I Think Alicia Silverstone is Pregnant

March 14th, 2011 // 129 Comments

Some people might say it’s not fair to post candid photos of a pregnant woman who, in her defense, looks less likely to go into labor than say, Kirstie Alley. However, those people were probably never a young boy anticipating the new Batman movie only to be psychedelically assaulted with neon codpieces and a Batgirl who talks like she had a stroke. Not to mention I had to sit through Clueless to touch my first boob, so technically I should be allowed to eat that baby. Not that I would, but let’s agree the option should be on the table. Next to the A-1.

I’m joking! I’m joking. Make it Worcestershire.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Cock Dr

    Looks damned uncomfortable. Good luck with that.

    • Mica Sholo

      Not as uncomfortable as her stupid PETA commercials…or when she went on The View and refused to talk to some show hosts.

      Shes a whack job and wouldnt be missed if she never showed her face again. Stupid bitch.

      Probably pregnant with a future tootsie roll troll anyways.

      • Paloma

        You should call yourself Mica Solow. Talk about a whack job. You have some serious issues. You should find someone to talk to about that.

      • Paloma, I was thinking the same thing (!) but I stop visiting the site during finals and I didn’t want to just start talking shit on people the second I signed back in but har! har! It makes me laugh when people are so angry at celebs.

        …ugh like me and Katy Perry, GR! I hate you SO MUCH! Go crawl into a hole and die you nasty poser skank. :D :D

      • Happy Spillmore

        Paloma, Mary Jane & Lightdragon…you guys sound like progressive, pro-diversity panty wastes that sleep on your right side because you wear your heart on your left sleeve. STFU already.

        If you want civility, kumbaya and sweaty birkenstock/ patchouli scratch and sniff monitors, go visit your local hippy commune…or your granny that you guys sound sooo much like…pussies.

    • I have to agree with Paloma and MJ. this place is like a Dean Martin roast 5 days a week. not a hate blog.

    • Herman Bumfudle

      whatever it is i’m sure it’s just ronald mcdonald’s. my ex-wife went through the same, and i got the hell out of there, cause them little patties will get your ass thrown in jail for child support.

  2. Senior Pepe

    At least now she’s got some titties!

  3. Alicia Silverstone Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s not pregnant, the vegan swallowed a watermelon – WHOLE.

  4. jen

    she looks cute.

  5. Still looks hot in that un-showered, pregnant, no bra, fat, sort of way.

  6. heather

    Jesus, just because you’re pg doen’t give you a free pass to go schlepping all over town!

    • Paloma

      Last time I checked she was living in America. This IS still supposed to be a free country isn’t it? How about you get knocked up and see how fantastic you feel every day and see how dolled up you feel like walking around for 9 months. Get a grip on reality people.

      • heather

        FYI, I HAVE been knocked up and didn’t parade around in ugly ass Crocks, a pair of shitty looking sweat pants and a belly shirt!

  7. What a beautiful, amazing, horrible miracle.

  8. That’s right folks. Join PETA and you get to look like this when you’re pregnant.

  9. Well, I hope she has the good sense to get a C-section because the body is wrecked. May as well try and save the vagina…

    • that vagina was wrecked long ago. Gravy. I don’t know if it’s good or not but trying to get her would be easier than getting Mila Kunis. anyway back to jokes. i got a few more.

  10. Alicia Silverstone Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    outside of the large stomach and ass.normal day for her.

  11. Alicia Silverstone Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    I refuse to say goodbye to one of my puberty crushes, so I will pretend that she’s just using the “method” method of acting for an upcoming britney biopic.

  12. it’s good thing they make clothing which doesn’t have animal parts to it otherwise she would go naked.

  13. From the neck down I thought it was Britney. From the neck up she looks like Faces of Meth.

  14. Sheenisawesome

    Let this be a lesson to all my fellow men – the instant you find out your girl is knocked up, file off your fingerprints, cash out your bank account, and leave town in a rented car as fast as you can.

    • Amy Sandwich

      Or, you know, you could wear a condom, be honest and tell her you don’t want kids, or make sure she’s on BC. That might be a little easier. Perhaps less fun than leaving town in a rented car, but much easier.

      • you can’t trust a girl on BC. if she wants a kid she will get one. if you don’t want a kid then go for a girl who has one or two already. it’s a less chance of her getting knocked up. at least on purpose.

