Amanda Bynes Just Walks Around Naked Now

Like most people, I completely forgot about Amanda Bynes once her Tokemobile of Death was safely impounded and she fled to New York where crazy people who talk to themselves can feel at home. Except it turns out she’s getting crazier by the minute because apparently she’s moved on from locking herself in bakery bathrooms to straight walking around naked in public. In Touch reports:

After purchasing a Mystic spray-tan session, the 26-year-old was set up in a private room — but it wasn’t long before Amanda strode back out into the main salon area in search of goggles.
Only problem: She wasn’t wearing any clothes! “She walked out of the room completely naked,” the eyewitness tells In Touch. “She didn’t seem to care that everyone saw her naked.”
“She seemed totally out of it,” the eyewitness says. “She took her time walking back to the Mystic room, dragging her fingers along the wall and smiling at customers who passed her.”

Of course, this story’s a tad suspect considering no one thought to whip out their phone and take a picture which would’ve been my first move. Actually, that’s not true. My first move would’ve been to walk up to Amanda Bynes and tell her I’m her conscience then spend the rest of the day saying things to her like “Yes, pooping on the taxi is an awesome idea.” And if that sounds like taking advantage of the mentally disabled, who’s the one who sold a spray-tan package to a crazy person, Mystic Salon? Point fingers at me, pfft. Where do you get off?

Photos: INFdaily