Adrian Grenier has a smelly penis

Here’s a cautionary tale for all you female Entourage fans out there. It turns out our boy Vince, Adrian Grenier, isn’t a fan of showering which leads to unpleasant experiences for ladies struck by his “star power.” I have no frickin’ clue. LA Rag Mag reports:

“We were kissing and stuff and then I went down like I was going to go down on him and he’s uncut just fyi, and hairy, but the worst part was the…the SMELL. It was like he hadn’t showered in days, and that’s just not polite to let a girl go down on you when YOU KNOW you didn’t take a shower and he’s uncut! So I look up at him, you know I pause, and he looks down at me with that smile he does on the show, sort of like “Suck it up”.
L&A: So what did you do? You told him it was too much right. Or you didn’t feel good?
HER: No..I …sucked it up and just held my breath. It was Adrian Grenier!!

Wow. It’s that easy these days? In that case, I’d like to point out The Superficial Writer is circumsized and showers daily. He’ll also be lighting leftover birthday candles in the janitor’s closet should anyone need him. Not you, Ted!

Photos: Mavrix