Zac Efron likes juice and crappy cars

August 24th, 2007 // 144 Comments

These are pics of the latest teen heart-throb Zac Efron leaving a juice bar and getting into his Oldsmobile. I’m not a 15-year-old girl, so this kid is completely off my radar. That being said, I do have an advanced degree in straight-male behavior which Zac Efron has demonstrated not a single iota of. See how I used the word “iota” back there? That makes my statement so full of fact it just impregnated your dad.

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  1. Shallow Val



  2. LayDeeBug

    I prefer men myself.

    Clive Owen, Blond Bond, Keith David, Denzel, even Lucy LAwless is more a man than that little boy is.

  3. @18

    Yeah Katie, go to Perez. He’ll teach you those fag hag skills you’ll need whne you’re in your twenties, weigh about 300 lbs., and hang out with “the girls” at “The Loading Zone” on Sat. Nights.

  4. Morning Wood

    Looks like he just picked up his suicide bomber vest…

  5. Mom

    to 18 – katie

    By the way, don’t ask me how I know but your boy Zak admitted openly that he doesn’t sing and someone else did the singing for him.

    Do your homework, and then leave us and go do your homework, young lady.

  6. lambman

    Why is dressed like Sienna Miller?

  7. Perverted Cowgirl

    He has a pretty mouth…..

  8. lambman

    #11 – You’d think so, but reportedly he’s dating the brown haired girl from High School Musical….at least that’s what Billy Bush said, and if you can’t trust Billy Bush…who can you trust?

  9. G-UNIT

    hes gonna be the next celeb to come oOUT THE CLOSET. anybody can tell he has sugar in the tank wating to explode.

  10. Riotboy


    /yes i’m american but i’m not a sheep

  11. The Future Mrs. Zac Efron

    Hey 47. Leif blew me for a crack rock once. He swallows.

  12. p0nk

    @17 veggo. well played!
    I hate to break the news to all the little girls, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that every guy in high school drama class is queer. yeh, all of them.


  13. to Mr. 60

    I like your style.

  14. Chi-wow-wow


    (snaps fingers) So THAT was that funky smell (sniffs fingers)

  15. Zac Efron's beard


  16. AlexXx

    Speaking as a fifteen-year old girl, I hate this guy and his stupid faggy hat.

  17. Cowgirl smoking peyote

    Zac Efron sounds like the over counter meds that Amy Whinehouse should’ve pilfered!

  18. Cowgirl creeping up to 69

    is that Kirsten Dunt’s purse in his hand?


    THERE! I’m 69 Beotches!

  20. Vanessa Hudgens

    Why is he wearing a girls shirt ?

  21. Country Cowgirl from Hicktown population her

    #70—That’s my wife-beater—wait I mean it is Amy Whinehouse’s husband’s wife beater?

  22. Texas Tranny

    Nothing wrong with wearing women’s clothes.

    I wonder what his pretty panties look like.

  23. Honestly Honey

    Honey, if you are trying to squelch those gay rumours, a turquois tank top and a fedora with the colors of the gay flag really isn’t a great choice. So just put those assless chaps you were going to wear to the kids choice awards back in your closet and walk away, girlfriend.

  24. mrs.t

    That hat looked better on Sting in 1981.

  25. A

    Maybe his parents are actually acting like parents and keeping control of their teenage son and his spending habits. He’s only, what 16? Driving an Olds for a while won’t kill him. But it might actually help him gain some perspective. Beats the heck out of ending up like all teenage Hip Hop losers in Hollywood driving around in flashy cars trying to show everyone how much money they have. As if anyone gives a rats ass.

  26. Hollywood

    To 55:

    “Mom,” you are semi correct. In High School Musical, his voice was blended.
    HOWEVER… he actually sings completely in Hairspray and High School Musical 2.
    So I guess… do YOUR homework?

  27. @75

    Yeah. Now if his parents can only get that dick out of his mouth.

  28. Kareem Ofwheat

    goofy hat = gay

  29. @76

    I think it’s time to feed those 18 cats of yours.

  30. hehe

    i’m just laughing at the effort he made trying to match the fedora with his shoes, which matches nothing in his outfit. lol…typical white guy. at least he TRIED. since i’m up here, i might as well ask–why do 95% of the white men i see not give a shit about matching their clothes/shoes?? its like…hey i have these white, red, and gold shorts, let me put on my purple and green vans. PERFECTO!

  31. mismatchedwhiteguy

    We’re usually too busy working so we can pay taxes so you can sit around the house and match your clothes.

  32. TheDarkLady

    I have also noticed white guys dressed as though they are colorblind. And I see ‘em about as often as I see black guys in eye-searing purple zoot suits, complete with matching shoes and hat. Both are entertaining.

  33. starscanfrighten

    Wait a minute – I thought this whole freakin’ thing was about whether or not this guy was gay. Now it’s about race. What the….?

  34. hotstuff

    I don’t care who he’s dating — he is a gay boy who dances and sings on stage. He will be the next Lance Bass…and no one will be shocked.

    The dating is most likely a set up so that young kids don’t end up asking their parents why their hero likes to suck cock.

  35. merererere

    Thats what I’m talkin about. I love Zac Efron but you have chosen to show him in about the gayest possible set of pictures ever taken of him. Anyone seen the Rolling Stone cover? HOT. Gay? Who cares, I’d bang him.

  36. stdawg

    Psh. have you SEEN his body? and no, he is not gay. he’s actually dating vanessa hudgens sooooo ya. i have a feeling that after i post this someone is going to say he’s covering for his gayness. *sigh* whatever…

  37. hotstuff

    Uh, #86, look up two posts. Been said. By me.

  38. woodhorse

    Saffron is going to mellow yellow.

  39. Christy

    Who cares if he’s gay? I want to know where he got the shoes!

  40. Batman

    I’m a 15 year old girl and I don’t even know who the hell this guys is.

  41. YouknowWho

    I see dead people, oh wait i mean homo’s

  42. Tanner

    You all need to be nice. His Grandfather gave him that car. At lease he isn’t driving around West Hollywood hammered and crashing his car into a tree, then limping away to a hospital.

  43. Chrissy

    He’s on the cover of rolling stone this week, and yeah you should def, read it. He’s not a typical hollywood asshole, he seems like he’s a normal kid which, and i agree with 17, is really good for kids these days. And I know some asshole who thinks they’re clever and witty is going to make a comment about this but I don’t really care. Oh and HE’S FUCKING HOT! I’m 22 and I would so hit it.

  44. Chrissy


  45. Danklin24

    Dude dont pick on this guy. He’s obviously doing errands for his mom in her car. Rumor has it he drives a Ford 500.

  46. amj878

    hehe love zac =]

  47. dangerlilly

    I don’t care if he’s gay or not; what a yummy boy. Normally I’m attracted to older guys, but that’s one I would love to corrupt.

  48. frenchie

    I bet he’s hung like a light switch.

  49. Frick

    I never saw this guy before in my life before seeing this pic on the superfish today…and my first instinct was… “Who’s the gay guy?”… He just screams gay, no questions asked.

  50. Sharona

    He very much resembles my best friend’s brother that I used to fancy. Down to the hat and hairstyle! My best friend, which is his own sister, is still waiting for him to come out of the closet. I’ve moved on when he didn’t bite, of course.

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