Alicia Silverstone gets naked for PETA

September 20th, 2007 // 92 Comments

Alicia Silverstone got completely naked (and completely Photoshopped) for the latest ad from PETA. And I’m not sure how being naked and being a vegetarian are related, but it somehow just makes sense. In fact, all future ad campaigns should follow this example. Advertising a used car dealership? Naked woman. Canned soup? Naked woman. The brilliance of this idea is that it works for everything. I mean, really, what better way to advertise a new toaster oven than with a naked woman? By showing the actual toaster? Ha! I laugh at your ideas. Laugh I say!

Click the above image for the full sized version.


  1. jrzmommy


  2. scoos

    I’d hit it with a sheep skin condom.

  3. Malffy Hernandes

    What happened to her?

  4. Scoos,
    She’s PETA. You’d have to use a tofu condom.

  5. BillyBob

    Alicia, you’re smokin’ hot! I want to rub veal all over your naked body.

  6. bonk

    Well she certainly has a lot of time on her hands for her various causes…

  7. Rob

    Finally! I always wanted to know what Cary Elwes saw while he was hiding in the closet.

  8. adeliza

    I have a vision in my mind of some fat ass loser dude sitting on a saggy couch with stained sweat pants and bucket of fried chicken beating off to this shit.


  9. veggi is a vegetarian!

    club sandwiches, not seals!!!!!

  10. mofugga

    someone’s got to do a michael vick parody of this…
    Iam Michael Vick and Iam a …..

  11. Elliot

    great airbrushing. my regards to the designers.

  12. Texas Tranny

    I’ve got some meat for her.


  13. @12

    You need to hurry up and get that meat IN her. She’s been waiting a long time. You think she would swallow your pretty panty sauce?

  14. I already heard this story 5 hours ago on Jimbo’s blog.

    Not that it was any more interesting, it’s just a naked vegetarian. I’m more interested in how I can hire the photoshop guy to do me.

  15. oowhisperoo

    cue the meat jokes

  16. Texas Tranny

    I hope so.

  17. #9 club sandwiches contain 3 meats. Damn, now I want a club sandwich for lunch!!!! And vodka. Vodka goes with everything.

  18. Aequa

    Like I needed one more proof that PETA are a bunch of wankers…

  19. FagHag

    Staff at a German butcher’s shop were shocked to find a customer had hidden two sex toys in their sausages for transport overseas.

    Police described the sex toys as two latex dildos with a ‘natural look’.

    Apparently after shopping at the store earlier in the day, a man returned to the butcher’s with two large ‘Schwartenmagen’ sausages.

    He asked a shop assistant to wrap and keep them in the fridge until he had to leave town the next day.

    But the assistant noticed the sausages were heavier than they were supposed to be and called police fearing the worst.

    When officers arrived they discovered the man had removed some of the meat and packed the dildos inside.

    The 50-year-old man told police he was travelling to a Middle-eastern country and didn’t want to get caught with the sex toys in his luggage so he was trying to sneak them in.

  20. Aja

    you’re all a bunch of animal haters and i hope in your next life you’re all boiled alive in vats of oil, and die painful scalding deaths

  21. Texas Tranny

    I saw this story yesterday, the Fish is getting slower everyday.

  22. veggi

    17- FRIST! I’ll skip the sammich, but I’ll take a double vodka cran!

  23. The News Vault is way quicker and is a day ahead of the Fish. Plus it has a naked “bouns babe” everyday. It’s not blocked here at work. The only bad thing about it is you can’t post/blog on the stories.

  24. ok, Veggi, I’ll buy!!!! (can we go now???)

  25. veggi

    Hell YEAH! I was ready when I got here! I’ll meet you on the corner of drunk and happy!

  26. Lindsay

    I am Alicia Silverstone and I am a has-been!

  27. Hey Veggi, do they have High Nooner’s where you live? They make the most amazingly delicious veggie sandwiches EVER!!!!!
    But they don’t sell vodka….:(

  28. Drunk and Happy….LOL.

  29. my comment


    She’s SO 1994.

  30. adeliza


    You KNOW it’s true. Fat dude probably licks his fingers afterwards.

    Finger licking good.

  31. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    This just reminded me of how much I love veal. The really tender caged since born kinda veal. So fresh you can hear the mother still crying kinda veal


  32. Spanky

    Wow, Silverstone, Aniston and 2 Rose McGowan posts. Now that’s a slow motherfucking news day.

  33. veggi and FRIST are gettin drunk!

    no high nooners, but we can sit on my front porch drinking moon shine and lemonade. I call it moonade. Best. Drink. EVER! Come on!!!! I’ve got cute boys at my house all the time that like to do push ups.

  34. veggi doesn't care what the fuck you eat.

    joe- I’m a vegetarian and I do it because I want to. I don’t go around telling people what they can or cannot eat. I don’t care if you stuff your mouth with your own shit. It matters not. What is borderline psycho are the people that get so offended by what others will or will not eat, such as people that created the stupid website that you just posted.

  35. jrzmommy

    Nope, still don’t care.

  36. MrSemprini

    She hasn’t done anything in a while because she’s too weak to pick up the phone and call her agent. Of course she’s lying down in the ad, she can’t stand!

  37. moo

    she’s online chatting at right now

  38. adeliza

    I’m a meat eater, but why does it piss you off when folks don’t eat meat in restaurants?
    That’s more for you man……..
    Who cares?!?!?!?

  39. Athena

    I’m glad they remind us of her name on the poster, BECAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA WHO SHE IS

  40. Silly Me

    I probably wouldnt stick it in her, because who knows all the dudes she has been with. BUT, i’d probably stab a wound in her and ‘do’ the wound!

  41. daguz

    She is laying on fake grass. She has on makeup that has been tested on animals (if not the prior research was done on animals). She prolly has the exterminator spray poison all over her house. She like the rest of us drive cars, kill the habitat of animals, and annoys animals while she skis… and annoys the hell out of this animal too.

  42. She doesn’t look so bad, almost reminds me of her in Clueless (hot)..anyhow, I put her as my Myspace background pic!

  43. She doesn’t look so bad, almost reminds me of her in Clueless (hot)..anyhow, I put her as my Myspace background pic!

  44. Tits McGee

    “The ticklish comfort of a good old-fashioned mustache ride.”

    Last night I went to the grocery store with the bf, and bought a whole red snapper for dinner, a 6 pack of pork chops, and $20 worth of Steak tip, oh, and Frozen Chicken tenders. I had plenty of veggies in the fridge, just running low on meat.

    That is all.

  45. biatcho

    In related news, Michael Vick admits to also eatng kittens…

  46. Riotboy

    I thought this was an advertisment.

    /too much weed

  47. Hoya

    Sperm contains meat byproducts

  48. ssdd

    She is definitely one person that does not come to mind …eVER. But when she is brought up, all I can think of is her whiney voice & droopy mouth and how it is the same as that of Drew Barrymore. They both talk out of the side of the mouth like Sly Stallone …

    What causes that?? Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?…..

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