Alright, Who Was Supposed To Keep An Eye on Jodie Foster?

I’ve gone on the record numerous times to voice my support for the homosexual community and essentially say that most, if not all, discrimination against them is based on the picking and choosing of text from a 2,000 year old heavily-edited book. That said, drugging our hottest actresses and attempting to sink your lesbian claws in them is where I draw the line, which is clearly what Jodie Foster is doing in these photos. You want to marry another woman and have the same rights as straight couples? Go nuts. You want to roofie Olivia Wilde on the off-chance she’ll like it and make a permanent lifestyle change involving dog adoption? I’ll deport you my-goddamn-self. I’m serious, one phone call and Queer Island (Not to be confused with my basement.) gets a new resident. Don’t think I won’t do it.

Photos: Getty, WireImage