Akon goes nuts

April 19th, 2007 // 197 Comments

Akon performed at Zen nightclub in Port of Spain last Thursday and managed to con some girls into dancing on stage by telling them they were entering a contest to win a trip to Africa. And somehow that little ruse turned into the above video of him dry humping a 14-year-old girl on stage. I’m just glad he kept it tasteful, because there’s so many ways this could’ve come off poorly.

Thanks to everybody that sent this in.


  1. BarbadoSlim

    And lastly this dude’s “music” even comes with parental warnings. Why are her parents allowing her to even be there? to even listen to any of his crap? There’s no excuse, LOCK UP YOUR FUCKING KIDS. Little missy here was supposed to be studiying at home not whoring herself out to this dirtbag.
    Once again, parents of the new generation *clap* *clap* *clap*

    nice job!

  2. iamsosmrt

    Ubfortunately girls do not wear there birth certificates on their forheads, which makes it kind of hard for guys like this to obey the law (something he’s obviously had a lot of trouble doing in the past too). I never said her behaviour was acceptable and her parents are obviously doing a bang up job, just like Lohan’s Mom and the horrible Hitlon’s and countless others that are clearly raising the sluttiest, whoriest generation EVER.

    When you’re famous or capable of getting some you’ve got to watch yourself.

    Plus any guy who has to try that hard to show how manly he is is one of two thing:


    I’m gonna guess in his case it was #2, In jail and by Daddy.

  3. iamsosmrt


  4. iamsosmrt


    At least I can spell convicted and my real name which is untrue for Asskon who had to shorten his real sentence… I mean name, which is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Locku Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam. No joke.

  5. BarbadoSlim

    Most thug rappers are closet homos, and as for the sad state of todays generation I give you her page as an example:


    why any parent allows shit like this is beyond me, enjoy.

  6. BarbadoSlim

    Don’t forget to enjoy her music selections which include the kid’s all time classic:

    “More punanny”

  7. iamsosmrt

    Thank you for the entertainment. Her spelling is incredible!

    Also she lists her favorite quote as; “what goes around comes around!!! dont hate the playa hate d game!!! level”

    Now that is fucking priceless.

    Too bad she will only understand the irony of those words when she is a miserable drunken cougar with boobs down to her knees and with 30 bastard children to care for all by herself.

    By then Akon should be back in jail or dead. Life is funny.

  8. ttgapers

    Well well,

    Thanks superficial for making me aware of this. More information on this is becoming available. The girl is confirmed to be 14 years old and the daughter of a pastor in Trinidad. The public is outraged, and rightly so. If anyone is interested in following up on this, and also wanting to actually see the video, check it out at: http://www.ttgapers.com/Article1704.html

    Take care.


  9. NicotineEyePatch

    I wanna fuck you

    And with that, I think most people can figure out what kinds of fans this music attracts. If kids are listening to this, their parents are doing a piss-poor job.
    If people are of age and choose to enjoy that music, when they go to concerts they are leaving themselves open to the kind of environment where lots of shit goes down and women can be objectified. That girl might have wanted to go onstage with Akon; she might have wanted to dance with him; but she got humped on too fast to object. That was no Ron Jeremy autograph. That said, I bet there were girls in the audience who envied her, but they’re mostly stupid sheep who think they should objectify themselves. And also their taste lays in their asses because the guy can obviously not perform live and needs a fucking track, and he’s a coattail rider, and look who his hosts are – the milkiest of the magnesias. And from the looks of his sorry assing he doesn’t seem to be much of a performer in that dept. either.
    If she is 14 she shouldn’t be there, maybe the tape stopped before her dad in the audience jumped onstage and thumped Akorn. It’s a shame these guys think they can just do that to chicks, it’s a shame chicks put themselves out there like that to be done to. People need to just value themselves a bit, fuck.

  10. HollyJ

    TY 154 for the site =)

    Um.. I didn’t see her fighting him at all. In fact, was that her squealing with delight as he pounded her pubis? I mean, he’s a disgusting pervert, but what is a 14-yr-old doing at a concert wearing that outfit and letting a grown man hump her on stage? Where was her “preacher” father? Does he have no idea who’s concert his 14-yr-old was going to dressed like a street whore?

    This is why 14-yr-olds have PARENTS. Their judgment sucks donkey balls.

  11. iamsosmrt

    Her pastor father and the public are outraged.
    I’d be pretty outraged too the day I found out I was a horrible, out of touch, useless parent or that my pastor was raising a skank.Pastors seem to have the most screwed up kids. It must be all that Holy pretension backfiring.

    Well at least it’s Karma time for Akon.

    SO judging by her clothing (or lack there of) in all her pictures on her fancy My space page she is clearly a spoilt rich kid. Religion is such a lucrative business, when you are selling the invisible product the sky is the limit(pun intended).Just like that hour of power jerkoff whose daughter (one of them) was on Laguna Beach (the real OC).

