In-N-Out Didn’t Like Abigail Ratchford’s Milkshake Money Shot Video

In case you forgot, Abigail Ratchford did a video where she pretended like she’s ever eaten a burger and dripped milkshake all over her breasts in what I assume was a subtle, poetic attempt to evoke the image of the most romantic possible end to a session of love-making. But I guess she didn’t get permission from the unabashedly devout In-N-Out Burger, whose products were featured, so they’re threatening to sue, because if there’s one thing God hates, it’s mixing gluttony with lust. Or pooping next door to someone whose gender is not clearly defined as one’s own. That one really burns his make believe, but totally cisgender, straight ass. Anyway, here’s that video and some screencaps, because that was the entire point of all of that shit I just wrote back there.

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Photo: YouTube