Amanda Bynes Pulled Over While Driving On Suspended License, Completely Let Go

After her first hit and run case was re-opened and Amanda Bynes hit even more cars, the DMV miraculously suspended her license which almost made her completely different than Lindsay Lohan. Except Sunday night Amanda decided to hit the clubs, so despite having a suspended license, she took her Deathmobile out for a spin only to get pulled over for not having her lights on where naturally the police hauled her to jail because she’s so not like Lindsay, you guys. The LA Times reports:

Los Angeles police officers stopped Bynes in the Hollywood area and informed her she was driving without lights after dark, police said. LAPD Lt. Andrew Nieman said the officers informed Bynes for safety purposes and are not required in such cases to ask for or to run a driver’s license. They did not do so in this case, he said.

“But those other cops let me go the last time! Gawd. Wait until my lawyer Barack Obama hears about this. He’s black.” – Amanda Bynes after running you the hell over.