Alexander Skarsgard Will Eat Your Taco

Lupita Hernandez had come to America with nothing but the dream of starting a family. But after years of scraping together every dime she had to see doctors all over California and asking every priest she could find to ask God to bless her with a child, she realized that version of her dream wasn’t meant to be. And so she reconciled herself to working tirelessly at her brother’s taco stand to perhaps one day adopt, but a car accident here, a surgery there and she was no closer to her dream than she was before. For such is life.

But then one day a beautiful Swedish man beckoned to her while she was scrubbing the enchilada grill.

“Can I get some more salsa?” he asked. And so Lupita brought him the salsa.

But as she turned to walk back to the kitchen, she felt a kick. A kick she had waited her whole life for. As joy overcame her, Lupita soon found herself giving birth in the broom closet during the lunch rush and by dinner, her new son had taken his first step. That boy’s name? Edward James Olmos.

And now you know the rest of the story.

Special thanks to Paul Harvey for filling in. Always a pleasure. – SW

Photos: Splash News