There Is Another.. Skarsgård

February 27th, 2012 // 38 Comments

“Wait. You mean this guy I pleasantly raped in the bathroom?”

“It vasn’t really rape by zee end, brothah.”

“Ha! No, it wasn’t. I mean, eww.”

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  1. Alexander Skarsgard Film Independent Spirit Awards
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    You don’t get much more white bread than that.

  2. God is Black

    No way that’s his Bro.Pic #1 he’s taunting us ,”WTF,is this baldy my brother?”

  3. Future

    Selena Gomez wants to win an Oscar.

  4. El Jefe

    Man it must suck to be his brother and look like that. Not as good looking, not as tall and going bald, nature played a cruel joke on him.

  5. forrest

    ..and people are still surprised of the downfall of america?

    • Fuck off. Really, just fuck the fuck off. You’re inane, moronic and painfully, supremely unfunny…and your “expire by” date was sometime back in 1987.

      • mismy

        it’s pretty obvious he hates America too, racist fuck. I kept holding out hope that one day he’d make a funny, but now he just needs to gtfo

    • It doesn’t make him racist (which is actually one of the problems I have with America, a tendency to scream racist when the term really isn’t appropriate). It does, however, make him an ignorant, culturally biased, bigoted xenophobic fucknugget will never get over the fact that the closest he’ll ever get to this country is through a dialup internet connection.

  6. Richard McBeef

    Do the ladies really find this dude attractive? Not feeling it. Homeboy looks like Jeffrey Dahmer without glasses.

  7. Lauren

    It’s another case of Giselle’s twin. Nature can be so cruel.

  8. Richard McBeef

    So I guess you don’t think he looks like Jeffrey Dahmer then, huh, fish?

  9. P Diddy 2012

    P Diddy won an Oscar, Brad Pitt did not.

  10. Katherine123

    Gustaf: Wonderful award-winning European actor (many more movies and awards than Alex), extremely smart (youngest person ever admitted to Swedish Dramatic National Theater Academy), and very, very funny. He is much beloved for many charitable efforts in Sweden, esp. regarding peace and the environment. Not that people posting here care about stupid things like these (“superficial”).

    • Award-winning, smart, funny and beloved charity worker. Check. And when his brother’s in town you know he hasn’t got a fucking hope in hell of getting laid.

      • Katherine123

        He has lived with his very pretty Swedish girlfriend for several years, so he doesn’t worry about competing in that regard when he visits his brother in superficial town. He is a genuinely good guy. Rape jokes are not deserved.

      • Wouldn’t he get his pick of Alexander’s rejects? I mean, that’s more or less how it worked on Entourage—Turtle and Drama get laid mostly for hanging around Vince.

    • Ann

      Katherine123 don’t waste your time here. These two brothers are the greatest and stand for a lot! They are very smart, witty, sexy. They would never even think the way these losers are here. They wouldn’t even give that much time and thought to such mindless comments.These brothers are the ones getting photographed not the mindless ones here writing such crap. That speaks volume. For the rape comment in poor taste Superficial. That is another sign of mindless writing here.

  11. Alexander Skarsgard Film Independent Spirit Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Crusts on or crusts off? If this is white bread, where in the Swedish chef hell do I buy a loaf?

  12. smiles1_9

    wtf is up with those comments on this photograph. i adore these pics of these two hotties, but rape is never funny. ever. in poor taste, the superficial, in poor taste.

  13. Locknload


    And weirdly, I’m going to go download that song now. I didn’t think The Superficial would become a Pandora, but hey.

  14. gigi

    how are you guys getting Jeffrey Dahmer??? sometimes, especially in his goofier shots he looks a little like the first Darrin [Dick York] from Bewitched tho, then I remember Alex is hot 98% of the time… and yeah… this other alleged Skarsgard just won’t do… no dahling, no…

  15. Natalynn

    Whatever to the crass remarks, these two can play in my gene pool anytime!

    • browny

      the line starts here… he is gorgeous and the brother is a cutie. i’ll take them both at the same time. mmmm, swedish sandwich.

  16. Veronica

    I can’t distinguishthe Skasgaaaaaads. Stellan, Peter, Alexander and now this guy. Are they all cousins? Why is one of them married to Maggie Gyenahaaal?

  17. Alexander Skarsgard Film Independent Spirit Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Thank yooou! For the one on the left.

  18. Alexander Skarsgard Film Independent Spirit Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeah they do!

  19. Samsara

    Alex have more brothers!

  20. Alexander Skarsgard Film Independent Spirit Awards
    Commented on this photo:


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