Alexander Skarsgard Supports Gun Control, PUSSSSSHHHH!

“Why thank you, Lara, it’s great to see-“
*bites off ring finger, spits it out* “DO ME, MOTHERFUCKER!”

Alexander Skarsgard stopped by Andy Cohen Live yesterday where he shared his thoughts on gun control, so if anyone needs me, I’ll be out back Duggaring a small army into a kiddie pool. – *SPLISH* – Or the carpet. Right here on the carpet. Sonofabitch.

Before his acting career took off, Alexander Skarsgard served in the Swedish military and weighs in on the gun debate here in the U.S. When talking about military assault weapons, he says “From someone who has served in the military and used those weapons, I don’t think civilians should have them.”

*shoves 27 babies off of desk* In the meantime, if any of you are having trouble conceiving, here’s the audio clip because I’m also trying to overpopulate the earth. In the next five minutes.

And if you’re wondering why America won’t do a goddamn thing about guns even after the deadliest mass shooting yet, here’s Samantha Bee breaking down just how hard the NRA owns the current Republican Party. These are the assholes not listening to the Swedish God of Fuck Thunder, so do with that what you will.

(Did a vaginal tidal wave destroy Congress yet? Just pick an outfit! It doesn’t matter. Goddammit.)

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