Adele Pukes Before Every Performance

September 6th, 2011 // 93 Comments

Via Us Magazine:

“I puke quite a lot before going on stage,” Adele, 22, tells British Vogue in its October issue — gracing its cover with a stunning closeup shot. “Though never actually on stage,” the Grammy winner clarifies. But the pre-show puke guarantees a great performance, she says.

*looks at photo, rereads quote, looks back at photo* …. I don’t believe you.

Photo: Flynet, Getty, Splash News


  1. Every performance, Fish, not ever breath.

  2. joys

    well she should do it after every meal!

  3. Farokh Bulsara , Jr.

    Obviously not enough !

  4. imagen

    Adele is fantastic. With that said, initially this struck a bad chord with me but then I remembered that you also make fun of the people who look like the crypt keeper and desperately need to eat a cheeseburger or 15 *cough*LEANNRIMES*cough*, so I can’t fault you for this. You’re equal opportunity. Carry on..

    • captian

      This site is called “The Superficial” for a reason, if you don’t like it go to her fan page, you little piggy.

      • Deacon Jones

        “you little piggy.”

        LOL, that was a good one!

      • imagen

        Uh..I’m pretty sure the whole point of my post was to convey the fact that in the end I don’t give a flying fuck whether he pokes fun at people’s weight since he doesn’t just pick on big girls, he picks on the anorexic chicks as well. Obviously you didn’t pick that up. I’m all good.

  5. Dr. Saggy aka(jlover)

    she may be fat but the accent gives her enough hot points to make it tap worthy right? right? right guy, hi five,…hello? guys?……damn….USA!

    • chocoj

      Nope her talent gives her enough point. It shows how shallow you americans are. just because she’s fat she cannot be famous?? Well in Europe we focus on art itself rather than posture of artist. so we have adele, sting and so on and you have justin bieber and britney spears. hi five!

      • Fuck you! You limey bastard with your blood pudding & bobbies with no guns. America kicked your country’s ass on more than couple of occasions so high five these nuts you cockney sucker!

      • JC

        Ah yes, chocoj, Europe is all about art. That must be why, when I just checked the European Billboard 100, the countdown is filled with the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Shakira (multiple entries), and Katy Perry (multiple entries). You’re all about substance over style, I can tell.

      • Wotwot

        Then what the fuck is Jordan famous for?

      • rican

        Hey JC, In Adele’s case A LOT of substance.

      • Crabby Old Guy

        Yup – those “Page 3 Girls” are all about the “art”.

      • rican

        chocoj, you’re the typical useless Brit that hates everything American but deep inside envies everything that is American. Your emotionally constipated being prevents you from embracing American culture, so you rely in criticizing it as means of justifying your pathetic complex of superiority. Just remember you ungrateful shit, if it weren’t for US you’d be eating Sauerkraut and speaking German.

      • kimmykimkim

        Hey Professor, the Americans who kicked Britain’s ass are all dead now. And the rest of Europe, those soldiers numbers are dwindling as well. So unless you’re fucking old as shit and fought in WWII, I don’t know why you’re bragging. You had nothing to do with it.

    • Balls

      Always funny how most Americans think they saved Europe from the Germans all by themselves while it was actually a coalition of France, Poland, the United Kingdom, the British Commonwealth, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Union of South Africa, USSR, USA, China, Belgium, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Yugoslavia, and others, who fought the Axis powers as the United Nations. So yeah, it was all you, America!

    • Balls

      Actually, the “turning point”, the decisive allied victory, were the Normandy landings. And what you’ll read in a history book is that this was a combined effort of the Australian, Canadian, French, UK, US, Norwegian, New Zealand, Polish and Dutch forces. The argument still stands. We did it together, we all lost a great deal..

      • rican

        Balls – So, if it wasn’t for the turnaround created by the U.S…, well you know the rest. MY argument still stands. Also, if you’ve been reading this site you know it is not a place to take things so serious and/or personal, so blow me.

