Amanda Bynes Wants Drake To ‘Murder’ Her Vagina

“Wait a second. Did that unicorn just move…”

So in case you haven’t seen this everywhere yet, Amanda Bynes tweeted this to Drake last night:

I want @drake to murder my vagina

And if you’re wondering what took me so long to post this, I wanted to make sure I got these pics so everyone can see what Amanda Bynes looks like when she’s tweeting invitations to murder her vagina, and that she’s officially one of those crazy people who walks around having full conversations with themselves. Although, in fairness, she could just be Carrie from Homeland and trying to stop a terrorist attack but no one believes her. “She kept comin’ in here sayin’ somethin’ ’bout, ‘The cereal doctor is blue but never green. Green is when the Captain crunches.’ Two days later, Empire State Building blows up. Bada bing bada boom.”

Photos: Splash News