Alright, Who Let Ke$ha in a Bikini?

November 10th, 2010 // 286 Comments

Seen here in Australia this morning, no matter how much make-up, lighting or distracting outfits you slap on Ke$ha, there’s no way her label can keep denying they gave a random 35-year-old housewife at Wal-Mart a record deal based on “Eh, we’ll Photoshop it.” How we’re not seeing C-section scars highlighting a Van Halen tattoo will baffle me till the day I die. “Son.. son.. lean closer.. Why was David Lee Roth’s face not there? *croaks*

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  1. Ke$ha in a Bikini
    andy bellboy
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    holy jesus. looks like a bag of mashed potatoes.

  2. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    wow is it possible that her arm is bigger than her ass

  3. Pat

    Australia is well known for its severe hailstorms.

  4. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Was she born without an ASS? WOW!!!!

  5. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    I didnt recognize her without all that knut all over her chest.

  6. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Im sorry but that is so depressing.

  7. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Good god, she looks like Quasimoto. I think her should blades swallowed her ass.. look at that bitch’s hunchback! Stand up straight and get some damn ass implants for fucks sake. Ke$ha looked like a man before in the pictures with it in the American Flag outfit, but this shit proves that it was born with a dick between its legs.

  8. Ke$ha in a Bikini
    Fan of Louise!
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    Hey, that’s a really awesome Louise! Spreadin’ the knowledge and the love.. How very non-superficial of you… NOW YOU MUST BE BAND FROM THIS SITE FOREVER! lmao!!

  9. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    How is she famous?…not only can she not sing shes also dirty as fuck…

  10. Mama Pinkus

    she is shaped like a refridgerator

  11. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    I hate to say it but I have the same body. What exercise do you recommend Louise?

  12. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    I barely ever condone unnecessary plastic surgery, but woah, she could use some ass implants. Her manly torso is hopeless, but she could at least work out.

  13. Ke$ha in a Bikini
    Willy Wonka
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    I just through up in my mouth a little…

  14. womanwithoutborders

    She looks terrible. With all the money she makes she could easily afford a personal trainer. No muscle tone at all and far too young to look that flabby.

  15. Alex

    I’ve never seen someone so insecure. She looks like a mental patient that hasn’t seen the outside world in years. Good grief.

  16. BodyForWife

    She looks like Octomom before she got all the plastic surgery.

  17. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Here we see clowns in their natural habitat, not realizing that even talking shit about celebrities on the internet can disguise the shame they feel when they wake up to the saltwater ditch pig leftovers they pick up an hour after last call at the local night club.

  18. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    That’s what you get for brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack

  19. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    OMG It’s like Sponge Bob Square Pants in a bikini!!

  20. Jamie

    OMG It’s like Sponge Bob Square Pants in a bikini! She has no ass at all.

  21. jonesy

    I’m fuckin’ jet ski’n right now! No lie.

  22. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    This girl was a fat chick I’m convinced….maybe try some toning/exercise!

  23. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    As an almost-35 year old mother of two, I RESENT this post!

  24. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    …because even my body is better than Kesha’s! Gwoss.

  25. Gum

    Oh man will somebody PLEASE teach Kesha how to properly wear a bra? (I know its a bikini but still) that shit is riding up way to high in the back and it looks TERRIBLE D:

  26. Honestly, except for a junkless trunk, she doesn’t look that bad. But the face, it’s that awful face and – what’s worse – the horrible voice that comes out of it that’s guarantees me flaccidity.

  27. Ke$ha in a Bikini
    Um... okay.
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    That’s not a swimsuit. That’s definitely a bra and panties. And I am even more disturbed because of that fact.

  28. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Give me a break! She looks pretty good to me. She’s obviously a thin girl, not exactly ‘shapely’ but she doesn’t have cellulite … if she came up to you in person she’d look better than most. What’s with all the hate?

  29. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    that is weird she really has no ass, LOL…too much sitting.

  30. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    if she has a baby, she woudl get some curves….

  31. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    You know how you see girls in real life–not celebrities, just real girls–and you think they look hot in a bikini, but that they probably couldn’t compete with super-hot celebrities like Angelina Jolie or Miranda Kerr (pre-baby)? But hey, it’s still a girl in a bikini, so yippee! Yeah, Ke$ha is not one of those girls. She’s a girl that even her friends should be telling to put more clothes on. A LOT MORE CLOTHES.

  32. ok boy

    why u must always type $ fukn gay

  33. ok boy

    why always type $ gay

  34. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    this is just beyond disgusting.

  35. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    I just can’t believe that ass. I thought I had a small ass. Holy jesus fuck

  36. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    no ass, no love

  37. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Like most chicks she’s hot until her clothes are off and has a lot of gross friends

  38. Cheryl

    So she is human, big deal. No one is perfect.

  39. RtSS

    I think I just threw-up a bit in the back of my throat. How can you “unsee” an image? Please get these pictures out of my brain. Please, make the pain go away…

  40. dirtbag

    what the fuck? im tired of all these recycled talentless pop stars. keisha sucks balls, has no talent and looks bad in a bikini. other pop stars that suck and are talentless recycled mumbo jumbo include katy perry, miley cyrus, and rhianna. thats why i dont buy people’s album anymore, becuz they have no talent and are of the same shit all the time. all fucking CUNTs

  41. Ke$ha in a Bikini
    santiago benites
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    That girl is in need of a personal trainer. And I am that personal trainer. She has potential, but needs someone to whip her into shape. And I am that whipper.
    Kesha, call me baby. Let’s get physical.

  42. Tuviejamelamama

    LMFAO she has no ass, this shit is hilarious!

  43. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    I dig FUPA

  44. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Reading these comments makes me think that the readers have seen zero real women naked and perhaps a too few many airbrushed porn stars in magazines. Kesha is no classic beauty, but she is a nice looking, pretty girl. She is very toned and has great legs, but she doesn’t have an hour glass figure. So what? Neither does Cameron Diaz. Look, stop hating women. If you hate her music, don’t listen to it. If you hate her body, don’t look, but how about trying to shut the f*** up and stop spreading your hate.

    • umm...but

      Agreed, but I think you were meant to read comments from folks on the sister site: “”

  45. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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  46. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    why is this thing in the dirt area anyway?
    Is the bikini section broken?

  47. Ke$ha in a Bikini
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    Will somebody please pass the maple syrup?
    That pancake ass needs some…

  48. I’m all for transvestites’ rights, but this guy is really pushing the boundaries.

  49. anthonyOA

    someone roll that manatee back into the sea, for the love of christ!

  50. wim

    an imbecile who is a MONGOL at the same time?

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