Adrianne Palicki Filming Wonder Woman in Costume

March 30th, 2011 // 134 Comments

Despite almost universal consensus that, based on the costume alone, Wonder Woman would be canceled after six episodes, production went ahead anyway because here’s Adrianne Palicki filming in Los Angeles last night. And I will say this, the outfit looks much better in action than when it’s presented as one of those Halloween costumes you buy in a bag. Also, Wonder Woman bends over a lot, so perhaps they captured the true spirit of the character after all. I can’t help but think if Robert Downey Jr. said he’d wear this outfit on a cocaine bender, we could put this whole thing to rest. I’m pretty sure he still owes David E. Kelley a solid. “Well, the pants aren’t really my bag. But that bustier does know how to lift a titty. — I’ll be at the Four Seasons. Send it over.”

Photos: Splash News, WENN


  1. Steph

    They changed the costume. Veto’d the heels and changed up the pants. I likes it. Very good changes.

    • Dan

      ehhh… that is not the *real* wonder woman

      That was part of the appeal, wonder woman could do all those amazing things in that impractical outfit.

    • Mark

      Indeed the costume is fine now. Her hair tho doesn’t work, maybe some post-production there or some butt pads? I hope so because wonderwoman is supposed to stand out especially with wafting beautiful hair. Otherwise they could have gone with Megan Fox as well if that’s of no concern for them.

    • thecolor

      Ugh! Hiddious!, She looks old, and the new outfit is worse, and her hair looks like a wig! Ugh. I can’t watch. It will be a disaster compared to the original.

      They should have cast someone like: Rena Sofer, and stuck with a more original outfit. While the last was not perfect, it was better than this one.

    • Tatin

      I think they should have used something like this:

  2. Lucion

    Ugh… :-(

  3. the ass shots are rubworthy. here hopin for an oops moment. i mean boobs *can* come out that bustier right? come on, *will* it so guys……

  4. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    Commented on this photo:

    now I’m disappointed :(

  5. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    Commented on this photo:

    omg watch out everyone wonderwoman is gonna rape you

  6. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    Commented on this photo:

    Alex, i’ll take Superhero Lap Dances for 100

  7. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    wtf how unflattering can those pics get, I don’t get how this can be the best they could find for the job,…

  8. what?

    they could’ve picked a much better wonder woman.

    • Keno

      My thoughts exactly…though my comment to that effect was deleted. Apparently I didn’t call some gay or falsely call her rub worthy…

      • Mark

        I feel somewhat sad for her because she seems like a very likeable nice person, this could still work out but it’s not really the best fit for the role from the looks of it.

  9. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Wow..she is a terrible pick…was her face stung by a bee?

  10. Ed


  11. fondue

    Holy hell that looks uncomfortable.

  12. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    eeeww I guess this well need lots of post-production fx work.

  13. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Wow, thats a pretty damn nice face.

    • Mark

      Yeah well it’s strange with her, on some pics she looks half decent, sometimes even really nice but on most she looks like some butch serial killer, I guess with good light and from a carefully selected angle and obviously post-production work on her butt this could work out.

  14. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    DOucHe BaGELs
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    Her tits are going to flop out………..*waiting*

  15. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Well I had hopes before, at least they changed the lower part of the costume a bit and it works better, still that butt won’t cut it.

  16. annie from fremantle

    that movie’s gonna have two hits….

  17. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    At the end of the day, if the script is good, they show will be good. I love the actress in Friday Night Lights. I bet this show suprises people.

  18. matt

    as a protest to this costume, i ain’t gonna watch this, and i’m gonna tell my friends and relatives not to watch it… not until they changed those pants to something more appropriate… something less appropriate i mean…


  19. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    Cock Dr
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    What amazes me is that those boots don’t have 5 inch spike heeels. She’s actually in footwear that a woman can run in without breaking an ankle.

  20. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    best shot of em all, hope they can pull it of that she looks like that in the whole flick later. On another note, her hair doesn’t work either, maybe some post-production there? I hope so because wonderwoman is supposed to stand out with wafting beautiful hair. Otherwise they could have gone with Megan Fox as well if that’s of no concern for them.

  21. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    You think they’d add some ass to the suit.

  22. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    I don’t know. If the director shoots slow motion “Baywatch” style clips with her running towards the camera, I see 2 advantages that can keep the show running beyond 6 episodes.