  6. rican

    Well I guess she hardly performs these days!

  7. I puked in my Fruit Loops when I saw her just now!!!

  8. zomgbie

    ya she needs to perform a lot more.

  9. sitin

    Years ago Red Skelton, in a private interview said he always did the same thing befoe every show!

  10. Adele Vomis Before Performing
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m uncertain as to what bearing her weight has on her vocal performances? She doesn’t come across as a famewhore, so what is the purpose of fat jokes?

  11. Marie

    Oh yeah, sure. She’s just about the greatest singer in the last decade but hey, let’s downgrade her because she weights more than 100 pounds. No really. Haha she should puke more! Haha! Y’all are so classy…
    And then you fucking wonder how come some performers can’t handle the pressure of tours and media attention without being high out of their mind, and then woooops they overdose and it’s like, so sad, because they were soooo talented, y’know? Fuck all of you, you hypocrite little pieces of shit.

    • Sizzle

      Points to posts regarding Leann Rhime’s “Dying, emaciated frame.”

      I agree that her talent is worth more than her weight, but it does go both ways on this site.

      • Sizzle

        *LeAnn Rimes’

        Damn this pride of mine!

      • jane

        If they want to be a public figure or a celebrity, then I’m sure they are used to this. Otherwise, they would’ve all become medical assistants, I’ve never seen one that wasn’t fat.

  12. Deacon Jones

    I don’t wanna sound like a total flamer here…BUT

    Can I get a reading on that nail color ladies? I’m ready for them to start dripping acid and tear someone’s jugular open…

    • Fletch

      Demi Lovato wears hers the same way and it’s kinda creepy

    • kimmykimkim

      @Deacon, the Flaming Flamer: do you mean the length or the color of the nails? I personally love the nude color (I wear it all the time) and I love the long rounded nails. I’ve always hated squared off nails. The rounded ones are more glamorous looking. In fact, I want some. But I can’t cuz then I can’t play guitar or piano anymore…sad face..wah! Let’s go shopping sometime you big ole queer! :o)

    • foxhunter

      I like the color but those are too long and pointy looking for me…

    • Colin

      “Talons.” The word we were looking for was “talons.”

  13. Cock Dr

    She’s nowhere near fashionable weight but she looks like a very pretty young woman to me.
    *waves a dollar for bikini pics*

  14. The Presidential Mother-in-law

    Look like Wynonna Judd or whoever that other heavy white girl be.

  15. Adele Vomis Before Performing
    The Presidential Mother-in-law
    Commented on this photo:

    Face lookin like a death mask and shi

  16. Sizzle

    [obligatory statement about how it's 'refreshing' to see someone who doesn't weigh 90lbs doing well in the entertainment industry]

  17. jumpin_j

    Hey, I have something in common with Adele! I puke every time I think of her!

  18. I dunno, I like Adele. Yeah she’s chunky, but she’s got a great voice and a beautiful face. Anybody who can sing w/o autotune and doesn’t need to use cheap tactics to get attention is okay in my books.

  19. rican

    Looks like Jessica Simpson had breast reduction surgery to make her look skinny.

  20. SlapKatyPerry

    I think she’s a sexy full-figured mamacita, I’d date her.

  21. Adele Vomis Before Performing
    Racer X
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d wreck that.

  22. Adele Vomis Before Performing
    Blue Phoenix Radio
    Commented on this photo:

    Those finger nails do nothing at all for me. I haven’t heard her music. I am sure she is a nice person… but those nails. I am a guitarist… no way could I do that to my hands. Too long for piano… keys… all major woodwinds. Good thing she can sing.

  23. stratacat

    i never understood why big girls wear their hair big. it just makes them look fatter.

    • naano

      dude it so does

      i never understood why ANYONE would wear their hair big really, it just looks fucking retarded

    • SisterRay

      Agreed. The Hairspray look is not good. Otherwise she’s got a great sense of humor, decent songwriting skills, and a tremendous voice.

