Alexander Skarsgard Wants To Be In ‘Zoolander 2′

Is it blasphemy if I ask, “Hey, when did Macaulay Culkin start working out?” because I feel like I’m going to be struck by lightning. Pregnant lightning.

After word hit that a Zoolander sequel is finally happening, Alexander Skarsgard apparently started pitching his way into it which I’ll just assume involves him promising to never be in the same room as Ben Stiller’s wife while having his fingers crossed, of course. ALL THE VAGINA ARE BELONG TO SKARSGARD. Via Just Jared:

“I’m pitching it right now. I wouldn’t want to miss that,” Alex told British GQ. “Well, I’m hoping they would do something like the scene with Hamlet’s father, and that Meekus will come back as a ghost — I mean, he’s definitely dead.”

ALEXANDER: So what if, stay with me now, what if.. my character was a ghost? BOOSH.
EXEC: … Mr. Skarsgard, I’m a white Christian conservative who’s legitimately heterosexual and not one of those hypocrites protesting gay rights while hiding in the closet. I sent my only son to a Pray Away the Gay camp and then disowned him when it didn’t work. Which is why you shouldn’t take what I’m about to say to you next lightly; Get in my butt. NOW.

Exactly how that happened to the letter.


Anyone else birth triplets after watching that? Haha! Me either. Who does that? *runs out to dumpster*

Photos: Fame/Flynet