  23. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    if she sits on my face i’ll tell the truth

  24. squiggy

    It’s nicer than the kmart version from before, but no heels?! No star spangled panties?! What’s next, Superman wearing his underwear inside his pants? pft. Eggs to realism.

  25. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Yeah like some butt-pads or something,..

  26. slappy magoo

    I want to know how much money they spent designing a costume that looks pretty much the same as a bustier someone could buy in a Halloween store, matched up with pants left over from Up With People’s Hooray For America’s Bicentennial Hootenanny.

  27. Deacon Jones

    The people that designed this costume should be hung…

    My stormtrooper costume from a couple years ago that I made out of hockey pads while drinking Jaeger looks better than this shit

  28. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    OMG… I call dibs.

  29. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    Dude where did the perp go?

  30. mega inc

    oh my god megan fox is best……….and beautiful…………………………………………………..

  31. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    That Guy
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    As you can see, the silicon implant resists the sudden change in motion, causing the breast to appear even more deformed.

    This has also caused a psychological reaction of anger in the patient, as it makes her look ugly.

  32. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    That Guy
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    Man she really needs to work on that angry/determined face.

  33. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    That Guy
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    Are her hands permanently stuck in “karate chop action” mode or something.

  34. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    That Guy
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    She looks good in the costume, but you put it in motion and all you get is diarrhea faces and panicked looks.

  35. Jock McCrock

    The bad boob job on the actress in the role would suggest that this relaunch was originally aimed at the porn market (although they’ve obviously since added an unflattering pair of leggings to make the costume worthy of family viewing). The idea of getting two bags of silicone to sell a show would definitely have worked 15 years ago (it did with Baywatch), but now it just looks dated and lame. It’s a shame, because she’s actually a pretty girl if your eyes get up high enough, but her dodgy surgery has just pigeon-holed her to this kind of subprime shit.

  36. LJ

    I guess that the producers forgot to notice that the popularity of the original Wonder Woman show have little to do with story line and stunts, but with a loose fitting bustier giving us some bounce in the action scenes, and bare legs.

    Maybe if they can have Wonder Woman located in Miami so that she can do a lot of poolside shots in a bikini the series will work.

    But since they seem to want to keep her covered up……six episodes will be about it.

    A Linda Carter Wonder Woman Mix (start it at about 1:50):

  37. timmy the dying boy

    She’ll never be Lynda Carter.

  38. blah

    This looks like something my grandma would wear!!

    • The Critical Crassness

      It looks like something my great-grandmother wore to the Natatorium around 1890,
      except it is too colorful.

  39. Bucky Barnes

    In my opinion they should have cast Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman just so they’d have to hire a team of Sherpas to help her get into those pants.

  40. m.

    I think it’s funny how the old version of Wonder Woman showed more skin. One would think that broadcast television is more releaxed about skin than before, but obviously it isn’t.
    By the way I could live with the costume, but those fake tits are distracting, they make her look like a p0rn “star” straight from the “Wonder Woman XXX” version.

    • The Critical Crassness

      Thank Timberpussy and Janet Jackson for that fact. Their little wardrobe malfunction and resultant uproar caused the FCC to be so harsh that the over-the- air networks are afraid to show even the slightest bit of anything that could be considered sexy.

  41. So uh…how did the Progressive Insurance girl get the gig for Wonder Woman?

  42. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    Commented on this photo:

    Someone’s been doing biceps curls with Madonna…and from the looks of this picture, it’s Maggie Gyllenhaal.

  43. I definitely believe now that “Wonder” is too strong of an adjective for the steaming pile this show is going to be. My call? “So-so Woman”, released straight to DVD.

    Also, that’s not a very magical looking lasso.

  44. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
    Commented on this photo:

    I wonder if Wonder Woman wonders what we wonder.

    I know what -I’m- wondering.

  45. Not even the current amount of “silicone muffin top” can make this show watchable.

  46. ri

    She’s got that deer in headlights look which wonder woman never had. They should have cast someone more MILFy to play wonder woman.

    • Jock McCrock

      you are so right – nobody seems to mention that Lynda Carter’s sexiness came from her MILF qualities and the confidence of an older woman.

  47. SexxiMamma

    I’m very sorry, but she does not have the BODY to be Wonder Woman. She isn’t curvy enough…

  48. Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman
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    She’s too tall and skinny to be a believable Wonder Woman. They need to get someone with some heft – like Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson.

  49. Jammy

    Same thing I was thinking. She looks weak, definitely not fierce enough to play Wonder Woman.

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