This is Zack Kehayov, Mr. Tara Reid

Because this day has basically been nothing but bikini and Tara Reid posts – And Heidi Klum topless. – here’s the first look at her new husband Zack Kehayov because Tara somehow already sold the wedding photos to Life & Style for their Wednesday issue. The wedding that just happened yesterday, mind you, the same day she got engaged. And you may be thinking to yourself, is the demand for Tara Reid really that high? Prior to yesterday, I would’ve spent five hours laughing in your face, but I shit you not, our top search terms for today have been Zack Keyahov and Michael Lilleund. Not Tara, of course, just the mental giants who penetrated her claygina and went, “This. I want this for life,” so I can understand the curiosity. It’s like finding a new species. “You say it will fornicate with Tara Reid and return for seconds? Get me the Smithsonian!”

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Photo: Courtesy of Life & Style