Nerds Made Petitions To Get Zack Snyder Fired From ‘Justice League’

“Just saw the sweet guns Aquaman uses to shoot people in the face. Bros 4 Lyfe!”

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice made a shitload of money this weekend despite the fact that almost everyone hated it. And even if they somehow didn’t, it’s pretty much agreed that Zack Snyder made some fuck-awful decisions like, oh I dunno, hiring Jesse Eisenberg over Bryan Cranston and generally creating the dumbest, dickest versions of Batman and Superman ever captured on film. Which is why fans have already started not one, but two petitions to boot Zack Snyder far the fuck away from the DC Extended Universe, which is apparently what we’re calling this shit now. Via Comic Book Resources:

The divisive nature of the film has led to the creation of two petitions, the first wanting to “boot Zack Snyder off of Justice League.” Petition creator Bryan Cruz explains the petition, writing, “Even if you loved Man of Steel and BvS. There has to come a time when WB and DC want someone at the helm that can create something that WON’T divide people in such a way.” The petition currently has 4,834 signatures.
The second petition calls for even more extreme measures, calling for Warner Bros. to “Remove Zack Snyder from the DCEU.”

Considering Justice League starts filming in about five minutes, it’d be pretty amazing if Zack Snyder got fired between now and then. Although, there has been talk of delaying it, and it’s not like the studio doesn’t have an Oscar-winning director nearby in a rubber suit. On top of that, even though Batman V Superman just filled up the strippers and cocaine tank, Warner Bros. doesn’t take bad reviews lightly and famously fired Tim Burton after Batman Returns made a buttload of money but derailed the franchise into a weird-ass gothic shit show that didn’t move action figures and pissed off parents. Not unlike a franchise that’s already had Superman snap a dude’s neck and then has him fucking die at the end of a movie where a goddamn bat-creature bursts out of a bloody coffin and attacks Ben Affleck. So if I haven’t stressed this enough, you really want to take your kids to see Batman V Superman. Especially if they’re a little too chipper and generally happy about life. You gotta snuff that shit out early.

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