Adrian Grenier wants it to burn when he pees

September 18th, 2007 // 77 Comments

Adrian Grenier is not ruling out a relationship with Paris Hilton. As of right now, they’re just friends, but according to Adrian, “there’s a world of possibility!” (And gonorrhea. Possibilities and gonorrhea.) Now prepare yourself for a combination of words describing Paris Hilton that will make your face implode. E! Online reports:

“I think she’s absolutely wonderful. I really like her, genuinely. So, there’s that. Just genuine human-to-human appreciation. But she also has a very unique experience that I’m curious about. It’s an experience she’s been intertwined with for many years. Well beyond the many years I’ve had to experience this sort of celebrity situation. So, you know, we’re sort of helping each other out. We’re sort of mutual mentors.”

I see Adrian Grenier act on Entourage. I basically take it for granted that he’s of a mild intelligence and can interact with people unsupervised. But, now, I’m absolutely positive he’s mentally retarded. Paris Hilton as a mentor? Shouldn’t he have a case worker that takes him miniature golfing or something? I don’t pay taxes so this poor sap can get his genitals melted off. Until I see Adrian Grenier performing safer, more monitored activities like eating ice cream or, I dunno, dirt-bike riding without a helmet, the IRS can bite my ass. Which is unbelievably firm, so I hope they have strong teeth.


  1. wedgone

    omg FRIST!

  2. nichi

    almost first :(
    paris hilton is whore the end

  3. Not sure why either would consider this potential relationship a good idea…

  4. PunkA

    I’d tap it. But only with double coverage. And I ain’t talking football, although I know paris favorite sport is lickball.

  5. sportsdvl

    I can understand him taking the chance of numerous genital diseases to tap Paris, but why would she want him????

  6. eeks

    Isn’t he like mexican?
    does he know she’s a bigot?
    I actually LOVED him in “drive me crazy” (the movie)
    but now I loathe him.
    what a fucking sorryass pathetic idiot.

  7. There’s nothing like sharing VD.

  8. antichrist

    They’re both dog faced bitches; they deserve eachother.

    Hopefully they will team up to win a Darwin Award, then the world will be a better place.

  9. Not sure who this Adrian guy is.
    But let’s face it guys. Paris will always be gr8… as long as she doesn’t mind just holding hands – and picks up the bill.
    I think one the things i like most about this site….is…well that’s I’m still here.
    (Can’t get any comments on ‘Huffington Post’ and this chick is considered left wing” down there!)
    And in other news -
    YIKES. Thanks God the taser via internet thingy isn’t perfected yet – or I’d be toast !

  10. JJ

    Is this guy — whoever he is — whoring her money, publicity, or both?

  11. Mike

    I just love it when it burns when I pee. I should hook up with Paris Hilton.

  12. GottaLuvHer

    She must have enough money to be beautiful to anyone who sees her as the solution to the question: How can I not work and still not be homeless?

  13. @11 Mike, just tell her where you work and she will be all over you!!!

  14. Watter Bottle

    Pic #2 does a great job of showcasing the wonky eye.

  15. And And in other news:
    -the new host of The View doesn’t know know if the world is flat.
    It’s almost as if Rosie was educating the daytime crew. Bye Bye !
    I guess the world is unfolding as it should….well ok…
    Let’s see what happens.

  16. Mike

    #13, if you have the contact info, please do it for me.

    Was FRIST and Veggi on today?

  17. Well. Ok.
    Maybe this one will work.
    You’re lokkin’ cute Paris ! etc.

  18. @16 I talked to Veggi earlier today, but I have not heard a word from FRIST

  19. emily

    you are one funny fuckin dude

  20. taterhater

    why, Adrian, why? are you breaking my heart

  21. Jenna

    What a perfect title.

  22. barknot

    yea, she’s one of those exes of evil that what’s his name was talking about a while back. to me she looks like one of those WMD’s (women mired in desperation).

  23. @22 Hey fartnot – it is “Axis of evil” not exes of evil. I bet you make your momma proud

  24. katie

    what happened to that one blonde model he was with?

  25. Carlos

    Yuck, what a pussy. Can Adrain use softer language? Geez, this guy sounds like a guy who douches on the regular. I’m curious about Paris too, but the way a research technician thinks about lab rats.

  26. Binky

    Well thank God I’m banned from Huntington Post without having posted anything.

