1. battlecat



  2. I think this woman is mentally ill: she appears to be an exhibitionist. Seriously.

  3. MsGuyDead

    WTF is wrong with her? She always looks surprised but the obsessive posing suggests otherwise. Also, she has more stuff in her shower than Walmart has in their hair care aisle.

  4. Peanutty

    That is not cute or sexty.

  5. Sarah

    Who is she? A model? She’s really cheapening her status with these twitter pics

  6. Wow I would certainly like to wash her back…side. With or without makeup!

  7. Ooolala

    Face looks fine to me. Eyebrows a little overdone on the plucking but otherwise beautiful. Just curious though, what is the plastic blue gloves for at top of shower shelves?

    • bubbastix

      my guess from living with a woman is that the gloves are used during hair dyeing

    • 404 Not Found :)

      Ooolala – those gloves are actually loofah gloves, they’re like the actual loofah sponge in texture, so basically it’s just like wearing a very thin sponge ‘glove’ on your hand. Add soap and water and you’re set. They’re also called exfoliating gloves.

  8. CHANG

    Fucking peter brady. Fucking shitty bike repairing peter brady. fuck.

  9. Richport's Ghost


    Looks like someone beat it with a bag of rocks.

    This self-absorbed cunt is a mentally-ill exhibitionist. Playboy soon, MILF porn not too long after that.

    P.S. I typed this without sight. I gouged out my eyeballs after seeing that puss, the one attached to her shoulders that is. If ever there was a case for a bag over the head, this is it.

  10. Burger

    Whoa… look at all of the CRAP in her shower caddy.

    My shower contains one bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap. Maybe I need to expand my bathing horizons.

  11. Luckenstein

    Hmmm… She has a nice shower. Funny what reruns on Tv land provides you with.

  12. ihavestufftoo!

    ok, i have just as much stuff in my shower, whats wrong with having a ton of stuff in your shower lol? I’m pretty sure that glove is not a blue plastic glove, i think its a exfoliating glove, i have two in my shower. From far away is does look like a plastic glove. Also…she has a great body and i think her face is cute but its kind of annoying shes always posting pics like this.

  13. bubblehead

    Why does she have more shampoo than my hairdresser. She should be on that hoarders reality show. She must drink that stuff.

  14. Dude

    Why do the women have to shave off their beautiful pubic hair. Bald pussy is not attractive, people!

  15. eric

    total shaver. i like that in a dumb fuckpuppet.

  16. Rush

    She needs some more products in that shower. What is this, a commercial? Look at all that shit in there.

    Oh yeah, and her ass.

  17. mena

    That is one filthy bathroom ( look at the corners… ) and AC is sick.

  18. timmy the dying boy

    Another star that hides nothing of interest.

  19. all those shampoo bottles won’t wash away all the crazy

  20. YoYoMa

    How do you get past the stars?

  21. The Mutt

    Two things:

    She needs to scrub out those corners.

    Who is Adrienne Curry?

  22. mfb

    adrienne…keep the nudity coming…..much appreciated!!!

  23. anonym

    i see it !!!

    i see the pussy lips !

    squint your eyes, and you can see it too

  24. majorfathead

    Why was this starred again?

  25. Instead

    Imaginary heels

  26. Gene

    I’m confused. Exactly what was the huge red star of yours attempting to cover…soap bubbles? She shaves her bush…whoop dee doo…so does about every chick out there these days.

    Bait and switch journalism at it’s best!

  27. allure

    contradicting. if she’s in front of you in reality like that, men will still be men

  28. JustSomeGuy

    All you guys talking about how many shampoos she has, are clearly not married. My wife’s got triple that amount. I barely have room for my one fucking bottle in my own shower. I don’t know why, but women love that shit.

    Also, I would totally hit that.

  29. matt

    drop the soap and pick it up.

  30. thom

    washa washa washa!!!!!

  31. yayo

    get a job CUNT


    Now THATS a body!


    ok superfish. She is hot……but are you f*cking kidding me? Wtf is this sh*t!?!?
    How would this be NSFW? This chick is now showing anything near the actual vagina. I’m dissappointed. Stop NFSW’ing sh*t that isn’t even remotely bonerizing. Please!

  34. stings

    Why is everyone looking at her if you hate her so much?

    Fucking retards!

  35. Fat Cats Galore

    I’m just interested in zooming in to see what kind of shampoos and body washes she uses- hey, it’s a woman thing. I could care less about her anatomy. Seen one, seen them all. Snore.

  36. NEgrah Woods

    fap-fap-ap-fap. She washing herself in my ejaculate.

  37. Negrah Woods



    Why does she have more shampoo than my hairdresser. She should be on that hoarders reality show. She must drink that stuff.

  39. bigfootnaija

    There’s notin nu under da sun!!..crazy stuff!..just let me at it!

  40. Are you really against exhibitionism or is it naked ladies you don”t like seeing. cough cough you know

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