Zac Efron thinks he’s a serious actor


Zac Efron says his decision to make High School Musical 3 will be decided by the script and not the money. Zac talks to People about his feelings on a third installment:

“There’s so many rumors and speculation,” Efron, 19, tells PEOPLE of reports he and costar Vanessa Hudgens are in a salary dispute. “I can’t believe it. It seems like these days an insider can say anything they want.” Instead, Efron says, the cast is in agreement on what it would take to make another movie. “There’s no feuding with High School Musical,” he said at the London premiere of High School Musical 2 on Sunday. “I can tell you that if the script is good and if we all agree on a final script, then there’s nothing that is going to hold us back from doing it. We have fun making these movies and that’s very rare in this business.”

I didn’t realize there was such high-stakes negotiations revolving around High School Musical. Last time I checked it was a low-budget, made-for-TV movie that only airs on the Disney Channel. Somebody tell Zac Efron, king of showbiz, that thousands of effeminate Gap employees can replace him at the drop of the hat. They don’t need script-approval, just a paycheck and the shocked look on their father’s face. I can have Stevie who folds the chinos at Old Navy on stage in under an hour. He’ll work for a mocha smoothie and a chance to get his father back for locking him in the closet with a bottle of whiskey and a Victoria’s Secret catalog which, if you ask me, is just good parenting.

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