why shes behaving like a 12 year old monster.
    because thats what she is.

  15. Cock Dr

    I blame The Mouse for all of this.

  16. Motorboat Captain

    I’ve been suspecting for a week or so now that she’s pulling a Joaquin Phoenix. I just hope before she ends the charade we get to see her gazongas.

  17. Jenn

    Charles Manson can sound completely sensible and sane at times but I don’t want that mother fucker loose on the streets. Bynes’s cheese has done slid right off her cracker along with that shoddy wig she wears.

  18. “Don’t be surprised if Amanda checks into a rehab facility on the down-low sometime soon to deal with her anxiety and anger issues.”

    Hey, dipshit. A rehab facility for dealing with anxiety and anger is called a fucking ASYLUM! It’s an indication that someone’s mind is installed cross-threaded. Duh???

  19. I called this as a trolling as soon as the Blac Chyna phase started. I don’t think she’s COMPLETELY in control of herself, but I think there’s a lot of things being done solely for our entertainment. No matter what, actresses are out of their minds, stay away forever.

  20. Kim

    I’ve always suspected that she’s just trollin. And if that’s the case, she is awesome at it! The things she says & tweets are just too ridiculous to be serious. Epic troll really is epic.

  21. I do think she’s trolling for attention, but I also agree with what Perez Hilton said. She hasn’t been working for years and has completely lost direction and sight of reality. The girl needs a job.

  22. dee cee

    At least with her infinite denial-craziness she’s more interesting than mean-criminal girl Lohan. Didn’t know Amanda from the usual ugly crazy’s roaming on she has arrived; dishing does my own stunts.. watch me not say or do that after I say and do that magic with killer clown brashness and fizzled I will sue you maybe fizzled fireworks.

  23. GreenEyedDevil

    No, she’s not. And saying it proba

  24. GreenEyedDevil

    No, she’s not. (Sorry, technical issue there. She’s not trolling. I don’t think anything coming of of a source or anything remotely close to her camp can possibly be trusted. She is never seen with any single figure so who is this source?

    Amanda Bynes has a mental health problem, and probably some substance issues as well. Being able to recognize the gravity of a situation and keep your shit together for half an hour doesn’t make you sane or a prankster. It means she kept her shit together for half an hour.

    There have been no more arrests since that one because she hasn’t been back to the building for long enough to piss anybody off.

    This girl is mentally ill. It’s sad and she needs to be put in front of a professional shrink for an extended period. if THEY say she’s sane I will eat my computer.

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