      Her consistently kicking Lady GaGa’s ass in sales also makes me giggle.

  24. bingledings

    There’s a quote by her floating around where she states that she loves food and hates exercise and never wants to be thin, so.

    That said, I think she’s actually quite pretty. I don’t dig the extra poundage but at least she’s actually, I dunno, talented, so she gets a pass.

  25. me

    This must be something she REALLY wants everyone to know, because I saw an interview on tv last month, she said the same thing.

  26. “adele, 22,…” – 22? that can’t be her age…she looks 42. maybe that stands for the number of mcdonald’s cheeseburgers she eats before each show.

  27. gigos

    whatever, she’s hot.
    (but she’s only 22? what the fuck?)

  28. Clarence Beeks

    The woman is a phenomenal talent. I love her music, and would rather look at her than Rhianna or Katy Perry ANY day. She can SING! They others are a fucking waste.

  29. UJ

    She must have bizarro-world-bulemeia then. Either that or being named Adele dooms you to be a fatty-boom-ba-latte no matter what you do.

  30. I know I have to preface this by saying she’s a beautiful woman but the truth is the truth – she’s be hot if she lost about 25 pounds and fucking smoking hot if she lost 35.

  31. Venom

    Lots of people puke before performances or speeches, not that uncommon.
    And this chick can sing her motherfucking ass off.
    Flat out amazing.

    A breath of fresh air in this shit auto-tuned world the music industry has become.

  32. Fumus

    Puking before every performance won’t help you if you eat at CiCi’s after every performance.

  33. naano

    bulimia doesn’t work that well to lose weight anyway because your body starts absorbing calories as soon as you put food in your mouth

  34. Adele Vomis Before Performing
    Commented on this photo:

    she’d be a total babe if she lost weight….her eyes and complexion are amazing!

  35. Adele Vomis Before Performing
    Stewie Griffin
    Commented on this photo:

    Imagine what she would look like if she stopped puking!

  36. kimmykimkim

    Fish, she has talent. She gets a fat pass.

  37. Pat C.

    She should stop looking in the mirror before she performs.

  38. Adele Vomis Before Performing
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t understand why people pick up on Adele, she isn’t like those fakes singers that can’t sing and just appeal to the body all the time. The important thing to become a good singer is able to sing and have a beautiful voice, and she has it all. She may be overweight, but she has a pretty face and an amazing voice.

  39. She’s cool. Leave singing to the singers and modelling to the models. Fucking MTV screwed it all up by showing us the performers and all of a sudden talent was secondary to looks. And now they don’t even show music videos – it’s all the lowest form of “reality” crap.

    Essentially, they stormed in, burned our villages and crops and salted our fields, and now they just keep coming back to rape us in the ass for kicks.

  40. Bulemia; you’re doing it wrong.

  41. Casey Serin

    Who in the hell is Adele Pukes?

  42. Colin

    After meal, not before performance. Too much time in between. Just remember, “the last one to the stall is the fattest of them all.”

  43. Turtle Mama

    I think she is beautiful and has an extremely unique voice, which is true talent. I just wish TV shows would stop using her song “Set Fire to the Rain” as an anthem because it’s so hokey. I would love to hear her with new stuff, and I’m sure she will deliver. She is better than Britney or Katy anyday.

  44. What a coincidence…every man she’s been with pukes before every “performance” also.

  45. devilsrain

    Adele is 22? Coulda fooled me

  46. Shooter

    I didn’t know the secretary from Ferris Bueller could sing.

  47. Adele Vomis Before Performing
    Commented on this photo:

    Agree with Mayara. I think Adele is beautiful and talented, a great artist. She’s comfortable in her skin, so what’s the point?

  48. Heather

    That’s probably terrible for her throat/voice. :/

  49. Maybe that puking before every performance was one of the factors that lead to her having to have throat surgery late last year.

    She is the best singer in the world right now. Fuck everybody else, she has true talent unlike the majority of the idiots that parade themselves on the TV everyday. Katy, I’m looking at you.

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