So Amanda Bynes Is Going To Die Soon

April 16th, 2013 // 60 Comments
Amanda Bynes Telly Video
WATCH: This Is How Amanda Bynes 'Gets Ready'

Here’s Amanda Bynes in a video where she’s “Sucking On A Sour Patch Kid Listening To Music Getting Ready For Tonight :D” So just a heads up to the SWAT Team who’ll eventually have to breach her apartment to administer the 5150 hold, the senator’s daughter should be in a large hole in the back, and if the lights don’t work, get out, it’s a trap. She has night vision goggles.


  1. Deacon Jones

    I want what she’s smoking/snorting.

    I think I’ll go to the next resources meeting at work here and start doing that in front of the projector.

  2. johnny junk

    THAT is one ugly beeyotch

  3. argleblargle

    See you on next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Amanda, where you’ll be voted off in the first episode.

  4. whatever she is doing with her face needs to stop.

  5. “Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me. I’d fuck me hard. I’d fuck me so hard.”

  6. SocialCOmotion

    This is actually kind of sad to watch. I wonder who her shit friends are that just let this side show go live, like every day.

    • oh i know

      i agree, this is obviously a mental illness–isn’t there anyone left in her life that can step in? :(

    • jc

      I agree…this is past being amusing anymore..she needs serious help…where the hell are her family, friends?…I’m sure they have something similar to Baker acting that we have in Florida, they need to do it to her, for her…at the very least, she needs to be evaluated and put on some kind of meds…she’s just too far gone….

  7. spoonleg

    Don’t look now, Superficial, but your deathboner is showing.

  8. cc

    Eeeks, she went from being kind of cute to looking like a Jersey Shore cast off.

    Seriously though, I think Fish is right…if she’s alive this time next year I’ll be surprised.

  9. Whoa

    This girl is insane

  10. jamiewithanh

    oh god why

  11. Sarah

    I honestly can’t tell if this is one of those manufactured actress meltdowns that is happening solely to follow a fake triumphant return to sanity and self-awareness, or if she’s truly bat crap. All I know is I enjoy reading SW’s expert journalistic coverage.

  12. Frank Burns

    Kudos to Ms. Bynes for mastering the white-trash Nicki Minaj look, with just the right touch of mental illness to make us all uncertain about your personal hygiene.

  13. BlinkyTheFish

    Holy crap – that’s Pennywise from ‘It’.

  14. Bejezus

    Burn it with fire!!!

  15. bill

    How much do you think Apple would pay her to stop taking selfies?

  16. Did anyone get through the whole video on the first try? I kept involuntarily looking away. Conditioned response from all those years of avoiding eye contact with lunatics on the subway.

  17. ilovethesuperficial

    oh nooooo… shes on crack :( sadsadyikes

  18. Damn it, Amanda. What the fuck happened to you?

  19. Jennyjenjen




  21. ThisWillHurt

    Would you fuck Amanda Bynes? I wouldn’t fuck Amanda Bynes. I wouldn’t fuck her so hard.

  22. She reminds me of Ke$ha here.

  23. Randal

    Sexy, sultry, sensuous. This fine lady will have no problems meeting fine gents whilst out on the town tonight. Rawr Amanda.


  24. I don’t even think I’d trust her to carry out a handjob.

  25. Bane

    She’s high as a kite.

    She’ll OD soon enough.

  26. Ashley

    Laughing at insanity aside, WTF is happening to this girl?!?! Doesn’t someone care enough to intervene?

  27. At least I’d still shamefuck Lohan. Yeesh.

  28. jason

    WHAT is wrong with this chick???

  29. chicka

    no, that wasn’t creepy at all, Baby Jane.

  30. In all seriousness, this girl needs real help ASAP.

  31. DeucePickle

    Who’s this guy?

  32. She thinks she became Lady Gaga overnight. Talk about delusional…

  33. desperado joe

    You know how I know she’s going to die soon? She’s still using an iPhone4. That’s, like, worse than death for a “celebrity.”

  34. Tard

    She looks like she would smell like urine, sweat, and hairspray… also looks like she hasn’t slept in a while… gross

  35. skunk

    is she punking all of us? wheres ashton kutcher…

  36. “So Ms. Bynes, where would you like to botox? Eyebrows? Cheeks? Lips?”

    “Keep going.”

  37. okay, it’s just plain obvious that she’s on drugs in this picture. I used to do a lot of drugs, and this hear is ecstasy/coke. She needs help and someone needs to give it to her, fast.

  38. Kitty

    Why doesn’t someone help this poor girl!! Where is her family her friends, anybody, sooo sooo sad!

  39. jenn

    If they haven’t put that big wheel driving, Target employee slapping, tiny terror Katt Williams in the nut hatchery yet, they’re not gonna stick Bynes in there for taking idiotic pics/vids of herself. If that’s all it took to have folks committed, half of YouTube would get out away. When I say half, I’m being generous, I mean all.

  40. kery

    Where is her family and friends? Amanda get well …

  41. llol

    I just think she wants attention again, honestly. She’s just being weird because everyone’s forgotten about her.

  42. bestUevaHad

    I’m Drake, and I want to murder her vagina….

  43. Wow, Nikki Minaj should really stop using crack…

  44. april

    The title to this is so horribly crafted (grammatically) that I want to punch you, Fish.

  45. Jenn

    It’s the eyebrows dammit. That’s what’s freaking me out. WTF did she do, burn those off too? Ugh

  46. Sandoucheky

    There’s still 4% of me that thinks this is some Joaquin Phoenix shit

  47. Isabel

    She looks like octomom on crack…

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