    So this girl says she has no job because she lives off “Papiiii”, yeah that’s called being a CHILD.

    What an awesome world we are living in where crappy parents, gigantic asshole perverts and sluttiness are a global trend.

  12. SuburbanCowboy


    Send him back to jail. If he does this in front of people, god knows what he is doing when the cameras aren’t on.

    I would lock him up solely based on his awful singing.

  13. iamsosmrt

    Last thing.

    I GUARANTEE that that 14 year old is feeling absolutely miserable right now. That’s the thing about being a kid, especially these days; you don’t know what you want. Most adults don’t even know what they want. Even if you can fill out the slutty big girl clothes and people treat you like one this girl is just a kid and despite the whole “image” what she probably wants most of all is to be some guys Cinderella but these days the media is only selling Sluterella and most girls don’t understand the difference between respect and attention. Today’s typical parent is too damn busy and absentee to know what the hell is going on because their work is more important than their JOB of being a parent. I have seen this song and dance over and over again. When I was her age I was watching The little Mermaid and eating candy (which is also what I did yesterday hmmmm).Anyway, it’s a shit world but parents know that going in to parenthood so there is no excuse.

    I honestly hope her family takes this LESSON and learns from it, because I don’t think Akon will learn a thing.

    Perhaps this post was a little too soft for the Superficial but that’s too fucking bad. I vented and said what I had to say. This world is a mess.

  14. no1justminda

    My question is, how did she survive that?! Being freaky is one thing, but that was like getting whipped around on a bull and getting pounded by a jackhammer. What a ho, where’s Imus for this one? Maybe this will teach her that if you dress like a ho, you get treated like a ho. Get enough attention now??

  15. irapback

    imsosmrt calm down dude, some say 14 is the new 25. Just don’t get caught fucking the bitch.

    “we are talking about 3 to 5″ here. – little miss sunshine.


  16. Mr.Z

    she enjoyed all the way down baby !!

  17. iamsosmrt

    Oh you can get caught, in fact you can tape that shit and sent it to Utube, if you’re a famous millionaire.

    Most 25 year olds are mentally 14… at least Akon is, well make that 4, a really horny 4 year old because I don’t think the boy can spell or count to fourteen.

    Oh I’m good and calm because I don’t have to live my life looking over my shoulder for the hidden 20/20 camera.

    Sux for people who can only get laid by breaking the law.
    Hookers, underagers or rape; the way douchebags have sex. They all get caught someday…

  18. e-li-na

    That’s exactly the kind of attention that “little” groupie was looking for when she chose to wear those two strings “covering” her chest..

  19. fergernauster

    To all you theorizing pedants dissecting the morals (or lack thereof) of this “story”:

    After witnessing this, there is no way you cannot come to the logical conclusion that even an ant farm’s inhabitants exhibit more intelligence, class, and self-respect than do this stinky monkey and his somewhat compliant ragdoll prop.

    My wrap-up? The world is going to hell in a handbasket and the INSECTS ARE SET TO RULE THE PLANET in 2015!!! (directly after the big ol’ guy up there pulls the plug).

  20. #145–there’s your answer..HER DAD IS A PASTOR…all preachers kids are wild as hell. Any chance they get,, they’ll do anything and everything with anyone.THEIR BORED OF ALL THAT RELIGION!!

  21. Me

    Get this.

    The girl won a dancce competition before hand and was told that the prize would be a trip to Africa. After the on-stage pounding she was told that Akon was “Africa” and that she had already gotten her trip. LOL WOW.

    As far as ppl wondering what a 14 year old is doing in a night club….
    I am from Trinidad (the country this took place in) and there is no minimum drinking age there and there is usually no club entry age either. The only requirement to get into most night clubs in Trinidad is that you have to at least be in high school (i am guessing there). At 14 you are 2 years away from graduating high school there, and that is the age when most kids start going to clubs.

  22. wedgeone

    Wow, that’s the normal thing for 14 year olds to do in Trinidad? Thank God for the AIDS epidemic!!!

  23. Ghert

    The girl’s name is apparently Deena Alleyne.

  24. viajero

    #121. I figured it out. You work at a pawn shop.

  25. Me


    It’s a normal thing for 14 year olds to go to clubs in Trinidad…..not to have sex, nor to act like a banshee onstage with an ex con.

    What the hell are you talking about?

    There are some people out there who just should not speak……….you are one of them.

  26. viajero

    All the pervs want to blame the girl. This post was probably like a Christmas present to them and they will spend weekend wrapped in their come stained sheets chanting “she begged me, she begged me”. That Barbado guy probably blames Polly Klaus – she was in pyjamas, after all.

  27. BarbadoSlim

    No, I don’t. I also don’t make generalizations like you. Neither do I make willing participants into victims.

    This was no Polly Klaus.

  28. iamsosmrt

    177. I understand what you

  29. wedgeone


    In the words of Edna (who is probably also you in another personality): REPORTED!

