Zac Efron might do naked stuff

October 10th, 2008 // 33 Comments

This one’s for you, ladies (and The Geekologie Writer):

Zac Efron of High School Musical fame is eyeing up the controversial role in Equus that’s currently played by Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe. Daniel was looking to shed his child star image and took the part which requires a full-frontal nude scene with a horse. Now Zac is looking to get in on the wang-dangling action. The Sun reports:

Zac let slip at the London premiere of High School Musical 3, saying: “You know that Daniel Radcliffe role on Broadway, well it’s been mentioned.”
He is clearly hoping to shed his wholesome image, having just finished shooting period drama Me and Orson Welles alongside CLAIRE DANES.
He said: ”I would love to just sit down and talk with LEONARDO DICAPRIO and JOHNNY DEPP and pick their brains about their early careers. They do it because they love it, not because they enjoy being famous. You have to have good foresight and be really careful. If you don’t adapt and learn at a very young age, you can really mess up.”

Hey, if flashing your penis to a room full of people is acting, then call me Leonard Fucking Nimoy. Unless the room is air-conditioned, then call me Tiny Kevin Connolly. Ha ha! I can kick this kid all day. He’s like a hackey sack!

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  1. Richard McBeef


  2. Richard McBeef


  3. gpro

    4th? Gayness

  4. Sam

    “I would love to just sit down and talk with LEONARDO DICAPRIO and JOHNNY DEPP and suck their cocks – I mean, take big cumshots on my face – I mean, let them pick a hole – I mean, pick their brains about their early careers.”

  5. havoc



  6. Allie

    I’m in Capetown and I just watched a commercial on TV with Sally Struthers. She was begging for money for…America. If I recall correctly, it was only 30 dollars a month, less than the cost of a cup of coffee each day. Won’t you please help.

  7. Karen

    In that picture he looks so suave and debonair…well, maybe shaved and debone-here.

  8. no, seriously

    Why do gays have glassy eyes? Does anybody know, aside from the usual answers (because a cock in your ass makes your eyes pop out, etc.).

  9. agent

    “Yeah, hi, Zac? Yeah it’s me. So, no luck getting through to DiCaprio or Depp, but like I said, Mark Foley and Larry Craig keep calling. They want to know if you’re into log cabins.”

  10. Why would Venessa Hudgens be a jolly rancher enabler….

  11. Bring it on, my company will sell the DVD… lots of women and gay men would buy it.

  12. jrz


  13. Randal

    mmm mmm mmm a young man like this makes me wish I had another lip to lick so to speak. Dressed to kill but armed for love, this guy lights up the night with sparking blue eyes reflecting his handsome face off his soft brown hair. Sporting in all blue to match as well!

    Ladies beware this fellow is a killer!
    Boys look out, it’s buns buns buns so make your meat medium rare and don’t hold off on the love sauces!

    XOXOXO :o-8


  14. Eva

    Now that’s the Randal we all know and love!!!

  15. Walt Disney


  16. JimmyBachaFungool

    The gayest celeb since Lance Bass & Derek Jeter. How the @#$! did he get the cute-a-liscious and exotic Vanessa Hudgens. She is so f’n awesome.

  17. yeah yeah

    Only a fag or half-fag would pose nude

  18. goodwolf

    Wow!……he’s got nerve….comparing himself to a young Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio!…both of those guys are great actors and neither play off their looks either!

  19. JJ.

    He’s ugly, but he has the dreamiest eyes. Those long black eyelashes…. WOW.

  20. wtafuc

    He got Vanessa Hudgens by being the other unknown untalented lead in a piece of Disney shit. Apparently this rampant ass pirate wants to be famous for pretending not to want to be famous. Here’s a tip for the fucknut if he’s ernest, look for good movies, do those… well you probably won’t get those parts so, don’t do fucking plays that the press will go wild about your wang while no one cares about the acting.

  21. sameshitdifferentyear

    Cracking up about all the different ways of saying the same thing.

    Was that report of him being dragged by the hair like an abused 15 year old girl true? Someone please start incorporating that into this thread too, thanks have a weekend.

    It really does seem the only beard this guy has grown so far is a girl named Vanessa. Clay Aiken (sp) might have started a trend, this dude and Seacrest form a line behind him.

  22. Dorito Man

    Ghey. In the audience, all the ghey boy’s eyes will sparkle when he bares his gai boy-plonker on stage.

  23. lidsay

    Go ZAC! All the hot cougars on === Agelessmate.c om === love you man; and will always support you!! BTW, it’s the place where hot cougars and sexy young men;and handsome old folks with sensual chicks meet and mingle! You may wanna check it out!LOL

  24. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    This boy could not be any gayer, well unless he was found in a toilet with George Michael.

  25. leila

    i’ve always found this guy a bit creepy.

  26. dianne

    he wears contacts….i can tell…

  27. ####caution####

  28. Fernando Narcos

    Vanessa Hudgens must make a killing pretending to be this faggot’s girlfriend.

  29. meh

    That’s got to be the most feminine face I’ve ever seen. On even mentioning himself in the same sentence as Depp, thanks for the laugh.

  30. kylielovesya

    lol hes okay looking but he is GAY lol i mean he can be my new gay friend lol i can spot a gay miles away

  31. kylielovesya

    lol hes okay looking but he is GAY lol i mean he can be my new gay friend lol i can spot a gay miles away

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