    (Never did figure out her accent – probably a commie)

    jimbo – cool link. wasn’t sure where I was here at the Lake,
    Butt is Jimbo – Big Jim ?
    (Believe me we need a few Albertans here)

  27. jacknasty

    On the plus side “Teen Wolf vs. Praying Mantis” would be an exciting premis should they release a sex tape

  28. For those of you keeping score at home :
    Re Bill Maher comment Angie and her kids off the ground ?!
    “: Bill your comments are becoming as feeble as your analysis of 9-11.
    They’re starting to call you Dennis Miller”

    Is banned on Huf -po.
    (I guess that’s why we’re here…)

    Shit – they’re gonna taser me soon…

  29. stenchblossom

    Best. Headline. Ever

  30. whats awesome about this post is that i read the title “adam grenier wants it to burn when he pees” and i immeadiatly said aloud, “paris”

    ah, another std victim.

  31. ninjarobot

    new campaign slogan for Spring Break 2007: CANCUN! -
    “Possibilities and gonorrhea”

  32. New campaign slogan for Spring Break 2007: CANCUN! -

    ’9-11 was an inside job’

    {Binky : Well ok there’s a chane ‘Bud’ didn’t sponcer that one.}

  33. Binky

    Chance *

    (Sorry – don’t Taser me Dude )

  34. Maya

    Out for some pussy (with STD).

  35. Binky

    “: Bill (Maher) your comments are becoming as feeble as your analysis of 9-11.
    They’re starting to call you Dennis Miller”

    Is banned on a ‘left-wing’ web site.

    (just thought you should know)

  36. steve who would never fuck paris in a million years

    “One does not slip easily into Paris. It’s meaty gates are guarded by more than herpes. There is an evil there does not sleep, and the Great Eye is ever watchful. It is a barren and cursed land, where smoking ash, sulphurous sores and burning crabs pollute the air, turning every breath into a noxious fume. Not with ten thousand men could you do this, it is folly.”

  37. Wonky

    Do you think I can get her diseases if I just let her suck my cock? I’d pull out and drop my baby batter in her wonky eye.

  38. Binky

    Re #32, 35 etc.
    George Washington: Like face it Binny ( sp?) the constitution just can’t explain this one.
    Ben Franklin: Like , I was, like flying kites in a lightning storm – for no apparent reason. Tasers for a question ?
    Tom Jefferson : Cool it guys – I heard you’re banned from Huf-po Bink. Don’t worry – I’m just a voice in your head – But I just penned down a little sumthin’ – John – we’ll need your handcock here.
    (Not that’s anything wrong etc….)

  39. paris is as hot as usual..

    even hotter with this bob cut!!!

    i love you paris hilton~~~~

  40. lemon tree

    #36 – F*#%ing brilliant!!

    As for Adrian Grenier – what a remarkable IDIOT. Is he completely insane or what?!? When he does inevitably wind up with two or three diseases and can’t find anyone else stupid enough to sleep with him, he’ll be crying himself to sleep at night wondering what, exactly, it was that he found so fascinating and “deep” about the shallowest, skankiest, most self-absorbed piece of shit on the planet, Paris Hilton. It’ll be a hell of a lesson.

    Here’s a clue Adrian: 10,000 guys have had her and FUCKING NO ONE has ever wanted to keep her. They all run away as fast as their little legs can carry them, so why do you suppose that is??

  41. Binky

    #39 & 40
    (may be new)

  42. Sheva

    Must be looking for work. Or although the show Entourage has been great, maybe his career prospects are not. Ironically the other guy on the show Connolly who plays his manager dated the sister for a spell of two years or so.

    So they both know where to milk it. But hey, you only have one dick. If that falls off, how is it worth it?

    For the free publicity and dinners?

  43. Red looks good on you Fish. Does it make you feel better? Keep the chunks down. Nite!

  44. i am losing respect for adrian. say it ain’t so! perhaps paris has some sort of evil secret powers over people that make them stupid?

  45. yeah

    we love the wit. we love the gossip. we enjoy the snarky tone.

    whoever the mastermind is who runs this site. . .when you are on the mend from your cold, know that there are lots of people out there who wished you well today and enjoy what you do.

    get better.

  46. Binky

    “You’re right Barry Manilow…
    Perhaps Steve and the other guy will help drag us out from this mess…

  47. Binky

    And Barry – Keep up the good work Bro !!!

    ( I figure you won’t Taser me ? And the world isn’t flat ?)

  48. Binky

    ( My sources recorded this ‘Barry’ thing much like the OJ guy.)
    Let’s go to tape -

    Barry : Look I’d love to be on the show ,But 9-11 was an inside job
    Barbwha : I’m sorry Barry but Elizebeth is the core sector of the death of this show,
    Barry: 9-11 was an inside job..
    Barbwha: Don’t go Rosie on us Barry. The show is daytime – not reality based.
    Barry : I’m gone.
    Barbwa : Barry – we’ve brought in a new chick who’s not sure the world is flat to interview you…
    Barry : Blow me.

  49. Hey Binky, did you know that 911 was an inside job?

  50. Binky

    I’m willing to go with it Frist.

    If you say so…


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