Amanda Bynes Looks.. Wow

When Amanda Bynes had her last hit and run, the woman she hit described her as “a hot mess” which seemed unusual at the time, except here’s Amanda walking out of CVS yesterday and Jesus Christ. One, how the hell did the paparazzi even recognize her? Two, why did I just ask that instead of going, “Hey, look, boobs!” And, three, do yourself a favor and check out the banged up death machine she’s tooling around in, complete with a manilla folder blocking the speedometer, I want to say underwear covering the rearview and a driver who apparently steers while laying in the passenger seat so it’s good thing she stacked all those clothes on top of the dash to make things more visible. How none of these photos show her murdering 15 people just backing up is probably the most miraculous thing I’ll ever see in my life. A newborn baby could turn around and perform CPR on its dying mother, and I’d still be standing there going, “Hey, remember that time Amanda Bynes didn’t kill someone with her car? Now, that. That was amazing.”


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