Zac Efron thinks he’s a serious actor

September 4th, 2007 // 62 Comments

Zac Efron says his decision to make High School Musical 3 will be decided by the script and not the money. Zac talks to People about his feelings on a third installment:

“There’s so many rumors and speculation,” Efron, 19, tells PEOPLE of reports he and costar Vanessa Hudgens are in a salary dispute. “I can’t believe it. It seems like these days an insider can say anything they want.” Instead, Efron says, the cast is in agreement on what it would take to make another movie. “There’s no feuding with High School Musical,” he said at the London premiere of High School Musical 2 on Sunday. “I can tell you that if the script is good and if we all agree on a final script, then there’s nothing that is going to hold us back from doing it. We have fun making these movies and that’s very rare in this business.”

I didn’t realize there was such high-stakes negotiations revolving around High School Musical. Last time I checked it was a low-budget, made-for-TV movie that only airs on the Disney Channel. Somebody tell Zac Efron, king of showbiz, that thousands of effeminate Gap employees can replace him at the drop of the hat. They don’t need script-approval, just a paycheck and the shocked look on their father’s face. I can have Stevie who folds the chinos at Old Navy on stage in under an hour. He’ll work for a mocha smoothie and a chance to get his father back for locking him in the closet with a bottle of whiskey and a Victoria’s Secret catalog which, if you ask me, is just good parenting.


  1. TS

    omg FIRST!!!

  2. ptprez


  3. jax

    this guy is retarded, the thought of watching those asses on Disney makes me want to tie a weight to my feet and jump off the nearest bridge. I can only hope that zac finally achieves becoming a full-blown woman so that maybe they will stop producing this crap.

  4. TS

    Yeah! Eat it muthafuckas! FIRST! #1! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

  5. butofcourse

    what a joke..i don’t hate the guy, hell i don’t know who the fuck he is or what he does..

    but come on, high musical might be the most annoying thing since, well any other piece of poppy shit

  6. ssdd

    fuck this bastard ..i dont know who he is, nor do i care to know. little motherfucking smart ass needs that ridiculous hat knocked off.

  7. lambman

    While everybody who watches High School Musical is 8-years-old and best and severly retarded at worst….it was the highest rated thing ever on cabel so its kind of a big deal.

    at least the kid says he isn’t holding out for more cash

  8. Allison

    Except that more people watched the premiere of high school musical 2 than have watched basically anything ever.

  9. LL

    As much as it pains me to acknowledge, “High School Musical” has been hugely successful for Disney. Blame all those tween girls. They’re responsible for most of the very shittiest shit out there. That’s the only reason I’m aware of this Efron kid’s existence, and I’m angry I know that much.

    Plus, he looks like he’s wearing that same fucking hat that was on Britney’s pumpkin head. WTF? Has young Hollywood decided that fake tans and giant sunglasses are so 2006 and moved on to ugly-ass hats?

  10. Elliot

    As soon as you are old enough to make the conscious decision to spell your name, and you choose “Zac,” you should be severely beaten. The end.

  11. wedgeone

    Let’s see how he feels after he walks the same road that LiHo has. Wasn’t LiHo Disney’s last huge megastar? See how she ended up? Three stints in rehab in one year. Look at your future Zac.

  12. Deming

    well he’s only taking it so seriously because they want to do hsm3 with a huge budget and release it an theaters and stuff

  13. Jonathan Johanson

    I can seee being reluctant to play the 50930530538 pizza delivery man in a porno due to a cliche script…..but a disney movie? c’mon. Hillary Duff doesn’t even bother reading the scripts anymore -just the seven figure contract.

    end communication

  14. leelee

    He sounds like he’s been working for 20 years instead of two. $10 says he’s going to end up gay or in the same shitty place as Lindsay Lohan.

  15. Green-light

    Wait, what would HSM3 possibly be about, anyway? They were stretching it with a sequel; the idea of a pair of popular teenagers being brutally terrorized for no reason by their friends is barely enough to make a quarter of a movie, but they’re trying to make THREE! What the hell?

