Amanda Bynes Shaved Her Head

April 26th, 2013 // 30 Comments
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Here’s Amanda Bynes‘ new look which apparently involves pushing back her extensions and showing everyone that, yes, her head was recently shaved because that’s never been a sign of a complete mental breakdown for a celebrity before. In fact, none of us should be concerned if she starts wielding an umbrella. She’s just very cognizant of the weather, and her toaster oven will back that up once he’s done visiting his secret family in France. (Don’t tell, Mr. Coffee. That’s their business.)

UPDATE: Since posting the pic, Amanda has retweeted no less 8,000 tweets saying she looks like Miley Cyrus, so now might be a good time to form a search party and prepare yourself to find a body.

Photo: Twitter


  1. Watching her go batshit insane is a little depressing, she needs help.

  2. A “has been” child star is more important to me than taking a crap why?

  3. Just start doing porn already, sheesh! Get Lindsay too…She can be the “Mom”!

  4. Cock Dr

    Watching her decompensating on the streets of NY NY isn’t entertaining at all…just sad.

  5. Amanda Bynes Shaved Head
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh, yeah. This is gonna end well.

    • cc

      If I’d said to you a month ago Amanda is going to leapfrog ahead of Lilo in the celebrity death pool, you’d never have believed me, would you?

  6. not good.
    240 more tweets she will look like kojak.
    480 more tweets she will have no eyebrows or ears.
    730 more tweets she will be shaving her face off with her razor.

  7. Maybe she is going the route of Britney Spears.

  8. flybrariman

    This isn’t actually funny anymore, she’s clearly ill and needs help, not snarky fingerpointing and laughing.

  9. I totally agree with the above posts, this isn’t even funny anymore. we can laugh at Lindsay because she’s clearly just a dumb whore, not mentally ill like this poor lass.

    its becoming more apparent as time goes on that her family either doesn’t give two shits about her – or worse, they’re actually trying to help and she’s turning them away.

    either way – someone’s gotta intervene or not long from now we’re gonna be reading her obituary. fuckin’ sad.

  10. Amanda Bynes Shaved Head
    Commented on this photo:

    God damn. She doesn’t even look like Amanda Bynes anymore. If you do find a dead body, I think it will be Amanda’s. This person is obviously a fraud.

  11. You’d think watching someone go insane on a public stage would engender more attention for her well-being, not less. Does she simply not have any family whatsoever? Or, for fuck’s sake, don’t her “business managers” realize their golden goose is half a step away from death?

  12. Now, now, let’s not be too hasty in trying to save this girl. If memory serves, the next step in this process is where she’s pictured getting out of a car flashing her beaver to the world. So let’s wait for that, and then do the intervention.

  13. Annie

    I don’t think there’s anything in this world that traumatizes children more than being on movies and TV. Christ, I think even children that grow up in war stricken countries around hunger and poverty grow up to be more functional than former child stars. Why is that? Are they all sexually abused? Serious question.

    • Hmmmm…On the one hand: child actor.
      On the other hand: victim of a child rapist/molester.
      Then again there’s always witness to a schoolyard massacre.
      So hard to choose…

  14. Griefer

    Does she mean she took her wig off?

  15. InsaneBugger

    She doesn’t have a hair problem.
    She has a brain problem.

  16. Monty83

    Yup, we’ve seen this before. Her trauma based mind control must be breaking down too.

  17. Amanda Bynes is NOT mentally ill…she is fucking POSSESSED…Bwaahahahahah…“e pluribus unum…café au lait…your mother soaks corks in Jello…”
    Someone — quick! — get the number for Fr. Lancaster Maren…

  18. Jenn

    I recommend beauty school. She’s obviously obsessed with hair, and nails.

  19. Amanda Bynes Shaved Head
    Commented on this photo:

    How can someone who looks like this be SO narcissistic?

  20. AnnMarie Anderson

    I do not think that this is funny at all.
    Where is her family and if she is having a mental break down and not putting a show on there are ways to have her legally seen to. Its a shame that the media is having fun following her and getting off on it

  21. I can’t crack wise on this. She’s clearly in the grips of a mental disease downward spiral & needs a lot of help…

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