Alessandra Ambrosio Doing Pilates and Other News

February 10th, 2011 // 36 Comments

- Dina Lohan fully believes God wants Lindsay to steal shit. No, really. [Popeater]

- Lady GaGa is just masturbating on stage now. Why not? [Dlisted]

- 26 People You Probably Didn’t Know Were Scientologists: A veritable who’s who of closet homosexuals and Laura Prepon?! WTF? [BuzzFeed]

- Carrie Underwood is one step away from dressing Mike Fisher in cute little sweaters to match his leash. [Lainey Gossip]

- Audrina Patridge is a runway model now, I guess. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Brooklyn Decker is still wearing bikinis. [DrunkenStepfather: NSFW]

- Snooki‘s search for a soul-mate has finally ended. [Bossip]

- Victoria Beckham‘s gold-plated iPhone is the perfect accessory for today’s Peasant Flesh purse. [Celebslam]

- Michelle Trachtenberg saves the goods for the bedroom, but here’s the rest. [Maxim]

- Dita Von Teese, however, saves the goods for right here. [IDLYITW]

- Michael Caine is the balls. [TooFab]

- AnnaLynne McCord just gave Austin Powers a boner. [Popoholic]

- Fitness Girls invite you to play a little ‘Who’s Got the Penis?’ And it’s my 15th birthday all over again. [theCHIVE]

- A List of Athletes That Love Strippers that surprisingly isn’t the words “ALL OF THEM” in bold 72pt font. [Bleacher Report]

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Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Pat

    That skinny dude has huge areolae.

  2. Dita von Teese looks like Russel Brand in drag

  3. Deacon Jones

    Man FISH, you’ve got Brooklyn Decker and Dita Von Teese links and you’re throwing up Pete Weintz pics??!

    Some of us can’t get on those seedier sites to check them out. Shit, you can’t even click on Drunken Stefather’s homepage without giving your computer the HIV!

  4. JorgeMacD

    That Scientologist list has some errors/overstatements in it. Jeffrey Tambor, for example, already came out and said he used to take some classes for a while but isn’t a Scientologist. Jeff Conaway took some rehab stuff from CoS, probably because Travolta paid for it, but said he didn’t intend on being a Scientologist. Punky Brewster dropped Hubbard & picked up a Torah. Too bad she can’t undo that surgery.

  5. Bucky Barnes

    I like the Fitness Girls “Who’s Got The Penis” link. (answer: ALL of them)
    She-males… is there ANYTHING they can’t do?

  6. jojo

    Alessandra Ambrosio is so fucking gorgeous , and with no make up (ahem, Sofia Vergara) I would suck the last cock that fucked her.

  7. CptCreep

    Legally changes name to “Pilates”.

  8. Joe Blow

    What is this? Celebrity fug week?

  9. Pete Weniz (don’t care to look up his spelling of his surame)must be eating his heart out right now. As he dumped Michelle Trachtenberg for Ashley. one of the 1000 reasons he’s a retard.

  10. Burt

    She’s cute.

  11. whit

    is that supposed to be attractive in some way? she’s got no ass, tits, waist or hips and her legs are bony as fuck.

  12. lori

    Arms like toothpicks. She looks unhealthy.

  13. Anonymous, 2112

    why don’t you bitches stop posting your banalities and hit the gym like this fine honky woman. If that is too hard, at least shave that hairy mess between your legs, you disgusting whores.

  14. Sugar

    I ate half a salad for dinner. I will still never look like Alessandra. EVER.

  15. captain america

    pssssssssst: THIS ISN’T A PRACTISE FOR COOKING, folks!!

  16. Alessandra Ambrosio
    Commented on this photo:

    how frustrating to sit next to Alessandra Ambrosio in a gym

  17. we're not worthy

    Wow. She is amazing. I workout all the time and watch what I eat but some people hogged all the good genes! We can’t even blame it on airbrushing as the photo is clearly just a snapshot. Go on wit ya bad self, lady!

  18. Gilberator

    “Where’s her foot? Oh God! Somebody find her foot! WHERE THE FUCK IS HER FOOT?!?! HAS THE WHOLE WORLD LOST IT’S GODDAMNED MIND!?!?! FIND HER FOOT NOW!!!” – Rex Ryan

  19. gooch

    Bossip actually states (in the Snooki associated link about the black man who had sex with hogs) “It’s still early, but we’re pretty sure Andrew Lee Nash gets Coon of The Day today.” Really?

  20. Alessandra Ambrosio
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks cute with no makeup. Used to be my fav. VS model, but was displaced by Adriana. :)

  21. lauryn

    That lainey gossip person seriously doesn’t know how to write. Every sentence is a run-on and nothing they write even makes SENSE. stop plugging them!

  22. A big diesel mofo like myself would break this little bitch in half with my cock. Anorexic looking ho. Breath probally smells like puke after she regurgitates her dinner. I need a woman with tits, ass, and curves. *flexing muscles*

  23. hellokittylover

    Alessandra Ambrosio looks amazzzzing. THIS is exactly why I starve myself. Im a freaking size 2 and I feel disgusting, I can’t wait to buy 00 size jeans –I would just be so estactic to have loose fitting double zero jeans.

  24. John

    There was nothing in that article about Lady GaGa masturbating on stage….

    You fail at comprehension…


    She was hot, but having a kid blew her butt out. She needs implants in the rear now. Just knowing she’s had a kid makes her no longer the festive fantasy she was before.

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