  16. The actual TS

    Hey #1, clearly I would NEVER write in what you did, fucking dork. You aren’t fooling anyone, fuckface.

  17. Riotboy


    /don’t read Teen Beat

  18. 28inch

    Yeah, he’s a “retarded bastard” because he is a successful teenage actor who enjoys his work. I’m sure his heart aches because a movie he starred in made to appeal to children and 13 year old girls didn’t appeal to your meritorious tastes. You’re quick to slate him on here, but given the chance you’d all sell your grandmothers to be in his shoes. Rich, attractive and successful with thousands of teenage girls lusting after him.

  19. Italian Stallion

    I’d like to smash that stupid fucking hat until it comes out of his nose……….

  20. lambman

    #11 – Actually this kid is only a year younger than Blohan, so he should have started doing cocain about 4 years ago if he’s to be the next Lindsay. And come on, nobody can be as spectacularly messed up as Lilo

  21. 28inch

    May I also add that comparing him to Lindsay in an effort to make yourselves feel less bitter about his success is pretty meaningless. She’s just one example of a Disney actress whose life turned out shitty. That makes as much sense as saying that because, for instance, one Walmart cashier ended up addicted to drugs everyone else employed in the same position will automatically be guaranteed the same fate.

  22. Jerry Hatrop

    You guys are too much. HSM 1 made over $100M for Disney and #2 looks set to repeat. That’s better than 90% of the movies released in theatres so it is a big deal whether you like it or not. The fact that you don’t know anything about it doesn’t make you cool, just uninformed about showbiz.

    You’re clearly not the demographic so take a step back, watch the Iron Man trailer again and take a deep breath.

  23. TS

    #22 You’re a FAG- you are way too informed.

    This is the last place you should take anything someone says seriously

  24. MMMSimmons

    jrzmommy is fucking repugnant. fat ass cow.

  25. Frick!

    Getting sick of hearing about this flamer. I didn’t know who he was a week ago and now its suddenly Zac this Zac that. Why is he even relevant to this site? He’s (apparently) on the fricken Disney channel, for cripes sake. I don’t think people that post on here watch that crap.

  26. lostinspace

    Ugh. He should not be doing High School Musical 3. I love him, but HSM? No. He already has three additional projects coming up, so now four? That’s ridiculous.
    I love Zac Efron. :)

  27. Jean

    It is a billion dollar franchise.

  28. 1MILF Hunter

    This guy is the new Lawrence Olivier. Pay him whatever he asks for.

  29. Sherrie

    It’s SOOO true that he could be replaced so easily. The guy is made for life now and has a teen girl following that will grow old with him. Congratulations, but I still respect my garbage man more. My garbage man does an honest living. This boy meets the current requirements for “cute” (which includes awful hair and a puny body) and was crowned by Disney— since he’s a dime a dozen, why did Disney pick him? Contracts. He did the first one for cheap, and he’s easily controlled. Being a Disney icon is proof that you’ve got nothing upstairs, and that’s why I’d never find him attractive. That and he’s small.

  30. NoYouCan'tComeOut

    Love the comment about the dad locking the kid in the closet with the bra-and-panty catalog and the booze to try to introduce him to masculinity.

    Unfortunately, upon being let out our Zac might report that the whiskey did a great job getting a mascara stain off his shirt, and hand dad a list of the panties in the catalog that he’d like to mail-order for himself. In which case, the dad would reach behind the kid in the closet for the shotgun, and introduce Zac to a whole new version of being blown.

  31. zacsmom

    What is it about him that makes me want to punch him in the face???

  32. Bitty

    Well you know HSM 3 will be on the big screen. No one will watch it w/o him and vanessa h.

  33. frenchie

    I have that hat! I bought it in a boutique that does not carry mens clothing.

  34. pork pie hat and balls

    what was the word on morrison in 1966/1967, “he looks like he was invented by two fags on the telephone”? (from steve davis’ book, fyi, but applicable here.)

