Adam Baldwin Is A Shithead

We’ve got industries contaminating water supplies, rampant unemployment, a laughing stock of an education system, yet discriminating against homosexuals and making sure whores don’t get their whore pills are the top priorities of the American right because it’s still winning them elections despite being a feeble attempt to delay an inevitable future where rich, white, Christian men have pretty much the same amount of power they do now except queers can get married, so let’s torch the whole country. Which brings us to to Firefly and Chuck actor Adam Baldwin who, in 2014, thinks that same sex marriage is a gateway to incest. Via HuffPost:

Baldwin unleashed his rant on Feb. 20, after posting a link to an article on The Hill about Matt Bevin, the Republican hoping to defeat Sen. Mitch McConnell in Kentucky’s November 2014 Senate race. NewNowNext reported. Last week, Bevin suggested legalizing same-sex marriages could lead to the legalization of parent-child marriages for issues like tax purposes.
From his verified account, Baldwin tweeted a link to the article with the hashtag “#PolymorphousPerversity.”
– What’s wrong, now, with a father marrying his son for love & to avoid tax penalties?
– Who said anything about “sex,”H8rs?! This is a Liberty & ca$h deal! Love ≠ Sex.
– Why would #SSM advocates H8 the idea of fathers & sons using marriage exemptions to avoid governmental tax confiscations? ~ #Liberty

In before someone says, “FREEDAMASPEECH.”

Now that we have two (non-related) Baldwins openly making dickheads of themselves, let me state for the record, that Adam Baldwin claims he doesn’t think homosexuality leads to actual incest. He just believes that by legalizing gay marriage we’ll start letting fathers marry their sons because you know how those liberals are with their tolerance. Not to mention, they clearly hate the “traditional” family, so what better way to destroy that than by making Pop leave Mom for Jimmy to get few more bucks at H&R Block? It’s like Adam Baldwin found our playbook except he didn’t at all and is just another dying gasp of a world that will never be again, so eat a dick. Yes, liberals believe in tolerance, but not in some sort of fucked up orgiastic grab bag where animals and family are freely taken as lovers over never-ending feasts. The south already has that covered.

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