This Alexander Skarsgard Thing is Getting Weird Now

So that’s who Corey Feldman was talking about…

Here are new shots of Alexander Skarsgard filming in New York City this morning where I’d like to point out that yesterday I made a joke about him humping a traffic cone, and then this photo happened. More importantly, note the use of foreplay before entry making the Skarsgard an aggressive, yet tender international fucking machine. And yes, I had to ask five different woman to explain me to why he’s not immediately jabbing his penis in at the first sign of consent. (I assumed the first four conspired to trick me into believing “foreplay” was an actual word.) I’ll leave you to your panty moistenings and pants tents pitching now.

[Ed. Note: The last pic was the original post before the little girl shot popped up. For you see, I got a fever, and the only prescription is more Skarsgard with sounds of the 80s & 90s.]

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Fame, Splash News