Alice Eve Said Something About Bruce Jenner, I’ll Get The GIF Ready

Basically the sole purpose of my being is to find any excuse to post the Alice Eve topless GIF, so when I found out she said some shit about Bruce Jenner – the biggest trending pop culture topic of the moment – that’s when it became time for this GIF:

Freedom Boner

So here’s a link to Alice Eve criticizing Bruce Jenner for “playing at being a woman” before realizing she stuck her tit in her mouth, and oh shit, it’s self-aware now. I can’t stop it!

Freedom Boner

And here’s a GIF of her topless which you can stare at instead of reading any of that other stuff I just said. Or you can do both and realize that one doesn’t ruin the experience of the other because I don’t fucking care if she’s a new version of Hitler that puts bloggers in concentration camps and forces them to breathe outdoor air. You’ll never ruin this for me. [freedom-boner.gif] NEVER.

Alice Eve Topless GIF

Photo: Paramount Pictures