      • Paloma

        These retards are too, well, retarded to think of something as obvious as using a condom instead of knocking some chick up. Your words of wisdom are lost on this website. They’re probably reading this with one hand down their pants and one hand up their nose wondering where the fuck I get off by calling them retarded.

    • LEB

      Yeah, or you could just wear a condom.

  15. I’m pretty sure the PETA logo didn’t read:
    “Be comfortable in your own skin “don’t wear a rubber.”

  16. stop looking like a whale:loose the blubber go vegatarian

  17. Sometimes too much sex can be a bad thing: help millions of fans stop wishing they were never born .please neuter or spade your favorite PETA star TODAY!

  18. keijo

    it was about time I say

  19. Dan

    I think she looks good for being so pregnant.

  20. Fuck Fur: and stop knocking up Alicia silverstone.

  21. The Critical Crassness

    She’s still less of a whale than Snooki and Alicia is preggers!

  22. Hugh Gentry

    I don’t think she’s pregnant. Just a pig.

  23. Unwashed hair, pregnant belly hanging out of her sweatpants, crocs…remember when she used to be hot? Now she’s a white trash cartoon character.

  24. Olive

    Some people just don’t know that the Goodwill has used maternity clothes for those in need. I hope she reads this post.

  25. Ch4p3l

    That’s a huge bitch!

  26. Pregnancy itself is nasty, so this is pretty much heaving in the toilet territory.

  27. Myers

    Yet another snatch i won’t ever want to touch now rises.

  28. Your Mum

    Spade? Really?

  29. Nicole

    This is bad when pregnant ladies look bad and sloppy. Atleast cover yourself up a bit when you go out in public. I know she’s a bit of a hippy… but this is really going some. Lipstick.. a nice shirt to cover your belly and some pants that match would be nice.

    • Paloma

      Or you could just not look at her and leave her alone. Worry about how you want to look every day and shut the fuck up.

      • Rhymes with Winning

        Clearly, you have a problem with people here pointing out that a celebrity famous solely for her good looks should at least make some effort to look good. What are you hoping for, someone to pat your fat self on the head and tell you it really is ok to just pile on a ton of fat and dress like a hobo?

  30. Alicia Silverstone Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t expect her to look like it’s 1995, but for Gods sake that Demilitarized Zone below the equator is unforgivable.

  31. BrandiLye

    Cher would not be pleased with her attire, but besides looking white trashy, I think she’s pretty cute!

  32. Richard McBeef

    As if!

  33. zilly

    Don’t they make larger shirts for pregnant ladies? I don’t want to see your bulging pride and joy/ stretch marked, blown-out belly button. Ewwwwwww!

  34. Kurt C

    I was cryyyyyyying when I saw these pictures.

  35. Honey, do these sweat pants make my ass look fat?

  36. Alicia Silverstone Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    She kinda looks like Slimer. I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

  37. Alicia Silverstone Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Well, either she’s pregnant or she’s caught ‘Kardisian Ebola’

  38. Alicia Silverstone Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Well, either she’s pregnant or she’s caught ‘Kardashian Ebola’

  39. Alicia Silverstone Pregnant
    Mama Pinkus
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t believe I have ever looked that shabby in public

  40. MDiz

    Rode hard….Put away wet…

  41. Keith

    Jerkin my 6 inch penis to these great pics of Alicia! That belly, her swollen tits and giant ass have me so damn aroused! I want to have sex with Alicia Silverstone, and while she’s pregnant, I won’t have to wear a condom when I’m fucking her moist vagina!

  42. By the request of other readers here today. i will stop with the Alicia Silverstone jokes(at least to this thread.) and start with the masturbation

  43. aaa

    you are an idiot. clueless rocked!

  44. Sabrina

    There is no excuse for those shoes.

  45. Alicia Silverstone Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like someone’s been gearing up for March Madness!

  46. Alicia Silverstone Pregnant
    Dr. Grey
    Commented on this photo:

    Glad to see they make F.D.S. in a large to go bottle, for the “bushman” in you.

  47. Jackie

    …which begs the question, is semen vegan?

  48. Alicia Silverstone Pregnant
    phineas q. butterfat
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like one of those lawn ducks with the pinwheels for legs.

  49. the captain

    maybe she ate at McDonalds?

  50. Marco

    Some women are beautiful when pregnant; they develop that glow, their breasts swell, their hips tilt just a little more.

    Alicia is not this kind of woman. She looks to be in pain and her body is morbidly out of proportion. Oh well.

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