Zhang Ziyi Might Be A Hooker, Though Probably Not By Choice, Yeesh

Chinese film actress Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Rush Hour 2, Memoirs of a Geisha) is apparently being accused of being a high-priced prostitute for Communist Party officials which despite the most recent of those movies coming out seven years ago, has become a huge story today because here’s a list of things dudes on the Internet can’t get enough of (in order):

1. Cat pictures
2. Dog pictures
3. Porn
4. Asian chicks
5. Redheads

That said, Lainey Gossip has an awesome analysis on the whole scandal that’s well worth the read considering it suggests that if Zhang Ziyi was banging Communist politicians it wasn’t by choice (lovely), and paints a picture of the Hong Kong film industry that makes Hollywood with its pedophile cabals and homosexual Jews who turned John Travolta gay look quaint in comparison. It also should immediately put dollar signs in Dina Lohan’s eyes because, holy shit, has she been working out of the wrong town. Between Ali and Lindsay she could’ve bought her own palace by now. “And to your left is sacred House of Fiery Hole and Ginger Bags. Legend say, one who look like Russell Brand will do British accent while jerk you off. Not very believable but adds to ambiance.”

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