  35. Cris Angel

    What a sissy boy. This is how I like ‘em! Try as he may to appear “straight”, he’ll only get it up for guys that look like me.

    In a few years everyone will STILL be saying “Zac who?”, unless he moves in with me in which case he too can be a phoney.

  36. mywellrehearsedmistake

    There are many things in my life that I am grateful for. Number one right now on my list is that I have no idea who this kid is (other than his name) and what High School Movie is. And I don’t wanna. Just cos something’s a billion dollar franchise or whatever u say it is – doesn’t make it credible or a decent thing to do. Look at the Olsons with their billions of dollars they make from made for tv movies, kiddies clothes and plastic dolls. It’s all shit.

    If this kid wants to sell his soul to the devil to make HSM3, I say let him. Look what it did for countless other “celebrities” like Lilo, Hilary Duff and our old fav mousketeers Shitney, Xtina, JT and that other *Nsync kid. Wasn’t Jess Simpleton one too? Or did I make that up? If that’s the way this kid wants to become famous – by whoring himself out to these mega corporations and making shameful vacuous movies- I say let him enjoy his 15 minutes before someone new is touted as “the next big thing”.

  37. chinadoll

    I think the Superficial dude has a wee little gay crush on Zac, how cute!

  38. whatever

    With deepest respect to the late, great Rodney Dangerfield…

    Oh, this is the worst-looking hat I ever saw. What, when you buy a hat like this I bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh?

  39. whatever

    There are places in this world where a man would be killed for wearing a hat like that. Seriously, his ass would be beat at a Catholic school for wearing that piece of shit. Did someone photoshop that hat in to make him look bad? Fuck…

    BTW, what the fuck is High School Musical?

  40. jrzmommy

    Zac Efron knows he’s homo, right? Right?

    MMMSimmons….you love me, don’t you?

  41. Annie Rexia

    I heard Zac can’t wait to start filming “High School Musical 3: Up The Poop Chute.”

  42. @18

    Is that 28 inches for Zac’s ass?

  43. rukdngme

    SHE is a girl, does’t matter how many pictures they publish with her and her girlfriend, look at all that makeup. its not even about this kid being a full blown bent over homosexual, its about him thinking no one else knows. as for HM who cares? if kids like it thats fine, but those teeny boppers eventually grow up and zac will go back to being the closet homosexual that he is.

  44. yo

    Well at least Zac can say that he’s been in a major motion picture, which is more than any of the other HSM kiddies can say. Two of the girls have made some shitty CDs. Whoop de do.

  45. Trixie

    So, make fun of this kid and HSM2 all you want, but it has made alot of people VERY VERY rich. Who knew that a Disney made for TV movie would take off like this? Dont feel to badly for Zac..Tons of money, offers, Rolling Stones cover and a hot girlfriend. What, may I ask, have any of you done lately?

  46. LauraE

    He is gorgeous and you are ugly jealous guys

  47. LauraE

    And you’re old and fat and smell like urine, too.

  48. Disney

    High School Musical is set to make a Billion $$$ by the end of the year…..I work for disney and it is crazy how little kids love this stuff and the t.v premiere broke records…..This is serious business

  49. @46

    Gorgeous is a term u use for women. I geuss you have proven our point. Dumb shit.

  50. Sarah

    I dont get you people at the Superficial. First, you make fun of the sluts and party girls (Britney, Paris, Lindsay, etc). You make fun of Jenna Jameson (rightly so I might ad). By reading your little blogfest, it sounds to me that you make fun of people that are idiots. Then, in the next breath, you make fun of harmless kid actors who dont act like assholes and do drugs, and drink underage. What is it that would make the Superficial happy? I happen to find the cast of HSM2 refreshing. Finally, no shots of anyone’s twat and the likes of Brandon “firecrotch”Davis being famous because he’s a rich fat slob. Don’t be so angry that Zac Efron is famous. He is extremely cute and talented, and frankly, he doesnt appear to be an asshole.

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