Don’t Ever Accuse Alec Baldwin’s Wife of Tweeting At A Funeral, You Toxic Little Queen

June 28th, 2013 // 33 Comments
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Alec Baldwin
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For a man whose 17-year-old daughter has been getting visibly banged on the Internet by a guy named Slater Trout, walking ball of rage Alec Baldwin has done a remarkable job of keeping his composure. A move he’s clearly pulled off by bottling up his anger until it eventually explodes into a fury so fiery hot his face qualifies as a volcano which is exactly what happened yesterday when the Daily Mail accused his pregnant wife of tweeting during James Gandolfini‘s funeral. You may want to grab an oven mitt:

- Someone wrote that my wife was tweeting at a funeral. Hey. That’s not true. But I’m gonna tweet at your funeral.
- George Stark, you lying little bitch. I am gonna f%#@ you up.
- I want all of my followers and beyond to straighten out this fucking little bitch, George Stark. @MailOnline
- My wife and I attend a funeral to pay our respects to an old friend, and some toxic Brit writes this fucking trash
- If put my foot up your fucking ass, George Stark, but I’m sure you’d dig it too much
- I’m gonna find you, George Stark, you toxic little queen, and I’m gonna fuck…you…up.

You’ll probably be surprised to learn that the tweets have since been deleted along with Alec’s account, but not before being screencapped all over the Internet because our children deserve a record of such pure, unbridled Baldwin. One day, I’ll sit my grandson on my knee, and say, “Boy, let me show you a tale about a man whose anger was so fierce, he would take on the form of a grizzly bear and wreak fuck-fire upon his enemies.” And that boy will look up at me and say, “You’re not my grandpa. You’ve never even had sex with a woman,” then call the police. These are my dreams.

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  1. He is a tower of pure awesomeness.

  2. I wish he’d just hold up the brass balls and tell someone third prize is “you’re fired.”

  3. I have no problems with his “anger issues.”
    The so-called gossip , paparazzi newspapers in the Uk can write any shit about you regardless how fake,and weird it is. Phone taps on your mobile phone, etc just for a story.
    Fuck you very much Murdoch.

  4. JC

    I’m eagerly awaiting the story of him going apeshit on one of the Viking extras in those Capital One commercials, possibly for pointing his beard at Baldwin in a menacing manner.

  5. Rob

    “Someone wrote that my wife was tweeting at a funeral. Hey. That’s not true. But I’m gonna tweet at your funeral.”


  6. Why are Mel Gibson and he not doing a buddy pic?

  7. EricLR

    One day mankind will learn to tap into Baldwin rage as a power source. And we will finally end our dependence on fossil fuels forever.

  8. BB

    PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN. You think I’m fuckin’ with you? I am not fuckin’ with you.

  9. Arlmlo Schlongfooster

    Balwin for Prezidente!

  10. Dick Hell

    All we have to do now is convince Alec that Justin Bieber is really George Stark.

  11. You think that’s bad? Wait til I start having sex with Ireland Baldwin. Can you say mass paparazzi shootings?

  12. Swearin

    ” – I want all of my followers and beyond to straighten out this fucking little bitch, George Stark.”

    I’m sick of celebrities trying to radicalize their social media followers like they’re some kind of goddamned personal army. I mean, in the case of Twi-Hards and Beliebers I can understand, as teenage girls will tear faces off. But for the rest of them, stop pretending like Twitter and Facebook isn’t just something adults do whenever their bosses are on the other side of the office or they’re bored on their lunch breaks and your crazy, entitled celebrity shit is amusing, not a call to fucking arms

  13. Sven Golly

    Careful, Daddy. Your wife’s unborn extortion-baby senses your hostility.

  14. Enidaj

    So it’s okay for Baldwin to go on a homophobic tirade against a writer from a piece of shit paper but Paula Deen is about to lose everything for something she said decades ago?

    • schmidtler

      The difference is, Baldwin’s talent goes beyond telling people how to make a hamburger between 2 doughnuts used as buns, followed by trying to sell the cure for eating a diet consisting of hamburgers and doughnuts.

    • And honestly, what’s left to take away? His Capital One miles?

    • Pia

      I’m sick and tired of the “just a word she said decades ago” defense. Read the complaints filed against her and then read the deposition. If this really was about her saying the n-word once I’d agree with you, but the truth is that she, her brother Bubba, and some of the higher-ups in her company are truly disgusting people.

  15. Raymond

    His words would carry alot more weight if there weren’t tweets that were posted from his wife’s account while she was at the funeral.

  16. anonym

    haha. Alec can’t fuck anything up. Many guys could beat the shit out of him.

    Typical Alec. Classless trash.

  17. D-chi

    “You Toxic Little Queen” would make a great band name, if queen is not used in the pejorative homophobic sense. (Maybe there’s a literal queen. That would be interesting.)

    But on the real, Alec really comes off as less of a ticking time bomb and more of an unstable nuke.

  18. Doug

    Since several tweets (twits ?) were sent out from Hilaria (Alec’s wife) durring the funeral, the Daily Mail is correct.

  19. Frank Burns

    ‘Baldwin is a blowhard dumbass’ is as regular a headline as ‘Lindsay Lohan is in Jail/Rehab’. But, Baldwin spurred one of my fav comments ever here at Superficial, from ‘cc’.

  20. I totally have the warmies for Alec Baldwin’s wife. Or daughter. I ain’t proud…

  21. thecrazybetty

    the bloated face bastard.

  22. Jenn

    He’s got the manopause, get him the patch, he’ll be ok.

  23. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    He hasn’t had sex in awhile, and he knows he’ll be at sea for a lot longer yet. Cut him some slack. His fun is over, hers has just begun.

  24. Ha Ha, Alec Baldwin is awesome. I have no problem with gay people or men, support gay marriage, but gay men are generally fucking assholes and the honest ones will admit that. The queen ones are the most fucking annoying assholes you will ever run into on the planet.

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