Adrianne Palicki Filming Wonder Woman in Costume

Despite almost universal consensus that, based on the costume alone, Wonder Woman would be canceled after six episodes, production went ahead anyway because here’s Adrianne Palicki filming in Los Angeles last night. And I will say this, the outfit looks much better in action than when it’s presented as one of those Halloween costumes you buy in a bag. Also, Wonder Woman bends over a lot, so perhaps they captured the true spirit of the character after all. I can’t help but think if Robert Downey Jr. said he’d wear this outfit on a cocaine bender, we could put this whole thing to rest. I’m pretty sure he still owes David E. Kelley a solid. “Well, the pants aren’t really my bag. But that bustier does know how to lift a titty. — I’ll be at the Four Seasons. Send it over.”

Photos: Splash News, WENN