Zac Efron’s mom bought him condoms for Christmas

March 6th, 2009 // 65 Comments

After photos popped up of Zac Efron and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens shopping for sex toys, his mom took it upon herself to buy little Zac a box of rubbers for Christmas. I guess she forgot Vanessa Hudgens has a vagina, but ha ha, moms. God love ‘em. Elle reports:

“My mom is like, ‘Zac, what did you buy in a sex shop? ‘I was like, ‘Mom, calm down, it’s not a sex shop.’ She wouldn’t have any of it. She’s like ‘I knew you were being sexual!’ But she understood. My stocking was full of condoms this Christmas. She buys me the economy box.”

Wow. If my mom bought me a box of condoms for Christmas, I wouldn’t even know how to react. Besides asking “What? No hooker?” Because, honestly, that’s like buying someone a shower curtain, but no hooker to wrap it up with. – - I should write analogies for a living. Or get paid in hookers. I’m not picky.

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  1. brooke

    I want to slap both of their soulless “we look the same in every fucking picture” expressions right off of their damn faces.

  2. Ang

    That hat is really struggling to hold in the gay.

  3. Dr. Phil

    Mom, if you really wanted to help little Zac, you should have bought him a big bottle of anti-tearing lubricant (silicone-based, not water-based). And, given the way most of his encounters likely finish, also a big box of mints.

  4. Jeezy

    Yeah, ass condoms… GAY

  5. mike

    His eyes always look as if some type of thick salty irritant fluid recently spurted on them.

  6. oh well...

    Zac is PRETTIER than Vanessa. period.

  7. Rick

    In the unlikely event that he actually is having sex with Vanessa (without fainting), his mom should have bought him hedge trimmers.

  8. Wendy

    Either they’re not having sex, or Vanessa’s ass is constantly sore, because Zac is exactly like all those “straight” commenters who love anuses.

  9. Cheebus

    Who’s the chick in the hat??

  10. M

    @1: haha yes!

    efron is gonna be a stud when he’s 30.

  11. Randal

    That’s a cool mom you have there Zac and those condoms must have come in handy! You’re a very good looking young man and no doubt, make the ladies blush with desire.


  12. Matt

    Since when do fluffers need condoms?

  13. le fag

    he looks like that mushroom character from mario bros. and her head looks huuuuuge! saw the nudie pic of her, not impressive. they both look empty-headed.

  14. Anexio

    Efron’s mom assumes her son has a cock that will actually regurgitate sperm into a woman’s vagina and would thus impregnate her.

    A mother is supposed to know her son, I guess this one doesn’t.

  15. Andrea

    “So, Mom, I put this over the guy’s fist, right?”

  16. Dixie

    She’s on the pill. Most chicks have to go on the pill. The condoms are useless for them.

  17. Tom Cruise

    “regurgitate sperm” – I like the sound of that!!!

  18. ___

    dude looks like a lady

  19. vic

    So what if she’s on the pill? If they’re having sex, she’s playing russian roulette with that homo’s HIV squirter.

  20. i hope he's 18....

    cuz this guy is SERIOUSLY gorgeous. wow.

  21. Frank N. Stein

    She also left a pair of hedge clippers and a flashlight for Zac to find his way.

  22. #16... ummmm

    #16, ever heard of a little thing called STDs? no so useless afterall. durr.

  23. Arden

    Kudos to Mom. Shame on the supe for being such a bunch of douches that would rip on safe sex. Give me a break.

  24. Arden

    Kudos to Mom. Shame on the supe for being such a bunch of douches that would rip on safe sex. Give me a break.

  25. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    I think that since Zac is sooooo pretty, butt fucking him would not be considered gay. Unless you did a reach around. Then you cross the gay line.

  26. zac's butt

    ewwwww minge

  27. havoc

    Economy box. Size: XS


  28. lalala

    i thought he was jewish!!

  29. Dixie


    After a couple commits to each other, the female usually has to go on the pill because most guys want to feel a warm wet pussy.

  30. Weed

    I want a mom like his

  31. tis tru

    He forgot to mention the giant butt plug in the stocking as well.

  32. Lowlands

    Who are these people!? And what are they doing here!? Please remove the post! Oh wait! Leave the girl for me!

  33. Ewww TMI TMI!!!

  34. Mike

    Mom is concerned about massive quantities of infected semen being pumped into his ass. “Here son, have your ‘friend’ put one of these on first.” “OK Mom, I will”.

    Knowing that #29 posted the obvious, Zac gives in to his ‘friend’s’ claim of being DDF, and thus goes bareback.

    Zac dies of complications due to AIDS.

    The End.

  35. Richard McBeef

    @34 – spot on. the prophecy.

  36. Hey rubbers are expensive. I give his mom lots of props for taking the iniative. You wouldn’t want any babies.

  37. sauron

    If a man like me calls his wifey.She gotta be there within minutes.Is she here??

  38. mikeock

    he’s prettier than Fergie.

  39. R2-D2

    He reminds me on an other robot.Is always in need of a polishjob! *shudder*

  40. Nadeen

    Mom should buy him ” Tampex ” hehehehe

  41. Alex Fonzo

    Visit for your favourite celebrity nude movie scenes ;)

  42. timmy the dying boy

    Here’s the really sad part — he thought they were balloons.

  43. Tom K

    So is this guy like the new jewish kyke version of Brad Pitt? Why do we continue to praise bad actors in shitty Disney programs?

    Also I’m not gay but why is he prettier then his girlfriend or is it just me? lol


  45. Jakey

    “I guess she forgot Vanessa Hudgens has a vagina, but ha ha, moms.”


  46. Jakey

    Well, I mean, maybe it’s a satirical exaggeration of dumbfuck statements like that, but you could have fooled me.

  47. abc1ss

    He is really a charming man, it is not strange why those rich women are talking about him actively at ” C e l e b m i n g l e. C0M ” when a woman is rich enough, she always wants to find a young and good looking guy!

  48. 1moreidiotintheworld

    his mom was just tired of douching his load out of her twat all the time…

  49. TJ

    Put a dress on him and call him Zelda, fer chrissakes.

  50. ramona putz

    Zac’s mummy knows the score. There are other orifices that need protection.

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