Zac Efron likes juice and crappy cars

August 24th, 2007 // 144 Comments

These are pics of the latest teen heart-throb Zac Efron leaving a juice bar and getting into his Oldsmobile. I’m not a 15-year-old girl, so this kid is completely off my radar. That being said, I do have an advanced degree in straight-male behavior which Zac Efron has demonstrated not a single iota of. See how I used the word “iota” back there? That makes my statement so full of fact it just impregnated your dad.

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  1. Aicha

    Just to let you know if he wanted a new car he could get it. He said in an interview he has an old car so that he will stay normal. Gosh you get mad at ppl like Paris who abuse money and then go and abuse a kid who saves his money and tries to be normal. And what makes him gay?

  2. BritneySpears

    I drive a crappy car, too. That makes me just like him. Except I’m not gay.

    Seriously, it’s actually cool that he drives an old car. But those gay-assed shoes??? Pulllllease! Packer central.

  3. merererere

    Superfish, put up the rolling stone cover and you will have a bunch of women of all ages commenting on how freaking HOT this kid is, and a bunch of dudes freaking out because they are all jealous. I am 29 and I think he is fucking sexy. My daughter got all into High School Musical, and I was like, what is this crap, but this kid is adorable.

    # 97, I am so with you, there is something totally corruptable about this one.

  4. Mike Vick 4 President

    This site sucks and you’re all fags

  5. lostinspace

    Fish, this is the first post I’ve seen of Zac, and I think you should post more of him.
    I am in love with him.
    Hahaha. I hate High School Musical, but I’m obsessed with this boy … he can act really well too, if you’ve seen Hairspray, the show Summerland, or the Lifetime movie Miracle Run.
    I’m not defending against those insulting him; I know the point of this site is not to talk about how much you love those on it. But I just really like Zac and I’m hoping to see more posts on him in the future. :)

  6. lostinspace

    Oh, and just to let the inaccurate commentators know- He’s 19, and the hat was a gift from a fan. So what if he likes old style? Its kinda like the rat pack style-Frank Sinatra, you know, that kind of stuff. Not gay. But just my opinion. :)

  7. Kayleigh

    ok people, hes not gay, hes dating vanessa. and who gives 2 shits about what car he drives.

    personally, i love zac efron. i think hes a cutie and sweetie pie

  8. Vera De Milo

    So Hot!!! Want to touch the hiney!!!

  9. Patricia

    He his gorgeous !!!!
    He isnt gay , a lot of persons say he and vanessa are daitting !
    He his cutty and have a gourgeous body !

  10. LT

    no straight man wears that shade of green.

  11. whut? huh?

    Whats a douchbag?

  12. TONY

    Well as a Gay Man I can honestly say I wish he was gay; but I’m pretty sure he’s not.

    He is very cute, and very talented though.

  13. lostinspace

    Tony-why are you pretty sure he’s not gay?
    Just curious ; I dont think he is either but Ive heard a lot of people say that he seems like he is.

  14. spiderwoman

    I don’t care how gay his clothes are, I’m interested in what’s underneath them.


    @ 114 anybody can tell he has a little 5-6 inch skinny white penis like most
    none blacc kids.

  16. spiderwoman

    6 inches is fine with me :)

  17. Raquel

    agreed with 18

  18. Pap Kensington

    Oldsmobile.. crappy car.. yea right.. lets cut off the fingers of the toad that writes for this site and send him to rural China.. I’m sur there are some GREAT cars there.

  19. 15piecesofflare

    My Gaydar meter just blew up.

  20. Stephanie Smith

    Who cares that he drives and Olds @ least he’s not spending his money on expensice worthless stuff!! And @ least he’s not coming out of a bar all fucked up and looking like shit and causing mayhem……ya’ll need to fucking grow tha hell up!!

  21. kaleidescope eyes

    well, s/he is a pretty little thing. s/he dances and sings and wears make-up and shops at fashionable stores. s/he stars in musicals with john travolta and let’s just not even approach that mess.

    GAY — belongs in a turkish prison with brad davis.

  22. disney is really not helping with the gay rumors. i haven’t seen either of the hsm movies but there’s a clip of zac’s song “bet on it” floating around on youtube that is probably the gayest thing i’ll ever see in my life. also, as long as zac associates himself with disney, is it so hard to believe that the whole Girlfriend!Vanessa thing is a farce to maaaybe draw more publicity? all the “yes, we’re really together and she’s…uh…SEXY…really” taglines floating around in every article about him makes me wonder.

    if you hear him talk outside of anything involving kids/family, no i don’t really think he’s gay. but we’ll see when he breaks ties with disney. i mean, didn’t hohan get her start with disney, too? and we all know how that turned out…

  23. ShelleyBonnechance

    Cute kid. Not loving the hat, which I believe he stole from my grandpa. I think he looks like the 21st century David Cassidy.

  24. squawks

    he looks like jordan catalano.

  25. Come on, people. Give him a break. He’s about as queer as John Travolta.

    Hairspray was very butch compared to High School Musical 2.

  26. l2thao

    I initially thought that was sandra bullock and the comments were going to be how she got a bad haircut and was wearing ugly clothes–imagine my surprise when I realized “that’s a dude!”

  27. Christina

    There’s a shitload of negative comments on here… some are pretty funny. I’m 19 and couldn’t care less about High School Musical BUT he was pretty good in Hairspray. Not exactly the reason the movie rocked, but he did a good job. That said, these pictures are kind of sad… that tank top needs to go for sure.

  28. dondie

    hey he got nude photos, but it seems that you’re not interested, anyway let’s close this shitty thing. he’s a GAY !!!

  29. erica

    i think his hotter than any guy i know

  30. Jessica

    I so want to just like fuck him

  31. Shania

    i love zac he is so sexy and all yall who thinks he is gay fck u

  32. ethan

    Ya know, i dont see the deal a/b the car……..we all cant drive a mercedes…maybe he wants a ” low profile car” ya kno to blend i with the rest of us middle class people.

  33. nicole

    Notice the NOW HIRING sign in the window? He probably put in an application because his career will ALWAYS be limited to High School Musical. HAHAH! What a tool! Why is he dressed like a member of WHAM! ?? LMAO, I can’t belive he drives an Oldsmobile, that is hilarious! Broke ass.

  34. nadeaje kingsberry

    he is so cute but he is the one who made vanessa take those pics

  35. nadeaje kingsberry

    he is so cute but he is the one who made vanessa take those pics

  36. kali

    ok if he isnt the ugliest faggot douchebag i dont know wat all the other preppy sluts that like him can go screww themselfs if you agreee your awsome if you dont you can just go die ok????? good

  37. i love him!!! someone said Zac Efron had a profile at which is a niche interracial dating site. There where love is color blind. It is kind for all blacks and whites.wanna interracial marriage in his movie

  38. Zac is a hottie hot hottie aaahhhhhhhhhh!I am is hugest FAN!

  39. chloe

    EVERYBODY who hates zac fck u.i love him no matter anyone says.u who hates
    him r gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Anyone who thinks zac hes gay fuck u all you hear ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love him so much FCK U who thinks hes gay.HES A HOTTIE HOT HOTTIE.

  41. dee

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  42. dee

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  43. dee

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  44. Kyle

    DAMN, I wanna kiss the hot dude, mmmmmm. . .. hes hot

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