Alexander Skarsgard & Prince Harry Are Racing Each Other To The South Pole For Charity

Because there’s been a lot of nips, maybe vaginas and giant, store-bought breasts lately, I thought I’d take a minute to give the ladies some eye.. some eye.. hold on a second. – *reaches down, palms out baby, hands it to Photo Boy, whispers “No, no, the one behind Quiznos,” goes back to writing* – Where was I? Alexander Skarsgard and Prince Harry are having a foot race to the South Pole for charity, right. People reports:

The event, for which Harry, 28, is a patron, includes three teams of wounded service members from the U.K., the U.S. and Australia/Canada, competing to raise money for their national charities to help fund rehabilitation services for military veterans.
It’s a physical challenge, even for the fit, as team members compete to pull pulks, which are custom-built arctic sledges, as they push to reach the pole’s southernmost point.
Their tenacity and determination to finish – in temperatures as low as 49 degrees below zero and 50 mph winds – offers symbolic hope to soldiers who have suffered physical and cognitive disabilities related to their military service.
“I’m honored to be working and training alongside these soldiers to raise money and awareness for this very worthy cause,” said Skarsgard, 37, who will compete with the prince on the U.S. team.

Considering Alexander Skarsgard grew up surviving Swedish winters and Prince Harry lived in a castle with a butler, I don’t really see how this is fair, but the more pressing concern is how the Earth will survive exposing the South Pole to a Thundering Lord of Fuck and a fire-crotch. I thought we were trying to save the ice caps not melt them into a steaming, frothing liquid that floods South America. Or is that just another liberal myth like history, science and math? I knew that shit wasn’t real. *lights calculator on fire* LIES!

I have no idea why this is here, but let’s be honest, that applies to anything anywhere on this site.

Photos: Getty