    People, most of the crap that you’ve seen posted under my screen name over the past 4 days is the site’s resident troll. He’s now targeted me like so many others before me – those who used to make this site a grand place to chat. The troll right now is easy to spot – he’ll post some crap that is designed to incite anger, like “Kill ‘em all.” or “the niggers moved in” or countless other statements that make absolutely no sense. Eventually this troll will spam so much under my name that my real personality will be lost forever. Next step for him will be to put “Twatwaffle” in every post he makes under my name.

    I’ll defend myself to the death against this rat bastard with no life troll. All you people need to do to help is NOT RESPOND to his absurdity. My real posts crack on either the subject of the article or the author of the site. Anything else relating to “my gayness”, “my racism”, or “my transvestite adventures” are bogus. Just like the life of the troll – bogus.

    To the regulars on the site, remember me after I’ve gone the way of AFJ, jrz, richport, p0nk. Remember me the way I was, not the way the troll made me out to be.

    Walrus Loves The Cock!

  30. sh55555

    Please shut the fuck up all you PRUDE girls. A girl who is “14″ would love even seeing Akon. She doesnt care if she got humped. She liked it. Her parents might not have. And a girl who looked like that at “14″ is called a ho. She looked very skanky and was treated as such!!!!!!!!

  31. InSaNiTy

    Haha, the video is removed due to a copyright claim by Universal Music Group.


  32. Mrs.G


    for #134,#135.you can see the video here.

    this girl looked for what happened to her! she was there, all ready and waiting for akon to dry-hump her. shameful shameful little girl!
    disgrace to Trinidad and women on the whole. As for Akon? What a sick fuck. he should be fined for that behaviour! reguardless if the girl was underaged or not, he should not have behaved like that!

  33. PKs are always wild.

    Her parents probably had no clue where she was. She probably told them she was at her friend Ginny’s overnight, and every time they called to check up, Ginny said she was in the bathroom or asleep.

    So they may not suck as parents…she may be just a normal teenager rebelling and suchlike, and they just fell for shit parents fall for–though usually only once.

    I was prepared to say she made the decision to get up on the stage and should deal, but if that stuff is true about him lying and telling her she won a trip, then he is a bastard and needs an asskicking.

    It’s one thing for a teen to do something stupid and have to deal with the consequences–it goes with the territory–but for him to use a lie to get her up there is bullshit, and I doubt in that case she knew he was going to try to blast through her pants.

  34. superficially




    but she did look cute saying it though….

  35. superficially

    ps: #184, her father (the pastor) drives her to the parties that she attends, for your information. He said that he likes to give his children “freedom of choice”….so he does have a part to play in all of this….

    he drove her to Zen that night, saw her outfit and gave her the $400 dollars for the ticket…. He admitted it on the news and said that all his daughters dress in that manner. He also mentioned that he does not punish his children but instead encourages them to make their own decisions

  36. In that case…

    They do suck as parents, and deserve an asskicking as well. And he sounds like another Joe Simpson.

    Thank you for the update.

  37. bajanredrasta

    first. As a Bajan Living in Trindad I go to ZEN and this was one of those things that got totally out of hand. Many things came about that got this girl on stage. Heckeling from the crown about her to simple peerpressure. Akon is totally out of place and a legal stance should be taken against him. this went way WAY out of hand

  38. Akon is a dirty dog, but who doesn’t know that? Hopefully , he’s not like my mommie(brittney spears)..she won’t never come home and change my poopy pants….i hate her gut….,,i mean , i hate her bald head…


  40. supposably

    I was goin to post another link for anyone who missed it but I see someone has already provided noe.

    HAHA@them trying to get rid of the evidence.. no chance.


  41. keikei

    i kno that girl she’s from trinidad plus she’s been all over the news,her father’s a pastor!!!!!!!!!and her brother is sum othr important man in trinidad

  42. superficially

    check out: deevy-baby.hi5.com

    you will not be disappointed, trust me…SHE UPDATED HER SITE,AND IT’S HOT

  43. Rob

    In response to those discussing mosh pits, at-law in particular. I’m pretty sure that no one who dances in pits does so because of some viable means of sexual gratification. It’s mostly about proving that they are “tuff” or “hardcore”, which I guess in some sick depraved way could cause some sexual gratification. More or less my point is that those people are no different than Mr. Akon here. Their self-centered and sex obsessed, womanizers.

    Has Everyone seen the video of Akon throwing some kid straight of the stage for hitting him with a bottle? (which might of been an accident).

    If you haven’t seen it check it out here

  44. Shadysbaby

    eww shut up, it was her own fault, she seemed to enjoy it pretty much!! she couldve never gone up there, if its such a big problem, hes not even hurting her or anything, omg!!! that.. omg!!
    akon is the best<3<3

  45. Shadysbaby

    eww shut up, it was her own fault, she seemed to enjoy it pretty much!! she couldve never gone up there, if its such a big problem, hes not even hurting her or anything, omg!!! that.. omg!!
    akon is the best<3<3

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