This is Zack Kehayov, Mr. Tara Reid

August 15th, 2011 // 59 Comments
Zack Kehayov Photos Tara Reid Husband Wedding

Because this day has basically been nothing but bikini and Tara Reid posts – And Heidi Klum topless. – here’s the first look at her new husband Zack Kehayov because Tara somehow already sold the wedding photos to Life & Style for their Wednesday issue. The wedding that just happened yesterday, mind you, the same day she got engaged. And you may be thinking to yourself, is the demand for Tara Reid really that high? Prior to yesterday, I would’ve spent five hours laughing in your face, but I shit you not, our top search terms for today have been Zack Keyahov and Michael Lilleund. Not Tara, of course, just the mental giants who penetrated her claygina and went, “This. I want this for life,” so I can understand the curiosity. It’s like finding a new species. “You say it will fornicate with Tara Reid and return for seconds? Get me the Smithsonian!”

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Photo: Courtesy of Life & Style


  1. This is Zack Keyahov, Mr. Tara Reid….or as we like to call him, “Tard”.

  2. he looks special

  3. dani

    She looks like a lost Olsen twin.

  4. Robbie

    Nice wedding dress for a slut. I hope that she didn’t wear it in church. Oh well, Congratulation to Tara and Mystery Man.

  5. Zack Kehayov Photos Tara Reid Husband Wedding
    Commented on this photo:

    One eye is heading inland, the other out to sea.

  6. Zack Kehayov Photos Tara Reid Husband Wedding
    Commented on this photo:

    One eye is heading to the Mountains for their honeymoon, the other is going on a Sea Cruise.

  7. DogBoy

    One eye is honeymooning in the Mountains, the other is taking a Sea Cruise.

  8. I suppose she’s pinching him to see if she is dreaming?

  9. bing

    I really hope they will never reproduce.

  10. Zack Keyahov?! My sources told me his name was Jack Mehoff, weird.

  11. Zack Kehayov Photos Tara Reid Husband Wedding
    Commented on this photo:

    He is sporting some serious wonk eye, which is the only explanation for him being blind to the fact that she looks like a drunken, bloated mess here.

  12. rough

    Well, there you go. My great grandpa was right after all, when saying: ‘For every man, there’s a woman’.

  13. Best Man

    To Honor …

  14. Only Tara Reid could pull off looking dowdy and skanky at the same time.

  15. That Bastard Tony


  16. At least her Franken-tummy seems to have dissipated. Not that I should be able to note that from seeing someone in their goddamn wedding dress …

  17. Cock Dr

    Two people who woke up with the next morning with hangovers from hell accompanied by feelings of panic & remorse.
    Best of luck to ya.

  18. zomgbie

    idk he looks like hes saying “$$$$!!!”

  19. HA! Danish news site announced this wedding because they thought she’d married a Dane called Lillelund….her former boyfriend.

  20. menudo_still_rox

    She married Ricky Martin?

  21. Fletch

    She married a terrorist

    • gumption

      nah, they are not interested in ugly American white trash. He is more like one of your fellow Euro trash buddies from Greece, ugly and retarded. Nice attempt to pump one of your country men up though, admire your perserverance.

      • context clues

        That is def a Slavic name numb-nuts, it might be time you travel outside of the U.S. for a little and figure out how meaningless your life is

  22. Helen36

    Plastic silver flip flops..classy.

  23. Do Freebird

    What kind of fucktard would look at this cover and say “Damn, I gotta buy this magazine.”

  24. JC

    That’s the smile of a man who enjoys a good rawhide chew toy.

  25. Do Freebird

    I’m assuming this dude wants to take her to Aruba to go snorkeling.

  26. Board Certified Prevert

    Wonder if he tried to motorboat her

  27. meeker

    Married one day & he’s already got a wandering eye.

  28. Do Freebird

    Fish, I do believe that you spelled his name wrong, not that anyone really cares. I do believe it’s spelled KEHAYOV, which by the way, is Hebrew for yeast infection (Keh = putrid, Ayov = leavening).

  29. Frank Burns

    I didn’t know Old Navy sold wedding clothes.

  30. chcuk wagon

    I bet those mahogany Arby flaps give off a moist and beefy queef

  31. V

    divorce in 4 3 2 1..

  32. Zack Kehayov Photos Tara Reid Husband Wedding
    Commented on this photo:

    usually when i see a couple. I’m usually afraid he will fuck me up figuratively . with this guy it would be literally

  33. fandy

    doesn’t he know she has been banged more than a bumpercar at disney world?

  34. worst publicity stunt ever. you know with couples i am afraid the dude will do me figuratively . with this one it would be literally

  35. Papa Smurf

    Does she own any full length shirts? Someone needs to tell her that shirts that show your mid-drift are so 1999.

  36. Hey, he figures he’s going to be a widower, due to anorexia, by the end of the year, anyways. I wonder if he’s got her in his celeb death pool?

  37. Zack Kehayov Photos Tara Reid Husband Wedding
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    Tyra really doesn’t look happy, she looks like she’s tired, ready for this whole occassion called “her wedding”, to be done n over with!!!

  38. after this her next husband: Marvel comics penciler.

  39. tameisha

    Hmmm, trying to be nice, but.. lol. Needs to get her eyelashes done by someone certified, have these people ever heard of ?

  40. Zack Kehayov Photos Tara Reid Husband Wedding
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    Would brushing her hair have killed her?

  41. EMK

    Zack is a great friend of my family and he is such a normal, nice guy.
    So you all can stop putting rude comments about him. How rude!

  42. nice

    sweet very good there hang on too him

  43. omg whats the big thing with tara reid , why is she so disliked?

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